Taeyang, Official Composing Debut With “Where U At”

Big Bang’s Taeyang made his first mark as a composer.

On the 15th, according to Taeyang’s management YG Entertainment, Taeyang, in a year and 5 months, [is back with] his fans with his digital single “Where U At.”

The music video, which was released at 11:00 that day, and the song, “Where U At,” was co-composed by Teddy and Taeyang with the story of imagining and longing for a future partner who could be living anywhere in the world.

Especially because Taeyang himself took part in the composing, the response is that he let his style be seen more clearly.

Source: Jet@ygworld.net

I’m quite ecstatic that he co-composed this song.  A very strong and promising start.  He had clear vision and executed it perfectly.  This should shut all the people up who say he’s too produced and doesn’t really take any part in his music.  Congrats Youngbae!  I’m really looking forward to what else he has left inside of his little sexy self.

*EDIT – new 20+ WHERE U AT animations added

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– Kay

9 thoughts on “Taeyang, Official Composing Debut With “Where U At””

  1. i hope he’s satisfied enough now. i remember reading an interview he said he wasn’t that satisfied with the first album cuz he didn’t compose anything. He rated his album 60%? I couldn’t remember that well. Anyway, i’m happy that he took part in composing the song! It wouldn’t be GD and TOP anymore that are able to compose in BB. And this is a pretty solid and good song for his first time in composing.

  2. Well YB, i’m so proud of you babes…this is just the beginning…he’s going to shine as bright as the sun. ‘where u at’ is truly amazing & i know there’s more no 1 hits coming Taeyang’s way…he deserves every success that comes his way…it shows passion, determination and hard work can really pay off……YB..Taeyang all the way xxxxxxxxx

    @dyhd……you’re so right……lol….his moon will finally complete him xxxxx

  3. nniiceeee!
    So wait, does composing mean he … wrote the lyrics or did he write lyrics + the beat?
    LOL, some people are saying he did the beat or something too?

  4. damn im a proud fan here..taeyang u just keep on getting better, making me fall u harder!!! IM PROUD and i wont wonder if after two years ull release a full album with songs written by you alone!!!

  5. @theLOSER
    I read some where that he wrote the main melody and Teddy produced it. Not sure, but composing usually means that the actual music was written by him. I’m just glad he’s taking part in the construction of his music/album.

  6. We’re proud of you!! Can’t wait to hear/read whatever you compose! We adore you! Keep on doing big things b/c we know you’re capable of greatness…actually you’re already full of greatness!

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