SBS Gayo 2009 Taeyang Performances!

[Update] – Awesome pictures~

Taeyang performed:
You & I with Park Bom
Let’s Go Party with 2Ne1 and GD
Look Only at Me
Wedding Dress
Lies (with GD)
Korean Dream (with GD)

Taeyang & Park Bom – YOU & I
> This performance was cute as hell, Taeyang’s voice complimented the song VERY well!~~definately an awesome R&B collaboration between the two…

Taeyang, GD & 2NE1 – LET’S GO PARTY
> Cute performance, nothing specatcular in terms of vocals because Taeyang really wasn’t singing much however he looked so cute doing the choreo~

Taeyang performing LOOK ONLY AT ME and WEDDING DRESS
> I think one of my fav performances of the night. He came out with strong vocals and overall the whole thing went over smoothly. Not to mention, the piano bit added a nice touch~

Taeyang & GD performing LIES & KOREAN DREAM
> I didn’t so much love the performance more than I loved the bromance at the beginning where they showed little GDYB!

72 thoughts on “SBS Gayo 2009 Taeyang Performances!”

  1. It may just be me, but I wasn’t really feeling the duet between Bae and Park Bom.
    It seemed as though the song was a bit high at times for Bae or it may be that he likes to adlib a lot, so he it didn’t seem as if the two were completely harmonizing with each other. Nevertheless there weren’t any off moments and it was fun to see some YG family love.
    That second performance was cute and funny. Bae seemed to be having fun with his dongsaengs.

  2. The duet between Bom and Bae was awkward. I wasn’t really feeling it. He offered his hand to her twice and she wasn’t having it. A man as fine as that I’m taking his hand and holding on for dear life.

    The second performance was cute, but it seemed like GD and TaeYang were set dressing for the girls, sitting in their chairs looking all pimped out. I want to hear TaeYang sing. He hardly sang.

  3. *phew….sign of relief*

    They say a picture speaks a thousands words; when I 1st saw the pics of Bom & TY b4 the performance, I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved the performance vocally.

    YB looked goregous with his hat to the side as usual; I see he has a love for fur cos i’ve lost count the number of times he’s had fur on his outfit.

    Since both of them specialise in R&B I really loved TY’s feel to the song. Bom’s my fav 2NE1 member, I just love her voice, plus TY’s addition to the song was really great.

    They’re both so cute ;they both just looked so innocent to be in their performance….lol ^^

    Taeyang < 333333

  4. ooops……. I meant ‘looked so innocent in their performance’

    Plus thanks guys, I know I can always count on ATY to upload the vids asap ^^

  5. After seeing the videos it doesn’t seem so bad for me. Bom’s really improving in her live performances. YB’s vocals really worked it in You and I!!! Go YB!!

    But Bom and YB’s voice don’t seem to compliment that well… Bom’s vocals are quite strong too, I don’t doubt YB’s vocals….LOL Just that strong and strong didn’t really make the song come off that well compared to when it was just Bom singing it…. Not that YB ruined it, hell he didn’t. I loved YB singing You and I!!!!

    Let’s Go Party…. 2NE1 dancing sexily with hyungs they admire/like? I remember Minji and Bom prefer YB while CL and Dara prefer GD on a radio show….LOL

    CL looks real hot without coming off as (censored…:P) in those clothes. Haha, that’s CL for you. 😉

    YB didn’t get to do much in Let’s Go Party, but he seems to be enjoying himself in the dance, which is all good~ YG Family love yea!!! Go YG! Go YB, go GD and 2NE1!! Woot! XD

  6. i love YB’s voice….but it was really obvious he was trying hard to get the note… to me at least… nevertheless, I enjoyed it..

    lol .. Bom looked really nervous…

  7. You&I Really Cuteeee~ XD!!! his voice suite this song really well and I love his outfit ;P

    and yet, this perf feel a bit awkward (lol) I can see bae secretly laugh once, cuz he offer his hand to Bom and she didn’t recognize and the second time he just give up and give took her hand out by himself.
    and at the ending you can see YB’s hand swing like he didn’t sure where he could place his hand, like sould or shouldn’t hug Bom. lol~

    But this Perf still tooo cute XD~

    for second perf, I wannna say that I like wen he say “GDYB!!” (LOL~)

    and I about YB’s solo perf….. I thought I’d love it more if he still wear those outfits he just wear in You&I (lol~)
    I love when he solo Look at only me with piano. and how wedding dress go ( even when he cry out and let his side face the audiences,cuz if not he may fall from the stage..)
    but I found that he looks really too serious in his perf. Too serious and that make YB’s perf give me a different feeling from when he perf You&I.

