09.12.13 SBS Inkigayo – Wedding Dress

>> HD mp4: here.
>> HD avi : here.

WEEEEEEE! Taking a well deserved break from studying to watch Tae Yang perform again. And mang, I miss him.  Whatever happened to “2 performances a week” thing YG announced a while back?  hhmmmm.

He did fantastic job again.  This song may not show it, but I think Tae Yang’s vocals have improved tremendously since last year.  He has so much more control of pitch and air.  Keep it up, babe.

And a little off topic: I know many of you are college students and ’tis the season for exams.  The ATY staff feels your pain.  Best of luck to all of you.  Study hard, rock your tests, graduate with a degree, get a good job, makes loads of money so you can fly to Korea and see Tae Yang perform live in person!  Sounds like a good plan huh?

27 thoughts on “09.12.13 SBS Inkigayo – Wedding Dress”

  1. ‘get a good job, makes loads of money so you can fly to Korea and see Tae Yang perform live in person!’ <— the one thing i must do before I die! ^.^

    and yeah where's the two perf rule thingy? oh wells… and today YB's pants are extremely tight! … kekkeke!

    but today's perf lacked something.. fan cheers? =( i wanna hear some fan support once in a while YB! you're killin those VIPs!

  2. Another solid performance by YB!!! although, I DON’T dig the plaid…everyone has wardrobe malfunctions every once in a while I suppose, lol. Also, I haven’t like any of the outfits of the backup girl dancers (except for Aimee Lucus’ in the MV)…the whole getup (esp the hair) is just too severe for me.

    But man, YB’s got the moves!! He’s really getting comfortable performing the song!! 😛

  3. phew! Can’t breathe again. He’s sooooooooooooooooo Freaking FINE! Yeah, I agree he’s really comfortable performing live now. Think he performed this song way too many times that’s why. It’s all good cause I can watch him another billion times. Woohoo TY. His pants getting tighter and more tighter. What’s up with that? Hmm… LOL

  4. Study hard, rock your tests, graduate with a degree, get a good job, makes loads of money so you can fly to Korea and see Tae Yang perform live in person! Sounds like a good plan huh? <—— hehehe this made me laugh even though im not in college … and yes to all doing their exam i hope you do well

    back to taeyang . i swear this boy is so smooth. he can still dance so smoothly even in tighter pants and yeahi dont really like the plaid outfit but i dnt mind as i long as i see him :D:D yayay! he so sexy im about to hug the screen. ahhhh i love sunday nights because its reserved already for taeyang MUAHAHAHAA. the performance was purrrfect kekeke his vocals are getting better and better even when he bends to sing, his voice is on par and doesn't break, that i noticed he improved on ….. i think now he's ready to take off his shirt nyehehehe just to spice up his performance a little so that my nose can bleed even more. Maybe ill write him a letter from it, only kidding ahaha.

    but anywhooo taeyang is a major hottie :D:D

  5. No matter what mood I’m in either it be happy or sad I always look forward to Sundays cos I know I get to see my Taeyang perform.

    I love how the square pattern of the stage matches with his suit. Yet another great performance by Taeyang with a spot on choreography and beautiful vocals.

    GO !
    Taeyang xxxxxxx

  6. I know I said this exact thing in previous posts, but this was THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!!! I loved everything about it., the lighting, the stage, the dancers and his new plaid suit. YB was so on point. After so many performances he’s getting better. His vocals and his dancing so smooth. I still get a kick out of hearing the fan chants during his solo. And he looked hot! I’m really digging the tight pants.

    Tae Yang Hwaiting!!

  7. Aigooo~~~ The chest pump made me SWOOOOOONN~~~ And this video is in HD goodness and it’s also a close up… sigh~~~

    I’ll never get sick of that hat throwing, just really really sexy~~~~ >////////<

    I checked Tae Yang's debut stage in Music Core a few days ago, and after watching this I can really say that he has improved a lot in vocals… His voice doesn't strain no more, go bae bae!! His dance is also more on point and sharp which is good too, Tae Yang fighting!!!!!

