Winner of Superstar K, Suh In Gook, covers Tae Yang!

In the final round of Korea’s version of American Idol, Superstar K, Suh In Gook, covered Tae Yang’s “Look Only At Me” in his final performance.  And he won!  Congrats to Suh In Gook.  Fantastic cover; he did Tae Yang and the song major justice.  One of my favorites!

Watch here:

Source: BBVIPZ; Uploaded by yours truly; Lots of thanks to myokoon.

This makes my heart happy.  He even had some of the dance moves, jacket, and hair down!  I love it.  YG should work his magic and have the two collaborate!  Also, this reminds me of how Tae Yang always says that he wants to be an artist/musician, like Michael Jackson or Prince, who inspires others.  This performance, among other examples, is proof that he is!  So much anticipation for what he has in store with is second album.  Like I’ve said: I expect only world domination.

Oh my, Suh In Gook is a fanboy!  A couple of weeks ago, he did a short cover of “Baby, I’m Sorry” on a radio show.

Listen here:
Recorded by: YBmania’s 필동

Also: Cracks of my Broken HeartWith U, and more!

Either he’s a fanboy, or he just has the same taste in music as Tae Yang!

*Special thanks to myokoon for helping me with this post!


11 thoughts on “Winner of Superstar K, Suh In Gook, covers Tae Yang!”

  1. Thank u myokoon…wow this is just the beginning for YB……he has learned from the great such as Michael Jackson, Usher & Justin Timerlake… to Gook being influenced by YB is heart warming. Everyday i become more proud of Taeyang and adore him even more….such a true sweetheart and loyal musicianxxx

  2. this guy is super cute, actually when he smiles he reminds me of Taeyang. I really liked his cover, he’s got a strong voice, added his own flare to the song…and it makes me proud that people cover this song…..kinda like the song “I will always love you” by Whitney – a classic song only strong singers attempt to cover on shows…..LOAM is kinda like that

  3. i remember watching the clip of him singing Don’t Wanna Try and he was good. glad to see that he won.

    maybe one day he will meet Tae haha

  4. Wow.. just wow.. I love that someone used TaeYang’s song for such a show as this. He did an awesome awesome cover. And now I have Only Look at Me on repeat again!

  5. I know this isn’t the first person to cover Tae Yang’s song, but it’s the first video I actually watched…:P

    He covered the song really well! Adding his own flavour to the song too! I like it!

    I agree with you Kay, his smile reminded me a lot of Tae Yang’s cute smile as well!!!

    Go Tae Yang! Begin world domination with your music (and sweet smile)! Fighting!!

  6. didnt think he’d pull it off (like IMO), but after watching that I was.. wrong. he did pulled it off. when i heard him singing the ‘Baby im sorry’ he actually sounded abit like Tae hymself. dont you guys think so?

    but i think TY will always own ‘look only at me’.. =)

  7. i was waiting for this vid haha
    his vocals are good, but I just don’t like the jazzed up version of this song. Sorry but I just don’t think anyone can sing it accept Taeyang

  8. WOW! YB song used in a final? of course. tae yang is the best!! suh in gook did a nice performance…of course nothingg like the original 😉

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