    So for me, The best one for me today is You&I.

  8. OMG!!!!!!! ARGH xD when he leans on her shoulder and kneeeled down :’)
    well, they do make a cute couple. i love this performance
    xD GDYB performances later also ROCKED :]
    YB with a PIANO<333333333333

  9. haha when Bae kept putting his hand out and Bom didn’t see was funny. I thought You and I was the best performance too…YB’s vocals are so great when he just purely singing…miss that. Although yeah i agree with everyone else it was a bit awkward the atmosphere isn’t as comfortable like with GD and CL. I still wish it was YB & CL =P

    When i saw the piano and only look at me…it was just like the big show concert. Good performance buh…i still think something is missing. Like when i hear the WD song its just so passionate and moving. But the performances don’t seem to be the same.

    @ Esther: yeah he never smiles, i think i read once that he is always trying to concentrate on his vocals, dance and giving a perfect performance so he doesn’t smile as much. Buh yeah if he does his eye smile more, it would make his performances seem less serious.

  10. omoooooooo!!! frigggg i can’t believe I didnt wake up to watch this live!!! stupid stupid me. anyways I LOVED LOAM and wedding dress performance…sooooo flipping good. and the you and I perf w/ Bom..i screamed like a little fangirl when i saw that. shoot, k gotta go and rewatch all the performances. lol!

  11. I loved TY’s ‘Look at me’ & ‘Wedding Dress’ performance; definitely one of the best performances of the night…..there’s something about TY when he plays the piano.; a certain glow…….so beautiful.

    He definitely made the performance special tonight and made it a little bit different than the other performances of ‘Wedding Dress’ we’ve seen so far.

    I enjoyed ‘Korean Dream’, but I liked it the1st time they performed it together……this one was ok. The little TY & GD at the beginning was just saw cute & it’s great to see how their frienship has developed and grew and to see where they are today….Can’t get over TY’s look back then…his hair ?????

    Speaking of hair; GD’s hair o.0………..
    I liked his DJ skills; pretty good.

    Overall, TY you really rocked it tonight & I enjoyed all of his performances…well done babes. Thanks to ATY for uploading the vids asap ^^


  12. I think YB carried You and I…Bom needs to step up her stiffness because she made it seem forced and awkward at time…you can tell he is trying really hard to make it an interactive collab but she’s just so stiff and vocally shaky! I still dont like the song Korean Dream but all the other YB performs were on point!

    I bared with most of the show to see YB even though it was pretty much filled with that one group, but thats ok…Big Bang will be back next year to take the spotlight!!

  13. OMG aw BAE!!!! He was trying to hold her hand and Bom just ignored him, lol….awwwww is he not just the perfect man???

  14. yb’s performances are great. gdyb = LOVE. but how come bom’s outfits are different in the video and the pictures?

  15. Aiiiggooo. Tae Yang’s solo performance was so perfect! PERFECT! He was so on point…actually throughout the entire night! PIANO…always kills me..ALWAYS. I was hoping he would perform “Look Only At Me” again..and he did. Yeeep I’m happy.

    And like some of you, his duet with Park Bom did nothing for me. Though, I was impressed at how he supported Park Bom the entire time…harmonizing and such. His part at the bridge was probably the best part for me. Park Bom…never does anything for me..cuz she is very dull/dead singer – meaning her singing is really expressionless.

    Overall, Tae Yang was on a roll tonight. Sounded great the entire time. Yeahhh I lub him!

  16. I really love the spin on the Wedding Dress song. I like that he interacted with a female dancer as a change from his usual solo. the GDYB performance was hella cute with the little kids and the little video before that was so touching.

    The Bom and Bae mix was a little off to me, even though i watched it 20 times, hehe. THe harmonizing didn’t sound that good. YB live performances is always on point, but Bom needs to work on hers, she seems stiff.

    Anyways love the performances, my fav, is YB wedding dress and look only at me CUS its alll HIM

  17. i actually love BOM and YB’s performance. they complemented each other’s voice its just that Bommie never really got over her nerves everytime she performs without 2ne1.

    YB’s voice is soooo smooth.. he’s like.. i dunno.. can’t find the words to describe it.

    PS. they should have included YB in the MJ tribute. he’ll pawn them all! the dance break at wedding dress attest to that… on second thought, maybe that’s why he wasn’t included. not hatin but the others would have looked too garsley.

