[Interview] 11.28.09 eDaily Spn Taeyang

This one is from a couple weeks back, he talks about some of the same stuff and some new things. It’ a fun read 🙂
Thanks to TYx3 for the tip~

Q: What’s it like to have your comeback after a year and 5 months?
It’s been a while so it’s really nerve-racking.

Q: What type of song is ‘Wedding Dress’?
An R&B song. It’s a sad song about watching the girl you love in a wedding dress, getting married to someone else. Teddy hyung has written lots of tracks, but I really liked this one so I pestered him to give it to me. (laughs)

Q: I heard you helped compose ‘Wedding Dress’?
Teddy hyung made the track, I just put in the melody. I had been thinking of composing a little for a while now because if you contribute to the composition of the song, it helps you understand what type of voice and tone sound good with it. Teddy hyung suggested it so I took the opportunity.

Q: How did it feel to contribute to the composition?

It was like getting someone else’s sketch and colouring it in the way I wanted to. It took a lot longer than just recording my voice to a song that had already been finished by someone else. I think this was because I tried lots of different things, like when you’re colouring in.

Q: What kind of advice did Teddy give you?
He said that when I make the melody, I have to make it portray lots of different feelings so that whoever listens to it doesn’t get bored. Aside from receiving advice, just watching him do his work was a huge help to me. He’s the person who’s influenced my life the most this year.

Q: How did he influence you specifically?
Before we started promoting in Japan, I spent just about every day with Teddy hyung. We weren’t very busy at the time, so, after practice I would go straight to Teddy hyung’s studio. I would watch him do his work and in his spare time we would talk about music. This is how ‘Wedding Dress’ and ‘Where U At’ were made. I even slept in the studio, in this little bed that Teddy hyung regularly uses. Now that I think about it, I was probably disturbing him quite a lot. Sorry. (laughs)

Q: The Taeyang in ‘Only Look at Me’ was a bad boy, and in ‘Wedding Dress’ a pure one. What’s the real Taeyang like?
Wedding Dress’ is more like the real me. I’ve loved before, but it’s always ended as one-sided love.

Q: Do you want to date?
Yes. President Yang keeps telling me to please get a girlfriend now too. But although I get lonely when I’m not working, I don’t think about it much when I’m really busy.

Q: Don’t you get lonely when you’re busy? It must be stressing.
When I get stressed, I just sleep. I’m the type of person who’s always thinking so I just sleep when I’m stressed, otherwise I tend to over-think everything. Alternatively, I listen to music or spend time with my dog. I get a lot less lonely when I’m with my dog.

Q: How important is Boss to Taeyang?
Very important. He’s not just a pet dog. At the moment, I can’t meet people and exchange love and friendship so Boss tends to fill up those holes in my heart. I can love him no matter what and he will always look only at me. If I didn’t have Boss, I think my personality would have become really cold and harsh.

Q: You seem to have put a lot of effort into your choreography. What is dancing to TaeYang?
I dance because I like music. To me, music and dancing are one. Neither one of them is more or less important. Whenever I do a pre-recorded performance, I ask my fans to please be quiet. It seems selfish and I’m sorry to my fans, but I just love singing and dancing to my music on stage and I want to concentrate on that moment. There was this time when we did a surprise broadcast of ‘Where U At’ and during the pre-recorded filming, my fans didn’t make a sound. It made me wonder if they were even breathing. I was so thankful that they understood me, but also very sorry.

Q: Your first solo album ‘Hot’ did so well. Does this pressure you at all? What did you earn from your last solo activities?

I didn’t feel pressured because of ‘Hot’, but because this new album will be a full one, I kept thinking that I have to show my style as well as make music that fits the time we’re in. I like classical music, but I’m young so I can’t just ignore the current trends.

When I’m working as a solo artist, I feel so much more accomplishment and satisfaction. Since Big Bang is a group, working together with the other members always comes first.

Q: What if the type of music you want to do clashes with the type of music that’s popular with the people?
What I want to do usually comes first. (laughs) President Yang is always generous about that kind of thing because he knows that I do the best when I’m doing what I want to. But that doesn’t mean I want to be stubborn in my musicianship. My dream is to make music that everyone can listen to and love. It’s very hard, though.

