JYP wants to produce for Taeyang

Seems like JYP is really diggin’ YG artists these days. From wanting to take Daesung into his company to now wanting to produce for Taeyang~

Recently, JYP was on “Come  2 Play” promoting his new song and he was asked to list “Artists he would like to produce for” – Taeyang was his NO.2 choice of artists he’d like to work with.

He praised Taeyang, saying ” He dances really great and plays with the rhythm. TaeYang can express in his dance the feel that is uniquely black”

JYP was very impressed with Taeyang in his “Where U At” music video as well.

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Translations by pgeorgie@alwaystaeyang | Credit AlwaysTaeyang if taking elsewhere

For those wondering, NO.1 went to Lee Hyori and No.3 was Taeyeon (SNSD)

This is interesting news. I’ve always liked JYP, albeit he is a little wacky in his own music however he is very respected in the industry and with his recent success of bringing the Wondergirls to the US, it’s no wonder he’s interested in Taeyang. I’m sure JYP is probably thinking of all the possiblities if he worked with TY~haha YG, let’s get cracking on that international debut!

I’m sure Taeyang is happy – he’s also a JYP fanboy! We’ll post up more info from the episode soon!


24 thoughts on “JYP wants to produce for Taeyang”

  1. woooooooo…..very interesting ^^

    Anyone can see that Taeyang is incredibly talented; he’s got the full package for what it takes to be a shiny star.

    Hopefully this can push Taeyang along the International market…*getting excited* but i’m sure YG will hold tight unto Taeyang and plan what’s best for him, but there’s no harm in JYP producing for Taeyang…..or is there?……lol

    Taeyang xxxxxx

  2. ^ I think JYP knows how to work a concept on artists VERY well – more so than YG. JYP’s got A LOT credibility and achievements under his belt. He knows what works and what doesn’t and I think he knows exactly how to channel TY efficiently into the international market…you can almost see it in his eyes when he’s talking about Taeyang ~lol.

    Anyway, YG ain’t gonna let anyone touch TY, that’s for sure….and we all know how YG is with his “planning”~ also, YG members are incredibly loyal to the family…TY would never leave or work with another producer on his own…but it would be so interesting to see it.

    I’ll put the video up soon, JYP sounds like such a fanboy its halarious

  3. hahah I’m not really surprise. TaeYang has that worldwide appeal and JYP is the one person I know that would help TaeYang become internationally known. Would be interesting to see what would come out of these two working together.

  4. You know last night, after I watched the show … I had thought this would be something extraordinary if JYP bring Taeyang to the western world especially the U.S.
    although I am an Indonesian:)

    I am really growing impatient to see the international Taeyang solo career doing the first ^ ^

    I could see one article from Allkpop but I do not know if this is not the story where “JYP wants to quit as president of JYPE”

    wow … What seems to think JYP has the same thoughts with me

  5. I have no Idea who he is He looks familiar though but if hes the one helping the wondergirls come out in America then I would be happy if he took Tae Yang under his wing ^^ because I really really really want Tae Yang to come out to America. When he does ill buy all his albums (even though i have really no money to my name lol ) I would do anything to support him. I mean come on Yg send your boy to America Im sure he’ll be a huge hit. I love his English songs with Big bang so im sure whatever he brings out will be amazing so bring him out preaty please. He can sing his ass off and also dance I mean who in america would not love him.

  6. @TaeYangLover: JYP is the CEO of JYPE (JYP Entertainment), who has produced groups such as 2PM, Wondergirls, G.O.D etc…as well as Bi (Rain).
    @myokoon: thanks so much for the vid

    I think YG is carefully planning out YB’s American debut. I think he’s a bit more knowledgeable (hopefully) about the marketing aspect after se7en’s struggles to advance.
    Hopefully when both YB and YG are ready, they’ll make a huge impact, allowing for everyone to become aware of YB’s talents. Until then, I’ll wait patiently

  7. JYP knows talent when he sees it. Lol I hope he does get to work with Taeyang it would be so cool if taeyang is like a guest for wondergirls concert in america if they do one though. World domination is one step away!

  8. Tae Yang would definatly make a impact
    He has it all Singing skills Dancing skills Sexy Body and Cute as can be smile ^^ Even my friends who think im a weirdo because I like asian stuff like him which is a major thing in my book since theyve never liked any pictures of other artist Ive introduced them to.
    And honestly from Big Bang my favorite song from them is when there singing in english and Tae Yang is the only person you can hear clearly in the song so they (or just Tae Yang ^^) need to come to america and be the first koreans to come to america and have a number 1 single around the world. If we can have a black president I think we can have a asian man sing and rock all the music charts.
    I cant wait lol

  9. Just to add 1 more thing : I like the wondergirls but i dont think their going make it big in the U.S mostly because I just didnt like them when they sang in english. For instance their song Nobody I love it in Korean In english I hate it weird huh but still I wish them the best and hope they do we’ll who knows maybe they can pave the way so that Tae Yang can come to the U.S

  10. @Christal – I have WG have gotten somewhere but i wouldn’t say they’ve made an “impact” and I agree, the english version of Nobody doesn’t sound too great.

