More on Wedding Dress and some BB in Japan

Yesterday, we posted up pictures of the Wedding Dress M/V filming here
So here’s some more details about the actor and actress playing the big roles in the M/V besides Taeyang.


The guy (who I’m assuming will be playing the groom) is actor, Ryu Sang Wook. Those of you familiar with Kara’s Wanna MV might have noticed him in there. He’s done numerous other drama’s and M/V.

The actress, and Taeyang’s possible love interest in the M/V is Baek Seung Hee. There isn’t a whole lot of information about her, but from what I can gather, she’s done a couple of cameo role in dramas and music videos. I think she’s gorgeous and will probably do a great job in the M/V.

^Much love to myokoon for the info~

Also, those wondering what our boys are up to in Japan. Here are some stalker pics (and I say “stalker” because they’re astonishingly close, kinda creepy~lol) of the boys getting into a car out of the airport in Tokyo.

You’ll have to click on the pic to be directed to the site, since I can’t put the full pics here~

^ Thank you Yuko! (I hope you get to see Taeyang in Japan!)

19 thoughts on “More on Wedding Dress and some BB in Japan”

  1. Thanks for the post, both actor and actress are goregous; only the best for my YB. Can’t wait for the MV, only 8 days to go! Team YB. Glad to see BB in Japan, can’t wait for their activities.

  2. Okay, honestly she’s not as gorgeous as Aimee makes her out to be…pretty but not THAT pretty. LOL.
    She obviously is a noona compared to Tae Yang….lol.
    Interested in seeing the plot of this story…I hope he stays away from the typical love triangle….

  3. @tofumon: but after seeing the photos from the set, i can already tell its a love triangle. at least thats imo. but i have no prob with it being a love triangle. my only consolation: at least he is not the groom! 😀

    three friends. 2 guys. 1 girl. both guys in love with the same girl. but yb sercretly. yb becomes the best man. he plays the piano. flashbacks of the three of them hanging out. yb being happy for the two, and sad at the same time.

    its gonna be lovely. lol. its just gonna make me love him more.

    maybe a hint of meeting another girl at the end of the MV? aimee perhaps? LOL. my wild ideas.

  4. @neenah…woah girl…you’re fast….lol. I was thinking the same thing, if it is the plot then it’s perfect just a bit sad for YB…but that’s a good thought if he does meet a girl at the end who may be Aimee…a happy ending for all. It is going to be a very beautiful MV….YB is spoiling us xxxxxxxxx

  5. I’m curious with how the MV’s going to turn out too, but I’m not going to think about the plot too much. Whether our guesses are right or wrong I know it would be good! >w<

    So I'm not taking any guesses (even though I actually did, in another comment for another post…XD)

    The girl is pretty, but I wouldn't say really very pretty… And I have a feeling I saw that guy somewhere before… (Just like that guy in Park Bom's MV You and I….= =)

    No matter what, I know I'd see YB playing the piano in the MV, and that's all I want…XD

  6. ya she really pretty, but when people
    were like she so beautiful i thought she would be like
    Aishwarya Rai beautiful…i was about to cry for a second!!
    i would STILL prefer Amiee though^^

  7. @menayaa: LOL, I think she’s prettier than Ash (sorry, but Ash is so pretentious with that whole “I’m the most beautiful woman in the world” thing going on)….

    I agree, Aimee could be the girl he finds after his first love gets married, I guess we’ll have to wait and see

  8. i think Aimee is going to be in the music video cuz she tweeted this a while back:

    [from Aimee’s Twitter]
    “JK! Shaun managed to put me in so look for me. YB’s video is soooo good!!! (and i really liked bom’s)”

  9. ooo she’s so perrtyyyy. i think her and aish are two diff. types of beauty…but w/e…..i cant wait for the mv ..and songgg!!!
    so its not official that the song/mv will be released on the 11th?? hmm, hopefully it won’t take much longer.
    and LMAO at the new avatar!! ahahahahhahaaaa….this boy is too funny..and he doesn’t even know it. oh goodnesss

  10. @Kay and dilani
    wait wait wait…so if the model/actress is prettier that Ash
    then what does that make me, cause goodness knows i’m nowhere as pretty as Ash!
    ahhahah there went my self-esteem
    true Ash is really fake and lies all the time, look at her without her bitchiness…she’s prettier
    but i think i’m juss super jealous of the girl, cause as soon as i saw it wasn’t Aimee i felt hatred rising up…i’m a sad sad little girl 😦

  11. ^lol menayaa…your prettier than Aish too…i think personality plays a big role in how one perceives beauty…but of course I don’t know this girls personality….but I think she’s just as pretty as Aish. ~lol…actually i think so many more women in bollywood are prettier than Aish, I don’t get why she’s the most gorgeous?…GAH. did u see her on Oprah, omo so annoying….lol this convo is totally veering off….

  12. oh shucks now i feel so special ! 🙂
    i mean ya she is really mean, annoying, rude, but i would to if everyone kept on saying i was the most beautiful woman in the world
    how many people are prettier than her in Bollywood!!??
    i’ve seen 5 people that’s about it
    juss for one moment think about her WITHOUT her attitude
    i still don’t like the model girl cause she so pretty AND she looks nice…i’m going to have to find her! lol

  13. @kay: hahaha. yup, the comments are veering off topic.
    lets bring it back. LOL

    YB + piano + Wedding Dress + MV = 7 days to go!!!! 🙂

    Happy birthday Choi Seunghyun!!!!

  14. just wondering does anyone know how to vote for the MAMA awards. Because theres a overseas award thing but you have to register first, and you have to be able to read korean to register ¬¬

    on another note Kay where did you get that video of Bae under the Welcome titles. Never seen that in the MV. Soo funny though YB wiping the table after putting his head there hahaha

  15. @vipwong – its from the making of the video, but its not the video lurking around Youtube (that making is SR-biased). The real Making clip has alot of YB scenes, I found this gif on a japanese site….still searching for the video!

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