22 thoughts on “09.11.18 Taeyang on KBS Cool FM Radio”

  1. Random but I wonder how cold it is over there right nows xD

    Omo Taeyang! Flashing that neon pink jacket!~
    His voice is always Amazinggg! ❤

  2. LOL @ neon pink highlighter! Indeed he looked like one. But it’s really cold in Korea now so YoungBae ah, pls take care of your health.

    I love him singing WD here. It sounds so good. But it always amuses me how awkward he appears when he has to sing either sitting down or on radio shows like this; he looks like he just can’t wait to break out of it and dance ! : )

  3. lol at pink neon highlighter. YB is one of the very few men I know that can work the colour pink. Luv his performance, he sounds great either standing or sitting when singing. Lol @ huez, I so agree he does just want to break out of it and dance. Just as it’s cold in Korea right now, so is it in London. So YB do take care of your health sweetheart, wouldn’t want you getting sick. xxxxx

  4. Yay, it’s out….! I was kinda shock with YB in pink… took some time for my eye to focus….hahha.. Aww he looks so thin.. Hope his fine.

  5. I need a little help here.

    To those who have KBS World channel in their country, do you have any idea if the Music Bank they show on Friday evenings are the live broadcast?

  6. *dies laughing @ the “neon pink highlighter”
    OMFG i love it.

    I can firmly say that Tae Yang’s vocals have improved, especially his range. But there’s something missing about this perf…I think he still needs to feel the song.

  7. awww…hes getting busy now promoting, love both songs but I feel incomplete sometimes when he does sing, sorry, but half of the song he sings are backgrounds music singing his important parts. need to change that.

  8. His voice is heaven!

    Can’t wait for his performances this week but please take care of your health…

    YB Hwaiting!

  9. LOL @ neon pink highlighter. a cute one though ahah ❤

    gah i love it when he sings live 😀
    haha it's so cute how he only wants to dance whenever he sings.

  10. @huez I think it’s live cuz they have ad about the show saying how it’s live etc… but i’m still not sure of course..
    MuBank air in the evening in my country too..

  11. @ilovemybae : Tks, I thought it shld be live too. This means I’ll be staying home to catch my TY performing! Can’t wait!

  12. Lol whatever color he wears suits him. He looked so adorable.

    He sounded good live but at the same time sounded alittle bit sick. Was it just me?

    Lol he was trying so hard not to dance!

  13. haha him strutting at the end of wedding dress when hes walking away made me laugh.

    I think he has to miss lines a lot because in the actual song some lines overlap. So like you hear him singing on part and then straight away the next part starts. In real life he obviously can’t do that.

  14. Like everybody else, he sounds great and is so cute whenever he’s at a radio show….. Whether standing up or sitting down, he just HAS to do a little dance…XDDD

    Luv him to bits~ More YB man!!! More more more~~ *melts*

  15. I think he did great! But I couldn’t stop listening to the song that was played before TaeYang and the girl started talking. I feel like it’s Hwanhee?? It kinda sounds like Hwanhee? All I understood was, “it’s gonna be alright..” I hope someone can clarify!!

    And @vipwong and @twinkle, LOL! His strutting reminded me of Crown J! Lol. 🙂

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