    Fans do chant when it's the wedding march part with no singing, I always hear "Dong Young Bae, Dong Young Bae"… After the third or fourth live performance…so I guess fan support is still there, plus I heard some screams when he took his hat off and had a hot look in the camera… The lens would have melted if looks could do that….*heart* (along with thousands of female fans I guess).

    Go YB~~~~ You never ever disappoint. 😉

    I'm currently on holiday, so there's no exams ahead of me. Rather, it was during the weeks between "Where U At" and "Wedding Dress" release.

    Luckily my exam ended a few days BEFORE Wedding Dress, so it was a great "exam ended celebration surprise" from YB (if I could put it that way ha~)

    By all means, good luck to all other college students taking their final exams! I know how it feels, and YB really helps with dealing all those nerves and stress (I know that's what I did…. and what did you know? I felt better…LOL)

    Fingers crossed that I'll get to go to Korea some time in the future (under the circumstances that I have got my Korean under check…) and see YB SING LIVE!!! Yeah~~~~

    Anyone that wants to come with is welcome….;) (I'll yell when I have got everything set.. Haha~)

  8. oh no no…plaid!!~~~

    LOL okay I forgive you this once Tae, but please, no more haha…

    Loved the vocals~~ perfectly on par……overall a smooth performance.

    good luck to everyone with exams, I’m currently in the middle of mine as well >.<

  9. I thought he was amazing. The adlibs he was singing I was like “Okayyyy! let me find out?” I was shock he had those skills of a true R&B singer.

    And about exams…..i’ll need all the luck I get…lol. I’m currently a junior and I want to graduate to go to Korea to see Taeyang perform…..lol. By that time, he’ll probably be in the States!

  10. the plaid’s not that bad! and he performed wonderfully! ❤
    thanks tofu for the encouragement…after Wednesday im freeeeee

  11. I’m not sure about you but im ready to hear his new song lol. Don’t get me wrong Wedding Dress is awesome but I think Im ready to hear something new and with an even more powerful choreo haha. Wedding Dress is good but it’s probably not his fav song so once he finally has one that he likes than his emotions will show a bit better haha.

  12. @Yarg – in complete agreement with you. I love Wedding Dress, but I’m ready for something a little more upbeat as well. Maybe something where he doesn’t have to be so serious and can show us that gorgeous smile of his~~ do us a little fanservice YB ~lolll

  13. “Study hard, rock your tests, graduate with a degree, get a good job, makes loads of money so you can fly to Korea and see Tae Yang perform live in person! Sounds like a good plan huh?”

    YESSSS. hahaha

  14. Whoo totally thought I was get hit by that comment haha like seriously watching Wedding Dress is like iono I think it’s better if TY is enjoying the song instead of trying of to perfect his singing and dancing. And TY please please have a song that isn’t reminiscent to you not having a girlfriend lol I think the more gritty TY’s song is he is able to show his true potential. For example sinners anyone? Nah’m sayin lol.

  15. When I first saw the plaid vest, I thought, “Ooh, this is new.” And then I noticed his pants were also plaid. Hmmmmm… It’s like a pair of pajamas but he pulled it off. Keke.
    I also agree with Yarg, I wonder what his next song’s gonna be like. There hasn’t been any news about it.. He WILL be releasing a song though, right? Before his album comes out? ‘Cause I remember reading from somewhere that neither WD nor WUA is his album’s title so there’s probably another single before he releases the album. Does the album title have to be taken from a track in the album? In the KPop industry? I don’t know much about this stuff.. 😦

  16. @Esther: Omo! Thanks for sharing! It looks like he’s having a lot of fun. Can’t wait til next year comes.
    In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoy their Christmas break!! It hasn’t started yet but when it does, I hope you guys enjoy it.^^

  17. haha… yeeeh i would totally go fly to korea to see taeyang ..:) no joke
    too bad i have to wait 4 more years till college 😦
    but yesss i loooved this performance of taeyang! he has improved so much indeed.
    but his clothes are a lil wack i think…although he pulled if off well..if it was someone else wearing them i dont think i would like it as much..

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