09.12.09 SBS Love FM – Taeyang with WD Live

Seems like he only sang Wedding Dress – I’ll post up Where U At, if he performed it =)
He’s awesome….AS USUAL.

And a little backstage Tae-Se7en lovin’

^ looks kinda poshopped to me, but both TY and Se7en were performers at GD’s concert~ Sexy doesn’t even begin to described these two ~lol.


17 thoughts on “09.12.09 SBS Love FM – Taeyang with WD Live”

  1. I’ll watch the performance now!!!
    And thanks jenn for the highlights!!! I just read it, LOL, I guess we all want to be Boss. I love him, he’s so innocent!! His answers are always well-thought of and he’s very mature and adorable. SIGH!
    Thanks again, they are greatly appreciated! 🙂

  2. Aaahhh!! Another spectacular performance. Well, it’s always great so I’m not surprised. But I noticed, he doesn’t sing much in the chorus anymore. They probably changed the playback or whatever it’s called. It’s still cool though.
    He’s also been adding a few adlibs now. Woot!
    Plain t-shirts really look good on him. Too bad it’s winter now. Lol.

  3. YB and his LAX hat, got to love him ^.^

    I will never and can’t ever get over his song ‘Wedding Dress’…that is what you call true music, I swear this song makes love to my ears, I just can’t get enough of it.

    YB looks fly as usual and I can see that he’s got hinmself wrapped up warm for the cold weather lol. Another great performance YB; well done babes xxxxxxx

    Plus the picture of him and Seven; one word H-O-T ^.^

  4. That was hot!! I never tire of listening to Wedding Dress. In fact, I just can’t get enough of it. Taeyang was really good!

    Plus, he looks so fly and sexy too… as always! Bravo, dear! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  5. photoshopd or not… i still find YB hawt!

    my mind is getting filled with soo much YB ryte now. . i think i need to check into a rehab… ^.^

  6. I never tire of hearing YB sing this song. I love it that much. The new ad libs are driving me crazy. He is so sweet and fine. Nothing would stop me I’d propose to him. “Marry me, baby….”

  7. i dont think the picture is photoshoped – it’s from SE7EN’s cyworld(? i think xP) ^__^

    i still cant get over WD, sounds as good as the first time i heard it ❤

  8. the picture looks hot & Bae excelled in the song once again! :]
    I think he shows what he can do on the radio shows since in the perfs he has to dance as well :]

  9. heres the short interview part on the radio

    the picture isnt photoshopped cuz a couple of days ago i saw someone who works with YG post that pic. and it couldnt be photoshopped since they were both at the concert lol.

  10. Photoshopped or not, Se7en and TY look effin’ hot. XD

    And I never get tired of TY’s songs, especially Wedding Dress. (The same for Big Bang too =D)

    The ad libs are great, and the dialog part before the singing… SO HOT HOT HOT! I luv~~ the low voice he uses but then changes to that high tone he uses to sing…. Ack! Both voices are LOVE~~~

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