D-1: Party Time but first, Tutorial!

Hey guys, below are a couple ways to watch the performance live. Tofu will begin with the most popular way (TVants) and I’ll give you guys some alternatives to try out.

By popular demand, here is the much awaited tutorial on how to stream Korean TV live.

This is also your official invitation to the viewing  party hosted by yours truly and Always Tae Yang. Join us in the ChattYBox found on the right as we spazz and wait in high anticipation for Tae Yang’s first and only performance of “Where U At” marking his comeback to the music scene after his explosive solo debut about 1.5 years ago.

To figure out what time the performance airs for your time zone, we’ve set up a time converter here – use this!

Tofu: I don’t know about you, but I’m a mixture of excitement and nervousness for tomorrow.  Excited to be seeing Tae Yang doing his “thang” again, but nervous because the choreography for “Where U At” is intense and he hasn’t had much time to practice singing and dancing.  I had a bad thought where I pictured him tripping or his voice cracking during the performance.  Lets hope this won’t be the case.
Youngbae, prove me wrong!
Anyone else a nervous wreck like me?

Kay: *raises hand* I AM!

Instructions are under the cut… If this does not work, do not worry – the performance will be up on youtube in no time!

* Suggestion – all stream sites work better with IE compared to Firefox. Just take note of this if its not working

|||||||| METHOD 1 ||||||||

So after much troubleshooting, I’ve decided on this method.  It requires you to download a software called TvAntsthat’s about 2.3 MBs but I think it’s worth it because 1)You can watch TV from pretty much any channel from around the world.  2)Since Tae Yang will be performing on various media stations (MBC, Mnet, SBS…etc) when he fully promotes his single and album, you would be able to see them all with this program.  3)It’s fairly easy to use.

*I’m a PC so all these instructions are for Windows operating systems.  I’m not sure if these instructions translate on to Macs.

Here’s what you do:

1. Download and install TvAnts – Click here.

Install the program like you normally would with any other.

The installation manager will ask you if you want to install “Softonic Toolbar.”  Don’t do it unless you want to.

2. Run/Open the program.  It should look something like this.


Under Keywords type in “SBS” and a search query should show up.

Click on the first one on the list “KOREA>SBS” and another window should appear.

3. Allow the channel to load and buffer.

This varies depending on your location, time, and internet connection.

Obviously the higher the number under “Quality” the better the stream will be.  When the number is highlighted red, the quality is decent and watchable.

Most of the channels we’re interested in are usually very good.   Only sometimes will it lag.

4. Watch and enjoy!

The volume and mute controls are on the viewing screen.

The viewing screen will always been on top so you can do other things and watch at the same time.

**Things to keep in mind.

You’ll see random Chinese words and ads on the side sometimes.  It’s nothing to worry about.  The program were developed in China.

On D-Day servers might be swamped and the video might lag…be patient and don’t give up.  After a while it’ll pick up.  If everything fails, Korean fans will post it up and it will make itself on to Youtube within a few hours.  No worries.

For other channels: KOREA>MNET, KOREA>MBC, KOREA-KBS-2.

|||||||| METHOD 2 ||||||||
An alternative to downloading a software is streaming as an embedded source via this website: http://www.friall.com.

1. Click on the “TV Country” tab at the top of the website.

2. Scroll down and find “Korea, South.”  Click.

3.  Scroll down to the very bottom and find “SBS TV” and click on the link.

4.  Let the media load and buffer.  This may take longer and have a higher chance of lagging during the stream than TvAnts, but all the times I’ve used it, it’s been fine.

I hope these two work for you.  If you’re encountering problems, let me know so I can help you out or find alternatives.  From my experience, these two are the best.  However, I highly suggest you downloading TvAnts. It’s an awesome program and really reliable.

|||||||| METHOD 3 ||||||||

If the above two fail, then try this one (or try it first, it`s up to you).

1. Download Livestation player here
2. Open the program and create an account.
3. After you’ve signed in, click on the Search tab and type in the according channel you’re looking for, and click.
* we want SBS!
4. Sometimes, the channel will take a few tries till it connects.

|||||||| METHOD 4 ||||||||

* I would suggest using IE (Internet Explorer) for the following sites*

Stream ONE
Stream TWO
Stream THREE

|||||||| METHOD 5 |||||||

If you have Windows Media Player, copy and paste this into the “Open Url” field located under the file tab:


Hopefully you all will be able to see the performance!! See ya at the party!

