GD speaks about Taeyang on KJE Chocolate

GD was recently on KJE’s Chocolate doing some performances and a small interview. Here is a funny clip of GD speaking about Taeyang’s and Daesung’s singing style~ subbed by yours truly (thank you Georgie for the translations)…Enjoy!

It was a bit hard to sub because both GD and KJE speak so fast, and GD tends to pause and think alot…so the subs seem a little choppy, hopefully its not too bad!~

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12 thoughts on “GD speaks about Taeyang on KJE Chocolate”

  1. Omiiiggggooosssh. This is the cutest thing (almost) ever. I wanna go to church with Tae Yang! ROFL. What a muthaeffing cutie.

    In other news, GD’s plagarism accusations acutally held up. I didn’t think it would because the part that sounded like “Right Round” was so short. Well…can’t do much now. Hope this is a red flag for YG Entertainment. They need to up the quality control.

  2. Thanks, Kay – that was FAST!!!

    GD almost sounds like a fan. He should talk about YB more often – he looks cute when he does that hahaha.

  3. awwwwwe. looks like sony packed quite a wallop at the reputation of YGE and GD … not to sound too bitter, but eh, they had it coming … wat bothers me though is that, not only is YG and GD taking the blame they deserve *nods approvingly*, but i’ve read various comments questioning the originality of everyone in the company *shakes head* … zzz … yup, our taeyang is also a victim to vicious comments this gd plagiarism issue has caused. not cool … just not cool …

    oh and question … teddy was the one who composed ‘i don’t care’ right ? no offense to teddy, but i’ve got a slight worry that this plagiarism bug might hit yb’s album as well. i honestly hope it doesn’t though. hopefully yb may have picked up on it, and changed his songs ? pls pls pls, no issues of plagiarism for yb.

  4. ^^^ I am sorry but really ”they had it coming?” I don’t know if you listen to the song but it sound nothing alike. Also Sony didn’t say it was plagiarize yet…it sound similar and still ”being look at.” I don’t think YG or GD deserve this..anybody with half an ear would know the song is not the same.

    I love this video…it so cute they went to church together!!! I hope to hear more about the boys talking about each other! Two thing YB love in and singing (ahem and Gd) haha sorry just have to throw my GDYB love in there!

  5. @ hillary – sorry if i sounded harsh by saying they deserve it, but i just think they can’t escape blame when the fact is, ‘multiple’ songs, not just one song is being warned of plagiarism. now whether they’ve plagiarised or not, i’ll wait for YGE to make an official statement before i go spouting accusations again.
    and yes i have heard the songs, ‘heartbreaker’ does sound like ‘right round’ at the beginning and not the rest of the song. but that’s the thing, if the beginning of the song is proved to be plagiarised then he does deserve what’s coming to him. i mean, take for example, you were writing a college paper, and in this whole paper only 3 lines are copied, or ‘similar’ that it can be deemed as plagiarism to the assessors eyes, then you’ll still get slammed for copying. if you haven’t properly given credit to the original creator then all i can say is that you’re in the wrong.
    but again, they’ve only been issued a warning, but i hope you see where i was coming from in my earlier post. I’m a fan of their music before the person, which is why im not showing any mercy for the most part. i didnt mean to upset anyone by it. again … sorry.

  6. Hmmm Regarding the GD-Plagiarism issue:
    Like I said before, plagiarism is a very legal issue. We can’t really be the judge besides saying “ohhh these two songs sound a lot a like.” The biggest thing we have to consider is the length…I know (almost) certainly that if you “copied” for longer than so-and-so seconds, it’s called plagiarism. Sony sent a warning so it’s legit. And I agree because my first reaction listening to “Heartbreaker” was “Of all songs, why did GD sample this stupid song?!?!?” Alas, it wasn’t a sample. 2NE1’s “I don’t care” and Big Bang’s “With U” is under fire too. Not so sure about “I don’t care,” but “With U” is really obvious.

    As a long time YG Fam fan, I’m disappointed, but more so sad. If Song takes legal actions, YG has the money to cover themselves, but it will (and already has) ruined their credibility tremendously. But almost all companies go through this once in their lifetimes, plagarism accusations are so common in the music industry. I just hope YG Fam will be more cautious and again, up the quality control.

    Even more so, I hope this doesn’t ruin anything for Tae Yang’s 2nd album coming out soon. I haven’t seen any fingers pointing at Tae Yang yet like Jessica said (point the the direction if you please)

  7. @tofu – you’ll see some finger pointing at taeyang if you look around in soompi. ppl saying stuff about ‘prayer’ and ‘sinner’ … but i guess the ‘sinner’ accusations are towards that song the american artist put out, so some people are just stupid like that, placing blames without knowing facts first.

  8. @Jessica: No problem. I understand everyone have their opinion and are free to express it! As long as no name calling and mud slinging it is cool. I understand what you are going at with the analogy with the essay. However when it come to music it is kind of hard to say since there are just so many keys and note one can use and mix around. Most of the song there are bond to be some similarity. I mean a notes here and keys there..I have heard countless song where this part remind me of another song. Could and should someone give credit to the originator then? If so it would be Flo Rida since he was accused of plagiarizing himselfI think that is where it is tricky. I could be saying God Bless America which could be found it countless article..would I then be plagiarizing then? I hope you see what I am going with this. In my opinion since the part that sound like Right Was put at the beginning and combine it with it being GD and GD first album netizen just went crazy with it. Also even if Sony say it is (they haven’t yet) a court of law have to rule on it. Just because Sony say it, doesn’t mean it is. We all know it sound similar, a judge of to rule on it before any legal action could take place or not.

    Is it me or it seem someone out there is trying to take down Korean independent companies or to be more precise boy groups? haha *insert X-file musice*

    About drive me crazy reading all the accusation and finger pointing!

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