  18. This made my day, maybe even whole week! I loved it, I loved all of it! Felt like it’s been forever since I saw YB and when you guys earlier mentioned that it’s “only” been 2 weeks – I started laughing out loud in front of the computer. I’ve ever been crazy about anyone famous before, I’m still not used to this new side of myself yet. But damn! I think I’m in love …

    (Btw, are you guys going to be subbing the bromance part anytime soon?)

  19. @rosebud – oh i see keke. thanks. seems that in the rehearsal bom’s doin’ fine ( with the holding hands and all ) but she’s so stiff and pretty awkward at the live performance. but i can’t really blame her, i mean hell that’s YB infront of you! and yeah, YB a real gentleman in supporting bom during the performance. girlfriend need to be more comfy when she’s singing alone. ^^

  20. I’m kinda pissed becasue the sound quality is hella sucky!
    WTHECK! Why are ALL the award shows this year
    have sucky sound? LIKE MAMA and now THIS?! I’m
    kinda pissed. hopefully they release a better sound quality?!

  21. bom and YB sounded great individually, but together their voices didn’t go together well at all. and they had zero chemistry, which was disappointing. :/ the part where he held out his hand and she didn’t take it was cute though lolll

    i love this version of look only at me and lies 🙂

  22. I think I was cranky when I wrote my first response. I woke up at four. I took a nap and now I’m better. I loved YB’s performance of LOaM and WD. The remix version from the Big Show with YB at the piano…..pure love. That boy can sing to me anytime. So beautiful. The transition into WD was perfection. He was even wearing his (Michael Jackson) inspired jacket from the vid. Yes, he looked serious during the performance but I forgive him of that because it was awesome. I love the new dance break. He gets to dance with one of his dancers. I loved it!

    The second performance I’m just loving the mini history of the two friends. The bromance between GD and YB. The two little boys dressed like them at the start. So cute. The guys reappear 2009, brilliant. Lies was okay, but I love when these two perform KD. As friends and band mates they have been through so much and came out on the other end where they are today, successful. This song shows that. They really are living the Korean Dream.

  23. Wow….I loved YB and Bom performance. She was a little bit shaky and it looked like YB had to take he lead but it go awkward when he didn’t held her hand at the end. It was still great.

    Lies was cool but i wasn’t feeling the bromance thing when they were singing to each other….lol.

    YBGD improved on Korean Dream performance.

    As for LOAM and Wedding Dress…..Wow. He gets better every time.

    I’m done spazzing…lol

  24. awhh,, seeing TaeYang being so close to Park Bom was different because you never usually see him like that but it was a great performance overall =) Im loving it!!

  25. >.<
    loved it!!!!!!
    he did better than in the MAMA awards haha
    lol bom seemed nervous, forgetting everything from the dress rehearsal. maybe she was scared of YB's fans?
    it was really cute tho! how he leaned on her shoulder! and how awkward he looked thinking about whether to hold bom's hand at the end of the perf or not hahahahaha yes YB we can read your mind!!!!
    i love the little GD and YB! Little clones! Can't help but think that these two guys will take over the korean music industry one day. YB should've been part of the MJ perfs too! I think he would've rocked it!
    Aaah…although it's sad to think about it…I can't wait for YB to get a girlfriend.

  26. I wonder if ATY are going to sub and upload the HD versions of these videos so we can download them! Because I love them!


    the performances…. esp specially wedding dress.
    loved the slight change in choreo.
    YB’s best performance for WD by far! I just cant get enough of the performance!

    Korean Dream was awesome! the energy was soooooooo up there! GDYB knows just how to up the energy level. Really the show should have just ended with them- at a good note! =)

  28. the holding hands part, what happen there? did bom forget about it or was it unexpected… coz it looked really awkward!!

  29. I think Bom was afraid that if she held TY’s hand, some crazy fan girl might try to kill her with all of them threats! But anyways love reading all yall comments!

  30. lol…..the you and i perf was……really really awkward…it looked like two teenagers trying to make things less awkward when they’re alone lmfaooooo

    and the hand thing was a fail…Bom….he’s friggin standing there holding out his hand…i THINK (HMMM I THINK) that you’re supposed to take it…. -____-”

    Look only at me, and wedding dress….awesome as always XD

    let’s go party was okay…very interesting

    Korean Dream….um…i never really liked the song sung live cuz it sounds horrible…but the collab itself was good…the only thing i hate hate hate is WTF IS WRONG IS GD’S HAIR THIS TIME?????

    lol hehe

  31. loved the performances! gdyb <333 even though the bom/tae performance was awkward, i still loved it!

    if you watched the you and i fancam, you'll see that bom did give her hand to tae yang. they just didn't show it. the ending was funny though.

    gd should have kept his hair up. i didn't like his bowl cut hair :/

  32. Heheh i liked YB’s performances but Bom and YB was so awkward and difficult to watch ( i was quiet happy ) when YB took the lead it was awsome =) . When he danced with that girl in the black/red it was HOT.. He has realy improved vocally and performance…

    Well GD rocked too ( although very questionable fashion) CL was hot and Bom was awkward but good vocals ( almost overpowered YB’s voice)

    Anyways cant wait to see more of YB.

