Taeyang On the Charts + ATY is #1!

Just to update, here are Taeyang’s current listing on the music charts

Dosirak – 6th place
Melon -14th
Monkey 3 -6th
Muse/Muze -27th
Bugs -1st
Soribada – 6th
Cyworld -2nd
M-net- 3rd

^ He’s doing pretty well considering there were barely any promotions for the song and he’s not even coming back with it. Either way, his fans are happy and I think that’s all the matters to him (and us!).

Speaking of charts – We are currently #1 on Toplist!! THANK YOU to all the bloggers who have been voting for this site! This blog is nothing without it’s bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚ And to let you in on our stats, on October 15, we had close to 7000 visitors from around the world on the site, the highest ever for ATY.

As for some more fanboy news…best friend G-dragon and VOS’s Choi Hyun Joon changed their cyworld BGM to “Where U At” to show their support.

and an update from Shaun Evaristo’s twitter

^ Just the beginning? OH MY – I’m so excited for what else there is to come! All I know is that Taeyang WILL NOT disappoint!

One more thing – ACAPELLA version of WHERE U AT

Thanks huez for the tip!

25 thoughts on “Taeyang On the Charts + ATY is #1!”

  1. Well done YB….so proud of you……you’re right Kay, he’s still doing well even though he’s not promoting…which i still think don’t think is fair…but……i hope & pray Taeyang continues to rise to the top on every chart because that’s where he belongs xxxxx

    + it’s great how GD & Choi ur showing their love…YB definitely deserves all the love in the world xxxxx

  2. ^ It’s okay, don’t feel too bad. He’s not formally promoting the song, alot of the others already performed their song on Musicbank, etc…so it makes sense other songs are moving up….for his Wedding Dress song, YG better pull out the big guns for promotions….

  3. yeah. he better be stealing those number one spot to make up for this one. no pressure though. i think i’ll be fine…*sobs*

  4. gosh just giving me chills when i read all these good news about taeyang.

    and close to 7000 visitors here? WOW!!!!! Seriouslie this is the place to be for all int’l taeyang fans. like fer real. now that he’s back, well sort of, i’ll constantly be like checking this site fer updates, soooo sorry in advance if i drop alil too many comments here and dere. i honestly like reading all the comments. its fun. =)))

  5. ^ thanks, we’re listed on a couple Korean Taeyang fansites that Taeyang has visited before – here is to hoping he has come across his international fansite (ATY!)…..I’d like to think he has and I hope all this support has really encouraged him. I hope he knows he’s got a solid international fanbase when he debuts in America (if he does)….we’re ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. …OMG twitted on Shaun’s twitter..shaun is very popular, so it means a lot of people would visit his twitter page which means every1 would see the Taeyang twitter comment which means more people will get a chance to check the video…*excited*…lol, i’m ahead of myself…can’t help it, i’m just so so so so so so so so so so so exicted for YB!!!!!!! He deserves world recongition…..if he debuted in the US…i can see it now…..YB on BET….he’ll surely make it big……i’m confident in my YB, once ‘wedding dress’ is released, he’ll stay #1 for a very long time…bet me on that……… YB + If YB visited this fansite…..OMG that will be amazing….knowing he has this much international love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Congratulations to Taeyang! We know he works extra hard and we appreciate it to the fullest! Keep it up and continue to blow us away! I don’t know how many times I watched the video or dreamed about it lol. Tight choreography and vocals is a total win in my world!Thanks to Teddy (YG). They really help make Taeyang what he is today and he is truly awesome!
    Thanks to Shaun and Lyle for coming up w/ an awesome, out of this world choreography. Your work is also appreciated to the fullest. Thanks to ALL for bringing out what we’ve all seen in Taeyang, which is true talent.
    AND to the lovely ladies of ATY, you guys rock! Thanks for making a great site/youtube channel and keeping us updated! I know all you guys have school or work and I appreciate what you’ve done for this site!

    Long comment lol but I haven’t been leaving any comments for a long time lol. Well, it’s gonna be BIG next month, already saving some cash and studying my butt off..lol All for Taeyang! Love U! **hopes he visits someday!!! Teddy too! All of them should visit!!! lol peace!

  8. it would be a blast if young bae visited this blog…u guys dont have any gift project for YB?if you guys thinking of doing it..i would like to donate some money for that…

  9. Congrats to ATY!!! This really is the place for all Tae Yang fans around the world. (It updates nothing but TY news! That’s what I love about this site. ^^)

    And our Tae Yang is also doing well in the charts! This is just double good news! Go Tae Yang, go Tae Yang, go go go Tae Yang! XDDD

    I’m so happy that his song is doing so well despite lack of promotions, it goes to show he’s got the skills and talent to make it to number 1!!! Yeah!

    Tae Yang rocks for sho!

  10. I just realized the new banner, I like it so much!! Thanks guys!

    Oh and the acapella version is just as good, if not better than the normal version. I heart Tae Yang’s voice!!!! *screams*

  11. First of all, I’m so happy with the choice of song Taeyang decided to release. Very smart guy! Loved it and I’m happy with it. Taeyang knows how to please his fans. But does anyone know what brand is that taeyang is wearing on his mv??

  12. Congratulations to Taeyang! and yes I agree DONG YOUNG BAE NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!! he’s just the greatest and most talented..Damn the charts are giving me chills knowing that he did not promote the song. YB I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I WONT EVEN WONDER if you make it Big outside Korea..u are just so great!

  13. Fans of TY unite and rejoice! Our boy has did it again and I’m sure with proper promotions once Wedding Dress is out, he’ll hit the roof of all charts!!

    And congrats to AT on being #1!! You guys are the best in bringing us TY’s news and thanks again for all the incredible hardwork! BTW I love love the new banner!

    Can’t wait to hear what other celebrities have to say about our boy!!

  14. OMG I am so obsessed with this boy. I haven’t been like this since my NSYNC days and wow that was 10 years ago, man i am getting old. Anyway, Shuan wrote about YB and the video on his blog and in his thread on soompi there are updated rankings. He is staying strong or doing better which is incredible given lack of promotion and the fact that all other groups performed on the various music programs this weekend.


  15. ^thanks arm143

    I have a suspicious inkling that the reason why our boy has got his hat on the whole time in this video is he is growing his hair out for his new album~ ahhh.

  16. oh my God Kay! I hope ur intuitions are true. What could our biy, Taeyang look like with longer hair? The same, it’s just thathe’s HOTTER!!!! hwaaah..TY congratulations! ur song is still ranking great in the charts even without promotions.. JUST WAIT FOR NOVEMBER and YOU’LL SEE!! TY’s gonna get the the THRONE baby!

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