Thelma & SOL’s “Fall in Love” song fancam!~

This is so exciting!
Recently Thelma Aoyama had a fan meeting in Japan and decided to give her fans a taste of “Fall in Love” which features our boy Taeyang~~
Unfortunately, Taeyang wasn’t present at the fanmeeting to sing the song, BUT you can definately hear his voice at some point. Can’t wait to see the music video~~!!

You can hear him around 1:47

C: dekavitamkk

And as a bonus – congrats to Big Bang for winning the “U-sen New Artist Award!” (video under the post)

C: MINT119

Thanks for the tip Yuko.

14 thoughts on “Thelma & SOL’s “Fall in Love” song fancam!~”

  1. OMG This song is going to be the bomb!

    I really love the tone to Thelmas’ voice plus with addition of Taeyang’s vocals, this song is definitely one to watch out for.

    Thanks for the fancam!

  2. omo! love it!

    thanks for sharing the video! 🙂

    can’t wait to hear the HQ version of the song as well as the MV… 🙂

  3. idk abt the song .. too repetitive(?) =/ mebbe imma need listenin to it more. . but the vocals, both thelma n YB, sounds good! *two thumbs up* =)

    but a word of warning if there is an MV there better not be any kissing…the peck in WD almost killed me i don’t need another one!

  5. the song sounds great so far but def gotta wait for the full release~ anything tha bears his voice tho is absolute gold, lmao. biased much?? anywooo, congrats to the boys for winning best newcomer awards, huge achievement and i love how seungri passed the mic to SOL, haha. in Korea, GD is the leadah~ in Japan TaeYang is the leadah… GDYB BABY!

  6. Listening to this song makes me miss him. I think it’s because I hear his voice but he’s not there. Can’t wait until the full release.

  7. I really like this song alot. Their voices go well together. You can actually hear him earlier around 1:00.

    Congrats to BigBang for winning the award! 🙂 Taeyang looked so cute and his japanese is improving alot! Hmm… ima have to send him a cap from Miami.

  8. The song is pretty good (of course Taeyang compliments it well). I agree with “francis” & “ffooo”, you can also hear him around 1:00 as well (their voices go well together). Plus, I want to congratulate Big Bang on their “U-sen New Artist Award!” Wohoo!

    -Big Bang Fighting!

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