    Much Love Smiley

  33. aww~ after so many of TY-deprived days, this is really a good kick-start again. I thoroughly enjoyed his solo performances though I wish it could be longer, and LOAM was a great surprise. I was dying to see him jump onto the piano to dance again like what he did in Big Concert but he didn’t, which was still ok ^ ^

    Didn’t really enjoy his duo with Bom. The beginning was ok and I think he could carry the song pretty well on his own but with Bom? Bom’s voice is too strong and her awkwardness on stage kinda of killed the whole performance.

    The GDYB performances are great as usual, since I always always enjoyed watching them both perform together. The 2 mini GDYB are cute!

    This should last me for another week till Strong Heart!

  34. yes he killed the wedding dress and only look at me performance

    i liked how he did a dance duet with the/his female dancer
    its good to mix it up

    i always see her, does anyone know her story?

  35. @ali – her name is Ji Hye, she’s from WaWa Crazy Dance Group (?). The company has been backup dancing for YG for a very long time, she was also in his music video

  36. Oh man. First of all, I have to say, this site is AMAZING and thank you so much to all the people who put in the hard work to keep it up. You people are the best!

    As for these performances, I’m here in Korea (though I’m not Korean) so I was able to watch it on TV. Thing was, I just couldn’t make it through all of the 2PM junk and I actually fell asleep before YB’s solo performance, so I’m so happy you have it here!

    Yeah, the Bom/Bae duet was really uncomfortable, but hey, I can’t blame the girl. Although, since performing is her job and 2NE1 is close to BB I really would have expected her to be more comfortable with YB on stage o.0 They looked ok in the practice photos, like, she seemed much more relaxed then. Maybe it was just a case of stage fright? Or maybe she has to total hots for him and was terrified that people would notice it and start teasing her ~.^ Damn, that camera angle was unflattering for her though. Poor thing. She really is a cutie, but, yeah, it made her look like she has a double chin. Ugh.

    Anywho, that’s my two cents for whatever it’s worth.
    Once again, “muah!” to the people who made this blog! ^.^

  37. You and I
    The performance is ok for me. nothing really special. I think they should’ve sang another song like “if u believe” by musiq and mary j.blige. just a thought. You and I just doesn’t showcased Bae’s rnb voice that much. AND BOM IS JUST PLAIN AWKWARD. I pity bae doing things to make their acting work but Bom just ruined it! She should control her nervousness.

    Love this! Everything is at point! Simply Perfect!

    Wedding Dress
    Wow I’m surprised with the new dance with Jihye! *They have better chemistry than with Bom*. I trust this girl so much and the duet dance is amazing!

    Korean Dream
    I gotta say the Best Performance of the Night! I’m not being biased here but this performance just screams QUALITY unlike the rest of bubblegum stuffs happening throughout the show.

  38. Tae Yang with the piano!! *dies*

    There’s just something I can’t resist about guys playing the piano, especially YB.

    I’m so happy he performed LOAM~ I loved his performance in Big Show though…. The dancing on the piano, and the whole performance then in general…. Just wow…

    Not that I didn’t like this one, it was great too! YB with piano is LOVE!!

    I liked the change in the Wedding Dress performance, not just the dance with the dancer during the wedding march part, but the kneeling on the floor too. YB in that Michael Jackson inspired suit is just awesomeness~

    I don’t know who did YB’s eye make up, but please continue to do a good job, it just makes him look more mesmirizing~ *melts*

    Loved the GDYB video at the start, and the kids!!! SO CUTE!!! I love the GDYB LOVE in Korean Dream…. But this song really is talking about them. Yelling each other’s name at the end…. I’m never sick of GDYB~ ❤

    I got to say though…. GD… What happened to your hair!?!? I thought I'd never see that hairstyle on you again… Because excuse me, but frankly… that hair just doesn't suit you at all…. I would've loved it if you kept the mohawk… that would have made you and YB more like brothers~ LOL

