T-Day: The Aftermath

Who’s still not over last night’s Tae Yang high?  Because I’m not!  Still loving the song and MV like the first time I heard it.  I was nervous for absolutely no reason, but I wasn’t even close to being disappointed at all.  He definitely lived up to the hype and anticipation.  The song itself isn’t as catchy as “Prayer” or “Look Only At Me” but grows quickly.  Plus, the music video, choreography, and the fact that he co-composed the song overcompensates.  I think this is getting overlooked.  Overall, I was very impressed.

Here’s my quickly one-way letter to Tae Yang, please indulge me.

My Dearest Tae Yang/Youngbae,

Thank you for keeping it real and true.  Thank you for keeping it about the art.  Thank you for being fresh without trying hard to be “fresh.”  And thank you for being your hot little self.

Love, Tofu

PS: Youngbae, you suck at lipsyncing.  Please stick to real singing.

Well the point is of this post if to keep you all updated on everything that comes after the song release: chart ranking, fan reactions, or anything random and interesting.  I’ll update as stuff comes out.

  • HQ Wallpapers!

  • “WHERE U AT” is owning various music charts, like Mnet and cyworld.
  • You can buy his single off of YGE’s own music site: http://www.yg-music.net/ There are English registration information, but the process is quite complicated.  You have to submit a photo ID.  I’m personally waiting for the full album or whenever YG gets his mind straight and releases it on iTunes.
  • Tae yang’s website is updated.  Loving how it looks, but wish there were pictures.  And YG finally mentioned his Korean Music Awards!  About time.
  • An awesome remix of “Wedding Dress,” fanmade.  I was very indifferent about this song at first, but this made me fall really in love with it.

30 thoughts on “T-Day: The Aftermath”

  1. ah im still so hyper at the moment. i shud be working on my 3000 words essay but just not so focused to do so.lol.

    tofu, yeh u r so right about the lipsyncing part. he needs a bit of improvement on that. lol

  2. I’M STILL NOT OVER IT EITHER <33 I've been smiling like crazy; people THINK i'm crazy rofl; hahahah <33 I'm just super happy! <33 rofl.
    I can't wait for the FULL album to come out <33.

    Does anyone know if Yesasia's things add up in sales for the aritsts?

  3. …..I’m still recovering….and i don’t think i want to….truly & totally hot…..luv my YB…..it’s just the beginning, YB is going to dominate the charts & win awards….just like Teddy said YB is the best & don’t mess with him…his competitors should be very afraid…lol. I’m very proud of him & i can’t wait till the full album drops…..YB Baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    @evonn…lol…same here…i don’t think i’ve been focused since YB’s MV…….he’s an addiction for me…..i breathe, sleep & live Taeyang……xxx

  4. just saw the video
    not dissapointed one bit
    cant wait for wedding dress
    and the taeyang sol dong youngbae madness begins

  5. A lot of people are saying they are dissapointed because the video wasn’t ¨that great¨. Personally, I like it. I mean it’s not elaborated but it’s still awfully satisfying. I’m already hooked to the song and have been replaying since last night lol. You know what?! I think you should send that letter to YB if you can though. I’m sure he’ll lol

  6. lol at the he can’t lipsing…it’s actually true! lol…omg at the end when he turns around and all you see is his lips…ahhh!…who doesn’t want those lips to be only for you…TAEYANG WHERE U AT MAN!

  7. lool i keep saying where u at where u at where u at now xD. I absolutely agree with you Tofu, after his first album which was in every sense perfect i was worried maybe this wouldn’t live up to it with all the hype and expectation. But OMG he and Teddy have done it again. I really think them to are completely in the zone when they are together. Like they really get each other musically. About the MV ok there ain’t no super special effects but who cares. He dances crazy, he sings amazing not much more to it then that. + this is only like a preview not even his title song =O which i must say, the piano and Bae’s vocals xD OMG HYPEDD!!

  8. gosh this song has been on repeat ALL DAY..and whenever I listen to the song, I feel like watching the video again cause its so effin amazing….i must have seen the video like a 100 times today if not more…..

    lol and that lipsync sounded like Kush’s voice…

  9. Damn I was supposed to be doing other things at the moment.

    But I can’t miss out Baebae’s new single.

    The MV is so simple yet so hot, you can get as many fantasies as you like while watching him dance like every day is too sexy for him and you just want to…grab. hahaha.

    Oh yeah, that “grabbing” was so dirty and yet I love every second of it.

    Still not over his song or his mv.

  10. I don’t know if you think like me or not,

    Did the title of YB 2nd album is “Sun Rise”?

    see the link below… I cap it from MV

    >>> http://img394.imageshack.us/i/sunrise1.jpg/

    on the wall behind YB was painted something like “2nd Sun Rise” ,Right?
    (the red square was painted by me…)

    I just post this on pgeorgie’s blog and still want to ask everybody here too.

    What do you think about that?