Q: What you want from yourself?
Well, my name’s Taeyang [sun] so I always want to be overflowing with energy. I want people to be moved and comforted when listening to my music and I also want to become more passionate.

Q: To your fans that have waited for you, and will continue to wait?

I’m sorry that I don’t have a really talkative personality and that I’m not performing on stage much. But I will return your love by making great music worth the wait. Oh, and be careful not to catch swine flu.

[Translated by sjay.x @ BBVIP.net]

Awww Taeyang, so concerned about your fans! The boy is wise beyond his years, and I love a person who can talk about their strengths and their weaknesses. Everyone can go on about how awesome they are but only some can say outright what they believe are their faults. His humbleness and down to earth personality are just some of his awesome qualities!

25 thoughts on “[Interview] 11.28.09 eDaily Spn Taeyang”

  1. ah, i read this already in georgie’s blog. 🙂 I was so proud when YB said he did the melody for both songs because I’m still not sick of them. 🙂 I hope YB tries composing a song by himself, he can do it, I’m pretty sure.

    President Yang wants him to have a girlfriend? That’s weird cuz he doesnt let 2ne1 to have boyfriends for 3 years… I’m not sure how happy I’ll feel when he has a girlfriend but I do want my fave artist to be happy with the one he loves…(YB, it’s not healthy to grow old with Boss) 😛

  2. Aw, YB is so sweet and cute. To me, it’s still suprising that he still doesn’t have a girlfriend:)
    YB is so wise beyong his years, that’s another thing to love about him!~
    I love how he thinks about his fans so much. That’s very kind of him.
    It’s cute that he’s always with Boss but I agree @ILOVEMYBAE, it is not healthy to grow old with Boss. Haha.

    Anyway, YB oppa is still cute and sweet and innocent, but yet he’s sexy and hot.
    So adorkable!~
    Saranghae<3 🙂

  3. HAHA I loved his answer about boss and how it fills his empty heart
    i totally feel you dawg!
    and his advice about swine flu!!!
    aint gotta worry brotha!

  4. I love how YB is so dedicated to his music. He works so hard and it shows in every one of his performances. I’m really looking forward to his full album. With all the love that he receives from fans all over the world it makes me sad to know that he only has his dog, Boss for friendship. I hope in the New Year YB can take the time to make some connections, romantic or otherwise because he deserves it. He seems like such a sweet guy.

  5. its not wierd.. YB been in YG for bout 10 years now debuted for 3 going on 4 so even if yg gave him the waiting period its either cleared or close to being but same stuff stated in most da interviews and articles

    thanks for ya hard work none the less

  6. I just love him hes such a sweet heart. I mean the whole talk about his dog touched me so much I feel tears coming lol but really it touched me and so did the part where he apoligized for not being to talkactive awww tae yang we love you anyways. you dont have to be like those artist that all they do is talk talk talk because your talent comes out when your on stage singing and dancing so no matter what people cant resist falling in love with you.

    I hate the idea of him dating I mean come on I want him for myself lol i have his music and pictures on my phone and computor which i dont do for other artist.thats how strong my love is that I fall asleep thinking of him(I know obsessed lol) but I have to say I agree with President Yang because I feel like if he dates he wont be so lonely. He doesnt feel it now but it sucks to be lonely . Its one of the worst feelings to have. Plus if he dates he can gain experience from dating and come back and write amazing songs (if there love songs ill just pertend he wrote them for me lol I have a great imagination)

    Lmao Thank you for the interview it really helps me love and get to know Tae Yang more.

  7. I just love this interview; always brings a smile to my face ^.^

    “When I get stressed, I just sleep. I’m the type of person who’s always thinking so I just sleep when I’m stressed, otherwise I tend to over-think everything. Alternatively, I listen to music or spend time with my dog. I get a lot less lonely when I’m with my dog”….

    *How much more sweeter can YB get; sometimes I wish I was Boss lol.

    Well, my name’s Taeyang [sun] so I always want to be overflowing with energy. I want people to be moved and comforted when listening to my music and I also want to become more passionate.

    *I love your music sweetheart and your music is just too beautiful and moving plus I’m passionate about you Taeyang.

