Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) Taeyang cut subbed!

Taeyang was recently mentioned on the first episode of Kang Shim Jang or Strong Heart. The show features a huge list of artists; this episode had a bunch of A-lists including Tablo & Mithra (Epik High), Mc Mong, Brian (from FTTS) Baek Ji Young and many others.

The episode was especially interesting when they all started talking about pushing album dates after hearing Big Bang releasing their album…Taeyang’s solo comeback (December) was talked about! (haha…Brian’s reaction~)

I love Tablo & Mc Mong for knowing their Taeyang news!

Thank you myokoon for helping translate this clip super fast!



12 thoughts on “Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) Taeyang cut subbed!”

  1. aigoo~~ I can’t view the clip now but thanks for subbing this so quickly!! I watched the show last night and was dying to know what they talked abt our boy. Gonna check it out later.

  2. Thanks for the subs myokoon xxx
    No!!!!!!!!!! December, i thought October? Anyways as long as the album gets released, i’m sure us YB fans will be happy, if it needs to be perfect then…i guess i can wait a little bit….. but not too long though….lol..

  3. Whoa you guys are awesome!
    Kay you’re a beast! How are you doing this with school too?!?!? Thanks to Myokoon as well.

    There’s something different about Seungri that I can’t put a finger on….hmmm.

    @Armani: I think they’re talking about the full album. His single is coming out sometime this month.

  4. Oh ok…..i heard that some korean artists aren’t so pleasedor kinda worried with BB artists releasing their albums probably the same time as them, so YB’s album was pushed back….. ppl should just deal with the competition….*geez*

  5. Oh I really enjoy this clip so much! Brian is so funny. I’m not trying to be an arrogant TY fangirl here but honestly, I can’t blame them for feeling the heat on releasing their album same time as TY’s. They should! ^ ^ Afterall, after his successful first solo, people all over the music industry sure bound to sit up and pay extra attention to his 2nd album. Hwaiting TY!

  6. @Tofu – lol I don’t know myself….it took me 3.5 hours to do this clip (I uploaded the video 3 times and then removed it because the quality kept annoying me) – lol sometimes I hate being such a perfectionist…even this video bugs me but then I had to give up 3:30 in the morning cause I couldn’t function….

  7. @ kay

    wow! you decided to give up onlie after 3.30? wow! you’re awesome. if it were me. i’d prolly given up after 1. hahah. but THANKS A WHOLE bunch to you guys fer puttin in soo much effort just so that us non-speaking korean VIPS (sob2) can understand out BB idols when they talk. hahhah.. *suddenly i feel soo pathetic* lols..

    but i love how ho dong said he’d release his Christmas carol album in Dec and Tablo was like “but TY will be back in that time” .. Major fall on floor cries my eyeballs out until 6 pac dvlps on my stomach. HAHHAHAHHA

  8. i thought YBs album was coming this month. I heard somewhere it was TOP’s album coming out in december. Buh i doubt it. Oooo a Taeyang Album would be an amazing christmas present though.

    Thanks soo much Kay for all your hardwork

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