    I think the big difference between WG and Taeyang – IMO- is that Wondergirls have a veryy Korean feel, both regards to their look and style, which is why its been doubly hard for them to get anywhere in the US. As for Taeyang, right from his debut, he had a very “American” or “Western” feel. Most people even wonder if he’s pure Korean because he embraces the American style so well and its so natural to him. This will be a HUGE advantage for him because he doesn’t need to change anything about himself except perfect his english. If he can do that, he’s gauranteed to go somewhere in America.

    The problem with Se7en was not only his english but his style. Se7en reminds me of Seungri – the whole JT vibe that he give off…..se7en struggled cause the marketing was baddd…..i really really hope YG has a great strategy in mind….preferrably opening for someone’s tour like the Wonder Girls is a great idea.

  11. as much as I want Taeyang to debut in America I don’t think right now is the right time for him. Maybe in a couple of years but not now. BB still has Japan that they need to make a solid name for so juggling Korea with BB and his solo, and japan is already enough for Taeyang to handle so I think that an American debut is not necessary but maybe later on in his music career when his sun has risen even more than it has now.

    I really love how other artists always praise Taeyang. He’s such a talented young man. Oh I’m in love!


  12. IDK,I mean JYP didn’t do much for Rain and he has a bit of success for WG because of the Jobros/disney. He also abadoned a few of his artists who are asian american. If Taeyang was gonna debut here,he should do it right. I will cry if I see Taeyang on disney,he deserves more then that.

  13. I think YB has what it takes to make it in the U.S. When I first saw him in Big Bang I thought he had a very Omarion vibe to him, with his style of dress, hairstyle, the way he can sing and dance. He would fit in so well with the whole R&B music scene in America. And like Pink before him would have people questioning what his racial background because he’s so clued into Hip Hop and R&B music. He has a universal appeal that can take him very far.

  14. Oh that’s cool haha JYP should totally produce a song for Taeyang I think it’ll be good cause JYP produces some pretty good R&B type of songs. Anyway JYP and YG are friends hopefully YG asks YG if JYP can produce him a song it’s not that far fetched since JYP composed one for BOM back in the day but it just never got released.

  15. I’m hoping for a collaboration. 🙂

    I dunno what to say about entering the US market but I don’t think he can make it unless YG has JYP’s influence and credibility. truthfully, I’ll be scared for him if he enters the US market. I’d rather if he or Big Bang take over Asia first.

  16. Oh my. A collaboration with Tae Yang would be fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of JYP…that is his music. I think YB and JYP have similar taste – R&B/Soul. I think Jquest and I had this convo once in the Chatbox how JYP should produce for Tae Yang. YGE as a company should diversify their composers anyways.

    As the the international debut, I think if Tae Yang is meant to take over, he just will take over. His music will take him far. As for the Wonder Girls, I’m very surprised they’ve gotten this far. I don’t like their music, but really wish them the best of luck. About time an Asian artist makes it big.

  17. @ Kay
    I agree with the opinion of Se7en … he is more problematic with the style that looks like Justin Timeberlake, while the song itself I think good : )

  18. *prays for a YB US debut*

    personally, I hope YG takes his time in planning for YB’s debut. Honestly, i dont want an ‘epic fail’ for YB’s debut. And im pretty sure everyone agrees when it comes to ‘YB’s Debut to be a MAJOR SUCCESS’.

    so give it some time and hopefully, in a few years time, we’re all able to see YB perform on THE BIG STAGE and enjoy his performance together from the sidelines and continue to cheer him on. ^.^

    YB Go Go Go~ ^.^

  19. I love these discussions on ATY, but it seems to be toned down now, I’ll share my two cents anyway… Heh~ =P

    In regards to the news that JYP wants to produce for/ is fanboy of Tae Yang is great really. I’m personally quite a fan of WG (though I won’t make “WonderBang” pairings… GDYB brother love all the way!!! XD) and I’m quite happy that an Asian group has made it in the US market. So if there is a chance (though I doubt so) for JY to produce for TY, then yeah let’s see how it goes! And that means one step closer to world domination! Muahahaha~

    TY just has the appeal and talent that people love, it’s his charm~ 😉

    But I doubt a US, or even international debut is coming soon. TY’s busy with his solo career, BB promotions in both Korea and Japan….. He’s also got a BB concert in January next year…. If only YG could make space on his schedule for a proper solely for TY’s solo promotion like he did for GD…. Then I don’t have to worry so much for my Bae’s health….:(

    Even last year with his LOAM he only promoted it shortly then flew to Japan for Gara Gara Go – Big Bang….

    I’ll keep my trust and fingers crossed that YG’s going to plan TY’s US debut (Hopefully, he’ll be loved by the Americans!) carefully. TY’s very precious ><

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