Wedding Dress MV Church Filming – Fan Account

Last time we brought you the news about Sandara Park sporting a wedding dress which was speculated for Taeyang’s Wedding Dress MV. Well now we’ve got some more news about the church were Wedding Dress is being filmed. This is a fan account by a lucky fan who got to see some stuff going on behind the scenes!
Thank you myokoon for the translations.

Big Bang came to Tae An for the second time!! They came to Kkotji before, when I went on a school excursion. (damn). Today, he came to Tae An for shooting the Wedding Dress MV.

Actually the shooting happened during lunchtime. The classmates who went there saw closely. I heard the information about this and immediately left my class.I arrived early because it takes me 10 minutes between my school and the church, but all the classmates had already had arrived.

Anyway, I was waiting around there and Young Bae oppa came out at times but he would suddenly appear and then go in again, so I had no time to take pictures. I couldn’t take pictures. I wanted to show you all.

My friend went with a math textbook to get his autograph. I brought my REMEMBER album ~lol.

We were waiting for him secretly at a side door. By the way, Young bae oppa who didn’t realize there were many people outside came out and went in again in surprise because the followers were screaming. (~so cute)

When he left, he waved his hand and gave a greeting. It was like a marriage concept but I don’t think he is the bridegroom. There were so many extras. He was wearing a black vest and a black necktie, and hair rising to the sky like a chestnut.

Original account here
Translations by myokoon@alwaystaeyang

Please credit alwaystaeyang if taken elsewhere

27 thoughts on “Wedding Dress MV Church Filming – Fan Account”

  1. lmao at the description. “He was wearing a black vest and a black necktie, and hair rising to the sky like a chestnut.”

    hmm so he was an extras. maybe he like in Where U At? he finds that girl but she ends up getting married? idk i’m bad at making sense at things.

    either way, there are too many gaps to full in. YG u better not disappoint us with more delays

  2. too bad its not aimee. i felt sad when i saw her tweet say “looks like i won’t be in wedding dress… :(”

    oh well, we just have to wait and see

  3. so has anyone seen Park Bom’s MV for her solo “You and I”?? Church+wedding dress…what is YG doing?? lol…Wonder if Dara is gonna be the girl…I actually hope not cuz I can’t see her and YB as a couple…wish it was Aimee, oh wells.

  4. @rosebud – yep I saw it and I’m also wondering what YG is trying to do. Either the two MV’s are somehow linked OR YG is trying to really hint he wants to get married ~ or teddy ~ lol…..

  5. really dara?! ummm i guess i can kinda go with it….but will have to agree with cannot see taeyang and dara no no no……

  6. YG is just so much very unpredicatable! church venue for bom and yb’s mv?? sounds something’s cookin’ ! but oh well, all we can do right now is scream and wait! lol

    hope yb will be paired with someone other than dara..i agree with y’all that dara may not be the perfect fit for the role.. I’d still go for aimee though! but no offense to dara, i love her since she also came here from the philippines! *wink*

    and to yb, you’re makin’ all of us nervous and excited! waaahhh!!


    I’m wondering if you guys are gonna post on the new Japanese song/video that just came out. Cause taeyang looks & sounds sooooo damn good.

    Here’s the link!

    P.S. I love this site!!!! Love Taeyang!

  8. I have a feeling that this song may be the story about YB who saw his love getting married, a love that didn’t tell and its too late to speak.

    thinking about YB in black vest and tie make me sooo excite!! really wanna see the MV now!!

  9. hmm, interesting. I guess I’m one of the few people that hoping that the girl in wedding dress will be Dara. Let just wait and see.

  10. The church looks very nice, and Tae Yang~~~~ He sounds cute from what this fan said…>ww//////<

    I agree with jessica… I'd rather some random actress play the bride than Dara… I don't know, I just… don't think Tae Yang and Dara look good? As a couple…. Just awkward….=S

    (Just a thought, did they mistook Dara as Bom? Since Bom shot a music video in a wedding dress….)

  11. Thank you so much myokoon for your account….i love the detailed description……lol

    All we can do is wait and see… i’m highly anticipating the MV to come out as well as the song………..too exctited……plus does it really matter who the girl is…..we don’t know too much at the moment. The fact that they’re all part of the YG family means that they might be starring in each other videos….the focus should be on Taeyang only xxxxxx
    GOD i’m loving my baby more and more everyday……he’s left a scar on me……….never been so excited like this xxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @ Chanting…….I agree they would look like an odd couple….of course we want the best girl for our Taeyang….lol but i doubt that they’re a couple… the looks of things and what i’ve seen, Dara is a popular wannabe girlfriend for a lot of guys……i guess it’s her charm……but like i said from the start, i rather see Dara with GD… that I can visualise.

  13. @ Chanting….i agree with you, they would seem as an odd couple…..we only want the best for our Taeyang… By what i’ve been seeing, it looks like Dara is the most ideal girlfriend for a lot of kpop’s male artists….i think it’s her charm, but i doubt that Taeyang is going out with her…….someone pinch me the day i hear the news that they’re going out…God help me…lol…… Like i said from the start….I rather see Dara with GD…now that’s something i can visualise. (Sorry GD passionate lovers……..)

  14. @ Armani

    Yeah, if it’s Dara and GD then I’m alright… *GD fans punches thrown my way* There was a fake kiss they did in a concert (or performance…) and a photo of it on iBigBang’s website. I was a bit surprised, but if it was Dara and TY then….. I’d cry my heart out… =(

    My friend tells me Dara, GD and TY are good friends, there’s no romantic feelings involved. TY doesn’t watch 2NE1 TV like his other BB members either, such an adorable guy, doesn’t want to watch it because he feels like he’s invading his juniors’ private life…>w<

  15. I don’t think it was the same church in Park Bom’s MV. They look diff to me. Anyway, YG family is YG family so I don’t mind if Dara will be part of the MV.

  16. lols at all the comments. super adorables. but the cutest was ‘My friend went with a math textbook to get his autograph.’ I think it were me, i’d prolly ask him to sign my uniform. =)

    but it would be nice to have him sign my textbook. that way it would give me the ‘motivation’ to even open up the book.. just so i can stare at it.. and possibly study wats inside the txtbook evn. =)

  17. haha i laugh it is the same church. I have a feeling it wont actually be YB who’s the character but like there will be 2 actors getting married and hes just singing in the background.

    But if he is the groom, i hope the bride is CL hahahaha ❤ CL

  18. oo i love the way the fan explained everything. so cute
    and the church looks beautiful! wow. this has got me soo excited for the mv. mmmmm the anticipation…….

  19. i love this:
    “By the way, Young bae oppa who didn’t realize there were many people outside came out and went in again in surprise because the followers were screaming. (~so cute)”

    and this:
    “…and hair rising to the sky like a chestnut.”

    the description is so adorably YB. ❤ ❤ ❤
    and the let me hear your voice mv is beautiful. its yb goodness and BB goodness. 🙂

    can't wait for the wedding dress MV. YG rocks.

  20. OMG, I’m so happy that he’s going to be dressed in a vest & tie ❤ my dream come true. heehee.

    hm, I guess I'm the only one in here that wants Dara to be his mate for mv, heh. 😛

  21. I’m like the only one who wants taeyang and Dara,why? Dont you guys,well I guess you guys only judge by what you only see.

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