[Photos] YB & Big Bang Cyon Crystal

Oh, I just love photoshoots!!~
Cyon just released some more sexy picture of YB and Big Bang.
~ you can find all these in their full size in the GALLERY
Also, an update about “Strong Heart” – it will not be aired Dec 22nd anymore, instead it will be a New Year Special aired in January 2010 (filming is taking place Dec 13)

20 thoughts on “[Photos] YB & Big Bang Cyon Crystal”

  1. Just fainted from the overload of HOTNESS that are in these pictures!!! I’m just going to pretend those flowers are for me, that he’s talking to me on the phone and those presents are anniversary gifts! Lol. Taeyang makes me say the most random things ever!

  2. Kay, you are on the ball today, girl.

    It’s like Christmas come early around ATY land. I can feel the heat coming off these latest pics. The Big Bang boys looking scrumptious as ever. I can’t get enough of YB’s profile. That is one good looking man. And it’s so obvious that the phone call, flowers and gifts are for me….

    Always so considerate. 🙂

  3. omo is Taeyang calling me??? lol hotness overload! no it’s not even overload yet! I need more!!! kekeke can’t wait to see him on strong heart! it’s that time of the year again! getting crazy over Taeyang again! GD stole the spotlight for a while but now it’s going full circle and back again to who? yep you got it right! TAEYANG!!!! kekeke

  4. LOL @ the 6th pic. His head is so pointy 🙂

    Strong Heart only in January!!?? sigh~~ 22nd Dec already seems so far away and now it’s Jan!? ok..ok…I’ll just feast my eyes on the Cyon cf till then…

  5. Haha, lol at the 5th pic. He’s like, “Take the flowers- OR ELSE.” You need to smile when you have flowers in your hands TaeYang!! Lol, JK! Whatever works when it comes to TY.

  6. there’s just one thing I’ve said when I saw the pics.

    I died.XD

    and have gone to heaven..:D

    YoungBae never fails to amaze me..

  7. If it wasn’t for the fact that my sister and mom are in the living room I want to let out a big sigh and then a squeal… TY is JUST SO ADORABLE~~~

    I know the flowers are for me and he’s calling me on the phone to ask where we’re going for Christmas, he’s just so sweet. Love you too YB~~~ Maux

    That was totally spontaneous… I didn’t plan to write that… LOL The things YB do to me… Aigoo~~~ (and it was just from pictures OMO~~~)

    Oh and the other members look so fly and fine as well~ I love Big Bang~ (but my lovely YB comes first of course *dies of happiness*)

    Sorry, one more thing… NOOOs~~ YB on Strong Heart till next year??? =(

    I was hoping this Christmas was going to be the loveliest one I have had in years… LOL (Christmas with YB on a variety show being a gag man/a cute dork but sexy/handsome/hot at the same time and his cute smiles…- best Christmas gift ever XDD)

  8. ^ ILOVEMYBAE – guess the stylist cut it? LOL

    Love all the pics too but I gotta say photo number six totally makes me swoon… Ack! Please don’t stare at me like that YB I think I might hyperventilate or faint due to happiness overload… Haha~

    And I agree with someone who commented earlier… YB you’re supposed to smile when giving a girl flowers~

  9. OMG, I have died and gone to heaven!! Taeyang is oozing hotness and sexiness! Totally a swoon-worthy man! 🙂 LoL.

    Aww! Flowers, presents and a phone call all for me?!? that is so sweet, honey! 🙂

  10. Goodness!~
    Those pictures made me do stuff that’s beyong my control!
    YB oppa is soo cute and innocent yet he’s completely hot and sexy.

  11. gosh, YoungBae’s SO cute!
    I just can’t get enough of him,
    especially the close up picture of him where he’s looking to the side.
    His sexiness makes my heart skip a beat.

    TaeYang, the love of my life <333

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