Taeyang SBS Love FM BTS pics~

Some cute pictures of Taeyang on SBS Love FM~
I see some YBmania fangear in there~ how cool is that! I love how he poses like a tourist by his own photo~lol

Also a reminder, get your X-mas Project Messages in ASAP if you haven’t already!


24 thoughts on “Taeyang SBS Love FM BTS pics~”

  1. seeing him taking pic with girls are making me sooooo jealous!!!! they are so lucky!!!! I want a pic with him too!!! he is so hot!!!!

  2. same here..really jealous!! wish i could keep my arms around him like tht !!
    anyway, he looks really cute in these pictures[ as usual]….. ^^

  3. The way he was holding that “Wedding Dress”….. something… cover or whatever that is… He looks A TOTAL CUTIE~ *melts*

    So adorable with that pic beside his promotion poster… LOL

    Like many others… I can’t wait for Strong Heart either, 2010 can’t come sooner….sighs~

  4. Loving all these new pics of YB. Looking cute as usual. Posing with a fan. I’m sorry but if that was me I wouldn’t be that composed. I’d be all up on him. I wish I was her. I’d love to get my hands on one of those signed CDs. Looks like a fun interview.

  5. @Crimi – it is digitial single, however, I think he’s made copies of CD’s to give out to people (ie. Radio show hosts) when he goes on radio shows and such. It’s common to give out free signed albums/singles so he’s doin the same….

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