Kay & Tofu


77 thoughts on “D-1: Party Time but first, Tutorial!”

  1. wow…tvants is working fine! i just love it!

    thanks guys..you just made my day..uhmm…oh it’s night!


    thank you so much

    can’t wait for tomorrow

    thanks so much for this! im so excited!

    *jumping* *wink*wink*

  2. Thanks to the twitter updates from aimee and shaun, I’m more excited than nervous. What I’m thinking now is if everything goes well, it’s going to be a truly legendary performance, and if eveything that can go wrong actually goes wrong, it’s still going to be a great performance because it’s yb and shaun and lyle.

  3. Thank you so much Kay and tofu…truly amazing guys…..it’s our YB’s turn and all we can do is root for him all the way & hope that his performance goes extremely well and he does us proud which i know he will…..let’s get all bad thoughts of him probably slipping up out of our minds, he’ll be fine..c’mon he’s got shaun and lyle right by his side……can’t wait…party time YB Fans xxxxxx

    YB+SHAUN+LYLE are gonna put on an explosive, huge, never done before performance for us !!! xxx

    plus thanks for the aimee and shaun twitter updates….SUPER EXICITED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for all the updates and the tutorial! ❤

    I just tried downloading and tried loading both MNET and SBS but when it loads halfway, a message says ' TvAnts cannot play channel within Internal Player, Click Yes to play in External Player' Blah blah blah.

    Is there a way for me to able to play and view the channel with TvAnts now or must I re-download the thing?

  5. i bet he’s worried right now,cuz Young Bae’s like that.
    a perfectionist.
    i’ll pray for you,my Bae.
    whatever’s the outcome,we’ll always support you 100%.

  6. I’m a nervous wreck right now!! Not just for our boy’s big performance tmr but I’m also having problem with tvants, which makes my pc haywire, and friall gives me a blank screen after buffing 😦

    Gonna keep trying…

  7. is it normal that in the second method, I can’t make it full screen?
    ps: THANKS YOU! I’ll be awake at 3 am just for watching youngbae oppa:)

  8. OMG, thank you guys so much! ❤
    didn't know that's possible to watch korean tv via internet.
    you guys are just amazing….you made my day. 😀
    can't wait for TY's performing. I'm so excited.

    Love you guys. xoxo

  9. i’m feelin’ nervous just like the rest of you…
    but i think Bae’s gonna do good.’
    we just have to show him love. =)

  10. @emblazedParadox & huez,
    Hmmm. It’s working fine for me right now.
    Try it own different browsers or something. I’m trying to figure out how it runs either by Flash or some other media application..

    TVants has had a history of being laggy and weird, but’s worked for me in the past. What do you mean haywire? Crashes?

    If all doesn’t work let us know so we can try to find a different way.

    I can’t get full screen either…iono what’s up..but sometimes full screen makes everything pixalated….Tae Yang pixalated is not good…so it’s alright.

  11. * Reasons you might be having problems with TVants:

    – you are using Windows Vista: Apparently TVants is not made for anything past Windows XP but there can be exceptions

    – check your firewall settings, are you allowing incoming connections from TVants? Can you turn your firewall off?

    – check if you have updated plugins, these can cause problems

  12. friall.com isn’t working for me!!
    It just says “Waiting for video”
    Are there any other sites to watch it online??

  13. Thank you SOO MUCH! Since it airs at 3 in the morning where i live, im gonna stay up just to watch lovely yb perform! its been so long since i saw him perform, thank you so much again! <333

  14. thanks so much for this guys.
    k, so i THINK TVants is working for me, but all i’m getting right now is a grey screen w/ the SBS logo in the top right corner; and there’s “beeeeeep” sound……i think maybe b/c in korea it would currently be 5am, maybe there aren’t any shows on right now? or am i supposed to be able to see something?

  15. ^ if you’ve got the logo there, then I think its working for you. Unfortunately, for myself, I can’t get connected *i am VERY sad*

    If anyone sees any programming on the SBS channel, then please update

  16. k…so who else is seeing flowers on the sbs channel right now?? lolllll

    thanks kay, hmmmm y dont u try a different website?

