January 2010 GQ Korea Interview+SBS Gayo Update

2009 SBS Gayo update –
Performance is on the 29th of December – Taeyang will be perfoming “Wedding Dress“, “Where U At” AND have a Special Performance. GD is also schedule to perform “Korean Dream” – however its not certain whether Taeyang will be performing jointly ~check the schedule to see when you can watch it live.
Holy Shizzles.  *Passing out from a fangirl nosebleed.*

So according to me, this is probably Tae Yang’s hottest, sexiest phootshoot EVER.

Dear GQ Korea,

Thank you.  I  am not worthy.


C: GQ Korea
Source: sol-mate.co.kr

*FYI: The photographer here seems to be a fanboy of Tae Yang as well.  Hong Jang-Hyun is the same photographer to chose YB as his subject for the NIKE’s AW77 HOODIE ON MOMENT exhibition.  And GQ Korea is no doubt fanboys and fangirls.  Tae Yang was GQ’s Man of the Year for 2008 and they ranked his album as one of the best.

36 thoughts on “January 2010 GQ Korea Interview+SBS Gayo Update”


  2. I’m probably going to be the only one in the entire blog but I really don’t like the pictures at all…..The one where he’s hiding behind the fur is okay but what’s up with the crying ones~? and in the other one I see a huge mass of armpit hair~

    I don’t enjoy looking at these…aigoo…..As I said, I’m probably the ONLY ONE, but this has to be my least fav photoshoot from YB and GQ EVER
    (sorry Tofu~lol)

    Aigooo *shakes head* Anyway, we hope to get the interview subbed soon….

    can’t breathe right!
    but tell me why i was so surprised to find out
    YB had armpit hair…discovery of the century!

  4. i absolutely LOVE his side profile! but i know what you mean about the exposure of armpit hair… lol

    still, i adore him… lots! ❤

  5. It’s always great to have new pics of YB but I have to agree with Kay on this one. Not the best. And why is boo crying? Don’t be sad baby Janelle is here…….

  6. @kay- I thought I was the only one too till I read the comments.

    It doesn’t captures my attention at first glance. But instead makes me wonder what was the photographer trying to portray with these pictures.

    Other than, can’t wait to see the performance!

  7. Wow, this boy is like BORN TO BE HOT. But I didn’t think he had any armpit hair. Hm….I saw his live shows and I swear I didnt see any, but in this pic he does. Interesting! Him and fur can u say super HOT? Gosh, he’s so FINE, SWEET, NICE, CUTE AND EVERYTHING…GRRRR! i WISH I CAN SEE HIM.

  8. @Kay
    I agree…I don’t like these pics either. especially the pic w/ the armpit hair =P

    anyways can’t wait for the performance!^^ wonder what the ‘special performance’ is.

  9. Great more performances, can’t wait. What a great way to end the year!

    Sexy photoshoot, his features are bold but yet are so beautiful.

    The tear rolling down his face is just……damn I love him so much.

    Taeyang xxxxx

  10. PHEW!
    YB has armpit hair! yay!! (didn’t he use to shave them last year? i can tell bcoz of his mvs and stage performances).
    i like guys who have armpit hair. i thought he was being conscious about it for some time. but i’m glad he has armpit hair now keke ;p yeah i just think it’s weird how they have to show the whole thing HAHA
    the 1st pic of him w/ the tear, didn’t like it coz of the makeup in his eye.
    i really don’t like how his stylist always applies eye makeup on youngbae. doesn’t suit him at all. i hate the guyliner. take off the guyliner!!!!! i like the look of his natural eyes better.
    the 1st pic and the pic w/ the fur coat (hope that’s fake) IS OOZING WITH HOTNESS. it’s like burning lava right there man.
    sigh…if there were more youngbae-looking guys in the world…sigh…

  11. @ tofumon
    Your short little message till GQ cracks me up. You’re so darn naughty (don’t ask me why I used that word), in a very cute way though ^^

  12. @ Kay, you are SO not the only one. I love YB, I do…these pics…its like the photographer was trying to capture solo GD and completely missed the point because it’s f*cking YB!!! the tears…most likely a menthol stick that was “haloed” around his eyes to get him to cry. And for a man who’s come hither-ness can take any fangirl’s virginity (willingly!), why didn’t you shave the rainforest YB…that’s not sexy, don’t make you less HOT (hot he’s hot hot), but so not sexy. Anyone have a spare Gillette razor??

  13. haha taeyang thats my booi 🙂
    hes like so famous now ever since wedding dress came out! So many people i know here in canada listens to him!! also on youtube there are a lot of subscribers i know that have videos of taeyans music playing in the backround its insane! i got some of my white friends obsessed with him..and now even my family members! its freakin crazyy!!
    CANT WAIT FOR HIS ALBUM TO COME OUT! i will surely find out a way to buy it! 🙂

  14. i’m not toooo hott about the armpit and the eyeshadow.. but the table of contents became my background picture!!

  15. what!!so many people hating on YB armpit hair
    it’s ok YB i like it lol 🙂
    i think it makes him look manly, i would be a little worried if he kept shaving it…

  16. i dnt know about u guys but i dnt really mind the armpit hair i think it makes him look more manly. when i clicked on the first pic i gasped and i dont really do that but he looks so sexy and hot cause he kinda looks mad which he pulls off very nicely kekeke

  17. He is Totally HOT.. But i think the armpit hair is supppose to portray that he is a MAN now.. i dunno i dont mind it at all. In US all guys have them and if they dont its kinda weird,, arent the gurls suppose to shave and guys show their manlyness??? Anyway my opinion.. YB is looks super MANLY to me =)

  18. what is up with everybody hating on YB’s armpit hair? what do you think he is, a mannequin? smooth and glossy and HAIRLESS? for clucking beef, he’s human! a male human!! >.< would you guys feel okay if you know your boyfriend shaves his armpit hair-to the point where his underarms looks better than yours? lol XD YB please don't shave ur armpit hair!! don't listen to these weirdoes w/ no tolerance for male armpit hairs.

  19. The pictures are great! But hey, whatever Taeyang does ends up fantastic anyway, right?!? 🙂 He sure is one sexy, hot guy!! Work it, honey!!

  20. Uh, I thought the armpit hair was fine? I always see him with some hair or none at all during most important perfs. Never saw it so hardcore LMAO. I think it’s a nice new perspective, I like how this shoot hasn’t been raped by airbrushes. Yeah, it gives a really masculine, rough look. He doesn’t look like some porcelain doll lulz.

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