  11. @Esther: you might be right! sharp eye girl! =)

    I think the title of his 2nd album was not formally announced yet, so we have to wait to verify it.

    But the title of “Sun Rise” as his 2nd album is so damn appropiate, especially it’s his time to “rise” again. =)

  12. wow. what can I say? I don’t even know where to begin.
    i always knew youngbae was special, that he was talented, but after hearing the song and mv……i was amazed 100 times more. I mean seriously? Everything he touches seems to turn into gold…whether it be a song, piano, or dance. I’m soo goddamn proud of him, for being able to achieve so much.
    Props to Lyle and Shaun for the choreo…it made the whole song complete. Made it perfect.
    All I can say is, youngbae, I cannot wait until the world gets to see you; and when that day comes, better believe that I’ll have a front row seat. 🙂

  13. YB…l’m here…I’m here…don’t worry, I’ll show up in doorstep sooner or later.
    I’m not loony >.< I'm just so crazed out about this mv like the rest of you guys. Gosh I could still see his biceps under the shirt. Been having fun with the choreo all day bcoz it's just dope. Lyle and Shaun are the MANS!
    =.= can't wait for the release of Wedding Dress. i'm not just saying this but that girl looked a lot like Aimee.
    and lastly, I FEEL SO SORRY for Bebe coz he haven't had a girlfriend yet! Well at least he's not longing for a boyfriend.
    Yes, Quintin, that goes out to you. *bleh* ;p

  14. I am so not over the yb mania and I can’t wait until we can see him perform on stage again. I was really nervous for him because so many people were anticipating the song and though I knew true YB fans wouldn’t be disappointed, I wasn’t sure about everyone else. K-POP can be so brutal and if G-Dragon is what is hot, i didn’t know if people would appreciate YB. Luckily there was no need to worry because the song is sick, the mv is sick and the choreography is ridiculous and everyone loves it. All the comments on allkpop and youtube have been mostly positive which is saying a lot. Teddy was right, TAKE OVER, it has begun.

  15. OMG it’s just so Good. I didn’t expect this WOW sooooo good. I’m now wondering how Wedding Dress will outcome due to the fact that Where U AT is just so PRO. The teaser gave me chills, sad actually 😛
    WOW Tae yang is the IT singer. dance is hot, song is hot even more looks.
    I think Teddy is absolutely a genius also…even said that taeyang was the “best”
    (like obviously).
    I’m just so overwhelmed right now. This song is sososo good. A hit that hasnt come in a while. 09/11/11 is the day that I will find happiness XD

  16. has anyone had experience from buying singles off the ygmusic site? I want to buy the accapella version as well as the MR version (want to do that project over at ygworld.net!) but I can’t read korean. I do have a validated account for both ygeshop and ygmusic, though. I know it’s a long shot, but can anyone help me? D:

  17. hahaha @ the lipsyncing !
    have to agree with u on that 😛 !

    but he’s so hot ! hahaa

    cant wait for the 11th !! T-DAY ! T-DAY 😀

  18. i saw that “2nd SUNRISE” thing too. i capped it too. LOL. but i didn’t really think it would be the name of his 2nd album. it just thought that it was a nice touch to the MV and you can derive your own personal meaning to it. especially if you’re a super fan, you’d get it. since he is TAEYANG. 🙂

  19. It is tae yang speaking in English right? at the beginning of where u at?? Oh please tel me when did he lipsync cuz i have no idea…

  20. Lol @ my lipsync comment. I meant in the MV taeyang has to lipsync when shooting it. Usually they play the track in the background and film. Taeyang looks so funny when he was singing to it in the MV . His mouth is just awkward…the boy is so used to having a microphone and REALLY singing. Taeyang does NOT lipsync on stage if that’s what we’re all worried about. He does not need to. Lol

  21. oh that! Lol okay.. i thought u meant live performances becuz as far as i know, TY never lip sync. Yeah, his mouth does look awkward. well maybe not really to me bcuz i was thinking how it’ll feel like to kiss those lips but i did realise that there are some parts in the video his lips weren’t even moving.

  22. Like everyone else, this song has been on repeat since yesterday and the song is growing on me…alot! And it makes me really happy to see him on the charts. I want him to stay up there for a long long time!

  23. LOL to EVERYONE!! gosh all your comments are really adorables. hahha

    T-DAY AFTERMATH? hekhek.. personally im in the stage of trying to memorize the lyrics (even tho i have no idea what i’m saying is ever correct korean LOL!) eitherways im driving everyone in my house mad everytime i play that song over and over and over and over and over and over X 10000000 times again. hekhek… =))))

    next stop: 11 november. soo cant wait to see him perf on TV again. esp on comeback stage! piano and ALL! XP

  24. ^ Ali, is that you!? whoever it is, thanks for the shoutout ~lol at the part “there aren’t any songs written for guys like us” – awww….personally, I think it speaks volumes if a guy has waited that long to find the perfect girl; a girl would feel pretty damn special after knowing that =)

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