Backstage at Inkigayo+Live perf INFO

Thanks to everyone who came by the blog yesterday for some Taeyang lovin’ – we had 11,410 people on from around the world!

SBS released some new pics of GDYB and Tae, Shaun and Lyle together before they performance of Where U At on SBS Inkigayo =)

Also, for those wondering how to watch SBS Inkigayo LIVE tonight, visit this LINK
To find out what time SBS Inkigayo* will be on for you, visit this LINK
*SBS Inkigayo airs 4:00 pm on Sundays

There will be a chatbox party TONIGHT for the performance, so make sure to come out and JOIN!!

24 thoughts on “Backstage at Inkigayo+Live perf INFO”

  1. Sexy YB! He’s bringing sexy back…so fly and has the sexiest swagga ever. Luv my YB. WD Live, can’t wait baby!

  2. lol u can say that again Vipwong XD

    GDYB♥ and Lyle with Shaun hehehee. i cant wait for the perf tonite.

    are we going to spam twitter with tweets about tae tonite?

  3. Hey you know the performance is at 4pm. Does that mean his actual performance starts then, or is that when Inkigayo starts

  4. ^ yea, that’s when Inkigayo starts, I am assuming his performance will be near the end, since they try to hold the viewers for the most anticipated comebacks….

    here is a speculated list of performances, seems like 2PM is before Taeyang, so I’m thinking they’re right near the end:
    Speculated Performance List

  5. they are all the same height ! ROFL HAHHAH I think YB’s actually TALLER than Shaun & Lyle! ROFL! AHAHAH They must be short! :]
    its all good <33.

  6. OMO. YOUNGBAE…you need to eat something boy!!!
    He looks uber skinny. Hot though. He’s so swaggerlicious.

    So he’s performing two songs? woooweee!

  7. hmmm if they are at the end maybe i should wake up later. Its on at 7am here in the UK. Scared i might miss it though

  8. that would be epic if yb performs where u at as well as wedding dress..eep, can’t wait!

    he looks Hot in those pics. face forward tae, we would like to see your whole body not just your side!

  9. ewwks GD looks creepy in the pic!

    Our boy is certainly losing weight. Take care YoungBae! Don’t make us ladies (and some gentlemen) here worried sick for you.

  10. Lyle looks really Filipino there and Shaun’s mixed. LOL. GDYB ftw! loving those 2 childhood fraaans. Bae, you should eat! don’t starve yourself please! the more you eat, the more you’ll be fit and look more gorgeous. haha x]

  11. Damn…i can’t help but find Shaun cute. isn’t he though? that pic of tae and g is precious. i’m going to make a collage soon. ;P

  12. wow so many good looking people!!
    in Where U At,TY was enough to have me twitching on the ground, but then they added Lyle and Shaun…wow…not going to lie those two a pretty hott!!
    oopp then Teddy was the cherry on the SUNdae
    wow i would LOVE to be Amiee
    i want to tell TY to eat some burgers(lots), but i’m really loving that jaw, is it wrong for me to want to lick his jaw line…ya that’s juss creepy

  13. kOmO me unO al fans club? en mi pc tengO 920 fothOs de tae yang zOlO xDD! zin cOnthar laz del grupO enterOh zOi aleandra y m encantaria pertenecr a su club de fans

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