A Tour of Carpe Diem~

Okay, so this has to be THE COOLEST Taeyang fan cafe (a real one at that) ever, and it’s not even in Korea – its in Australia! (any fans from Australia here?).
Anyway some of you might have seen pictures of Carpe Diem but this here is a video by an Australian kpop fan who decided to show us the inside of this awesome cafe ….take a look.

^i would LOVE to visit that cafe…someday, I hope…
Oh and it’s located at 28 Market Lane in Melbourne, Australia…

Some more recent photos :




37 thoughts on “A Tour of Carpe Diem~”

  1. Oh my daze, that is so amazing….true fan right here…luv the art……amazing….*i wanna if Taeyang will get a chance to see this*, it deserves recongition xxxx

  2. ooo i like this vid so much better…it’s much clearer. and i still get amazed every time I see it…I wonder if they’ll change the layout after his new mv or upcoming solo concert . but seriously, VERY COOL.
    one of the places I wanna go to one day…

  3. This place is super cool. Makes me wanna go there! So now I should put Melbourne in “Places to Visit” list or make it Carpe Diem Cafe, Melbourne.

    Thank you for the vid.

  4. I like her accent lol. 🙂 Cool. Whenever I’m in Melbourne, I’m so stopping by there. Seriously, I want that artwork on my bedroom wall. lol Taeyang face in the bathroom. 🙂

  5. Omg. If I just like run into that cafe I would do a fangirl move and either scream, gasp, faint, or breathe in deeply.

    If I ever be in Australia I have to go to that cafe. =)

    But I’ll think twice before going into the bathroom. Hehe. Putting Baebae’s face in the bathroom wall makes me feel a bit shy.

  6. this place, this video, this person, is pretty damn awesome. i know in the bar there’s actual framed paintings of him too. YB fans are soo amazing!

    i think the owner/artist is from DCYB btw.

  7. @Kenley

    Same here!! I would probably be screaming and clapping my hands at the same time LOL (screaming OMG so many times…XD [and Tae Yang/Young Bae/YB XD])

    Yes! I’m an Australian fan of Tae Yang right here! (I’m not from Australia, but in Australia… Even near Melbourne! I’m only two hours-drive away from Melbourne! OMG!!!!)

    I SOOOOOOOOOOOO have to go there after my exams!!!!! OMG!!!! Tae Yang! Young Bae!!! Ahh! (Alright, fangirl moment over…=v=”)

  8. OMO!

    i need to go here!

    AUSSIE fan here.

    although i live in brisbane but

    i might be in melbourne in decmber for holiday.

    must SEE!

    aLL AUSSIE FANS OUT THERE OF NOT JUST YB, BUT KPOP too, we should do something to make them include us on their international concerts/ tour. lol

  9. Oh hey, it’s my video XD

    For all you guys interested, Carpe Diem is actually a Korean karaoke bar above a Korean restaurant. Although it’s not necessarily a Taeyang fan cafe, the staff are all very knowledgable about k-music 😛

    Any Melbournites who wanna head down with me one night should let me know!

    1. Thanks so much!

      I went to find this place last night since I was in the area and I was so disappointed!

      Just found a Korean restaurant but no taeyang! I swear I was about to cry

      Going again tonight to check it out 🙂

  10. OH MY GOSH! that is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen!
    That is soooo awesome. WOW!

    I wonder if TAEYANG knows about it?
    I mean…he has to ..right?

  11. This is awesome!! I live in MELBOURNE (YAY). I’m going to make my brother take me there.. I think I’ve been through that lane before o.O

    I know where it is!! XD.

  12. I know! I’ve actually never been into Melbourn though I live 30 mins away and lived here all my life! I can’t believe I might go tomorrow! Perfect timing! It’s a ten minute walk from Mwlbourne Central shopping centre!

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