    Overall, a great performance for YB. He did wonderfully~ This REALLY REALLY makes up for the lack of YB for the past two weeks. =)))

    Also, thank you so much Daisy for the fancam! Loved the beginning…*melted again LOL*

    YB still does that pout and licks his lips before/during performances… Cute~

  39. omg i forgot to watch it and my internet is down. thanks for the youtube guys 😀

    i was actually cringing when they performed yb’s voice didnt really go in with you and i and when he was trying to reach out for her i think she didnt see it which ade it awkward i just felt like pulling boms hair and tell her to take his hand lol just joking pls dont bash me keke

    the LAOM and wedding dress was the best….. yb’s piano session is so captivating he feel so at home playing the piano … but when it was loam dance time at about 1:50-57 i was like wtf ? i love this guy. i mean did you see his move? ive seen lots of loam but he didnt really move like this it was so cool. and the wedding dress perf im surprised that yb hasnt made a mistake yet cause theres so may version wd but overall it was a great show my eyes were twikling with enlightenment

  40. You and I performance with Bom and YB makes me think Bom can’t act well in stage.. or they just don’t have the charisma..

    if i were her, i will have my full focus on YB, and make it the most romantic song performance of the night, hahaha..:))

    YB’s performance with Wedding Dress and LOAM makes me wanna shout “Dong Young Bae” too.. I’m jealous of the people there.. and I’m glad he wore that same dress he has on the MV, it looks good on him..:D

    maybe Bom should practice her acting skills. Not just for this performance but for the next duets she’ll perform..

  41. correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the girl dancing with YB in wedding dress named Crazy? I remembered YB mentioning her on his 1st Solo Concert..

    well, I’m just so jealous she gets to dance with YB in most of his performances.. i would want to be in her place..:))

  42. ah, thanks for clarifying that kay! 😀 if i have not asked that would have been such a big mistake of mine, hahahaha…:))

  43. OMJJJJJJJJ, such powerful vocals in ”You & I”!!!!! Love it!!!! He did great, wow, I’m so proud to be a fan. Lol.
    And in the fancam that Daisy posted from You & I, seeing TY’s face at the end was adorable. He just sort of smiled and bowed at the audience, it’s like saying what he did with Bom was pure work and fans should not get angry. Just my opinion though..
    And the mini GDYB at the beginning of Lies was so CUTE! Let’s Go Party was great as well! Loved the collab.
    As for LOAM and WD, it was spectacular!!! His voice was so smooth even after dancing from LOAM. He’s a professional. Loves it.^^

  44. funniest thing happened
    i watching LOAM and WD with my brother and when TY got off the piano, and started dancing, and went into wedding dress, my brother asked me “is that Micheal Jackson?”
    after his dance with the girl from Crazy he was like”oh that’s a Tae Yang”

    ahahahahha sorry his performance was brilliant, loved it! and the stage with him and GD was…wow…I was watching it live and started crying

    Let’s Go Party was fun to watch. Bom needs her game up. My girl Minzy did a better job of seducing him, damn girl you go. TY+GD=2NE1’s pimps lol

    last but not least, You &I. During the whole performance I felt like punching Bom of the stage…JK maybe
    But she was soo stiff and awkward, i felt embrassed watching her, BUT her vocals were great and her hair kicked ass! Her and TY juss don’t mesh well together, well next time YG will know better than to match them together. If YG needs someone to sing with TY he can call me up ANYTIME!

  45. I wish I could be Park Bom. Omo if Tae Yang nealed before me I would have fainted. Again he is so talented Ever time he performes hes great. Omygod how great he is. And Dont really like G dragon (Dont ask me why ) but I loved seeing him perform with tae yang especially those pics from the past (it was so cute ^^) Again Tae Yang blows me away everytime he is so fine ofcourse that blows me away lmao but what blows me away is his talent.
    Love him
    Thanks for the videos

  46. omg thanks so much for posting these much appreciated…

    im canadian..any other canadian fans out there?
    sigh !

    love taeyang ! ❤

  47. Nice duet I was totally feeling this but Bom and YB should’ve held hands at the end the make it bettter instead of just leaving their arms dangling lol but still GREAT performance.

  48. awwww. i thought bom & bae’s performance was a little awkward too, maybe they were both trying so hard bc they wanted to impress each other? ;D wishful thinking hehe. but it was still sooo cute, their interactions (esp yb’s little smiles) were TDF.

    my fave performances were the GDYB ones. or maybe it was just all the bromance, like you said. either way… awwww!

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