Wedding Dress M/V – Dance version

YG really likes to spring surprises on us eh?~

Well, he just released a “dance” re-edit version of the entire MV – I know right? Just when you were racking your brain trying to figure out how to fill your Taeyang thirst, whazaam~ YG throws us this lovely package.

Okay, now drool~ wait wait, *hands a bucket and box of kleenex*~ okay, now drool. Can’t have your computer get damaged, how else would you get on ATY? ~ 😛

0:35 – bunny hop!
0:43 – omg, stop it~
0:53 – oh so we’re playing hide & seek now?
3:08 – river dancing~ I love when he tries new things

^hah, okay I’ll stop. Ya’ll know I love him to pieces, I also like poking fun at him 😛


19 thoughts on “Wedding Dress M/V – Dance version”

  1. OMG haha YB is spoiling us. A dance version… The more of YB the more merrier. Now my computer is about to over heat from YB overload. YB and his sexy self, would definitely want to bump and grind with him. Haha, me and my fangirl thoughts. Thanks for the vid, what a pleasant way to kick off my morning. Need my daily dose of YB xxxxx

  2. aww~~ I love the original MV but this one rocks!!! The bunny hop and river dance (LOL!) parts are so cute and unexpected. But this guy is able to make anything look so damn cool. Can’t imagine other ‘idols’ attempting this.

    With all the TY hotness, what a great way to end 2009!!!

  3. Yummy! Thank goodness mr.pop-up-in-the-wrong-places isn’t here…lol 😛
    and kay, thank you for the drool bucket….ima need one….actually, make that two..

  4. A dance version! Yeah!! Definitely downloading this…! It’s great to see the other guy is MIA but instead YB all the way!! yeah… ! thanks YG.. i love u when you do things like this..:)

  5. I love this so much more! 100% youngbae and I still can’t get enough!
    YG, fir the time being, I love you. And admit it, you love YB the most.

  6. I totally love this one!!!
    i’m glad you didn’t included your kissing scene,
    although it was nice and romantic.
    but i lolololovvveeeee this new one.
    it shows more of YB’s presence..
    i’m going to download this, make this as my morning mediciine before going to school…
    mmmmm, anyway, i just love it 100% when YB tries out new things and eventually work it anyway.
    you’re very unique, creative, and such a nice person, and that what makes us all LOVE YOU MORE YB!!!!
    i love both of his MV for this song, but i like this one more because it shows more of YB!!!!


  7. I’m smiling like an idiot… The way he showed the lyrics during 1:50 somethings was just cute… Even though the lyrics says differently…LOL
    The whole dance…. wonderful~ Loved it.

    The original MV created a better feel for the song, but I like this version too, since I’m interested in the dance, even if I can’t dance to it… Haha~

    More YB man~~~ Thanks YG, this version is such a treat for all YB fans~~~~~~~ I think all’s forgiven, since you let YB be the exception to the one show/week policy and let GDYB (basically like your darling sons) ONLY on MAMA~ Which is just great, cuz I heart them both…XD

    Love YB~ Go go fighting!!!

  8. LOL, since YT doesn’t work here, I had to watch the MV at Youku. I laughed when I watched the MV while looking out for your captions. Specially the bunny hop and the hide and seek. Haha!!! That one’s a keeeeperr. 😀

  9. I love this version…..especially the close ups while he is dancing!!! I love that they focused on the dancing this time because it’s really good and they looked like they worked hard. lol @ the bunny hop, hide and seek and river dance….I saw that and I was like wtf but Michael Jackson always did “unusual” things in his dancing and his songs and that what made him unique…..just like Taeyang ^_^

  10. yes some more fresh tae yang!!
    cause i’m not going to lie, this whole week
    i’ve had a small, i’m talking tiny…minuscule almost invisible crush on lyle beniga
    i’m back completely to tae yang 🙂

    am i the only one who thinks he looks like a bird(specifically a pigeon) at 2:29

  11. oh thank you, thank you, what a beautiful song. 🙂 *sigh* he makes my heart beat a little faster, LOL. Great choreography too, as always! :]

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