  17. @jewels yang: i tried checking the time for California, but for some reason, its giving me a 0:00…..same w/ other sites as well…hmmm i’ll let you know if I find it

  18. thanks kay and tofu. 🙂
    friall works fine for me so far *keep finger cross nothing goes wrong* the only issue is the fact that the video is off and not centered. i don’t mind the small video its just kinda annoying that the video is “off” to the right. oh well, you can’t have everything.

  19. ……. i don’t know…i just clicked on the thing that said
    korea>sbs……if anyone else is seeing what we’re seeing..please tell..lol

  20. Yeah TVants has been buffering for the past 148905849058405 hours >.<

    Stream sites keep buffering BUT they are working!

    Btw, the link you’ve given tofu seems to be for SBS KNN. I think the shows are on SBS CJB or SBS GTB

  21. @dilani and kay
    I’m watching SBS through TVants and Friall and they’re showing two different things. Via Friall I see a nature show, and via TVants, I’m seeing Yoga. Not so sure what’s going on.

  22. ok, so after i clicked on sbs cjb..now im seeing something that looks like a nature show…a man w/ a red shirt talking in the forest??? pics of streams…..water…..trees…lolllll. is this the right channel?

  23. Yes, we want SBS CJB (as far as I know, that’s the channel with the music show) – as for SBS KNN and SBS GTB – both showing different things, I don’t know if the show will appear or not…..GTB, possibly…

  24. TVants is working perfectly for me.

    Okay I figured it out. Friall is the same channel as “KOREA>SBS CJB” on TVants. I know for sure “KOREA>SBS” is the correct channel.

    OMO. Kay our information is contridicting itself….so is it SBS or SBS CJB?….crap. I swear it’s just SBS….omo omo omo.

    We’ll just have to see when the time comes….aiiigggooo. This is more stressful than I had anticipated.

    SBS or SBS CJB should work for the show later. Or so some sources say.

  25. From what I’ve read, people are saying you can watch Inkigayo on SBS CJB or GTB. I don’t know how these two are different from simply SBS but as you are saying SBS = SBS CJB

    I guess time will tell which one is the one, but I’m putting my bet that it’s SBS CJB


    its true when they say – never give up 😀
    Haha, i’m so lame but seriously, i’ve been troubleshooting for 5 hours and finally figured out how to make it work!

    if you are having problems with tvants, post here!

    And yes, you can try the other ways which tofu and I have listed but Tvant is the best quality

  27. anony – Tvants is pretty safe, although if you are in doubt, I would delete the program after using if you just want to watch it for this one time.

  28. @tofumon & kay : Yeah I’m using Vista so maybe that’s why Tvants is not working fine. BTW I’m getting pretty good image on Friall now!!! Hope it stays that way till showtime!! Thanks so much girls for your patient guidance! See you later!!

  29. THANKS!
    yeah im really nervous for him…i just want him to do well! but im sure he will be amazing! its tae yang. he will be amazing! HE IS amazing! 🙂


  30. i am SOOOO excited for this(:
    ahh my baby finally, i’ve been waiting so long for his second comeback!
    although its just ONE perforamnce, i cant wait(:

  31. omg he’s going to perform today, its currently 3;57pm here in aus, i dont think ill be able to watch ty live i have to watch it on youtube and my internet’s down from watching top in iris….argh why are you doing this to me jesus? … anywho im nervous for yb aswell because of the hard choreo and the singing at the same time.. but i know that the high quality of ty’sperformance tahts anticipated by many wil be a success :D:D:D

  32. So now I know my TvAnts doesnt load for me… I’ll try downloading it on my XP Com. I guess. Friall doesnt work for me too. Buffered for more than an hour last night and nothing appeared still.

  33. kay, while trying to save file, it said “cannot create C:\windows\system32\driver\etc\hosts file and ask me to make sure path and file name is correct

    BTW localhost already appeared there when i click on it

  34. kay, u go ahead and standby for the show. I’ll try other alternatives and see if one of them works. Tks so much for help! 🙂

  35. i have a mac and nothing is working for me. Livestation was working all day and now it can’t connect to the channel. Anyone have any ideas

  36. Hey guys! (: Thank you SO much for posting this. ^^
    I missed his performance. T_T
    But whenever I can download it, I’m gonna >:D
    But yeah, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤

    I love Taeyang &+ Always Taeyang :]

  37. after giving up on tvants, it’s a success using livestation, but only for sbs.cannot connect to mnet using livestation. any help please?

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