    Taeyang all the way xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  8. Aw he is so humble! Love him. Has anyone read the interview they did to all the members in a japanese mag vivi? Taeyang favorite body part is his eyebrows. Lol I thought it was posted here but I don’t see it.

  9. @bambam- yea I read it lol Top said something about taeyang veins.

    He just makes me fall in love with him more! 🙂 I mean his music lol.

  10. It’s not fair. I wish I was Boss. That’s right whatever it takes to get close to YB even if I’m a dog. ROFL! Boss is always with him all the time. LUCKY DOG!

  11. YB’s humbleness and honesty about his strengths and weaknesses either make my heart go “ba-thump” or make me smile like an idiot…..XD

    There’s so few artists these days who can be as humble as YB, and it’s the kind that you feel without the videos or voice, but words as well. And gosh, the boy’s just 21! Aigoo~ Even if he’s older than me by three years, I doubt a 21 year old man I grab randomly off the street could be as wise and humble as he is when it comes to talking about his job or love life.

    And speaking of love life… YG’s telling him to get a girlfriend? LMAO~~
    I’ll tell him to get a girlfriend too, it’s a pity for such a great and wonderful guy like YB to stay single and grow old with Boss…=(

    I love him to bits and it’ll break my heart when he gets into relationship, but hey people say that love does amazing things. He might write some great songs if he finds a girlfriend (oh please let it be me – LOL just kidding).

    So happy to know that he took part in the composition of the songs!!! I totally love Where U At and Wedding Dress! Been repeating the two songs on my iTunes for days and days! The best of all is I’m not sick of it at all, in fact, I love it more and more~

    And please dearest YB…. It’s OK that you expect something different from your fans, and that you’re not talkative. You’re different from other artists and that’s what us fans LOVE ABOUT YOU!!! Tae Yang oppa Sarangheyo~~~~

  12. omg i just realized this interview was on my birthday!
    i feel special now hahaha
    sike i joke
    im glad he has a good friend/mentor, Teddy

  13. i love this interview so much! he’s so adorable and down-to-earth in his answers (:

    haha.i cant imagine TaeYang pestering Teddy for the song ^^
    and i love his answer when the interviewer asked him “how did Teddy influence u specifically?” ;P esp the little bed part..dunno y tho -.- i juz found it so cute < but i want him to be more…friendship-friendly(if u get wat i mean -__-) i read in one interview that his only few friends are the members of Big Bang or sumthing lidat.
    NOW i noe y the audience was so quiet during his Inkigayo comeback!!! it was a pre-recorded perf and he asked his fans to be quiet (: so thoughtful ❤
    "It made me wonder if they were even breathing." we were breathing,than u took our breathe away (:

    "I’m sorry that I don’t have a really talkative personality"
    i liked u when u were quiet and i like u when u are quiet (: so keep it that way.u being quiet makes me more curious abt u too..im such a huge fan but i dun even noe the whole YOU 😀


  14. Taeyang is such a sweetheart! So humble and sincere too. Reading this post was truly entertaining and it made my day! 🙂

    I loved the part where he said that “I always want to be overflowing with energy. I want people to be moved and comforted when listening to my music and I also want to become more passionate.” it sounds very heartfelt and truly sweet. 🙂

  15. LOL I love how he said “Oh, and don’t catch the swine flu” heehee i dunno.. it makes me smile. ahaha

    and YG is urging him to get a girlfriend! hurray! LOL
    i wonder if YG did that “no-bf for 5 years” (well in their case, gf) agreement with BB too, as he’s done with 2ne1..

  16. haha i love the random comment at the end.. oh be careful not to catch the swine flu! ahh…cute taeyang, always so considerate of others XD
    i can’t wait for his full length album!! i wish i could go to korea and buy an album and support him, but since i live in canada, it pretty much sucks.
    but i have this awesome website to keep me updated so its all good 🙂
    anyways..taeyang love you!! keep working hard on your music, it will pay off!

  17. @angie – we will post up a way for you to purchase the album online, I also live in Canada – I may consider 3rd party orders for any Canadian fans~~

  18. I’ve notice his style of fashion changed dramastically because in WD and LOAM or even prayer he wore kind of street clothes now its more tight fitting and MJ style,,he’s still hot though =)

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