Big Bang, Music & some Caffe Lattes

Here are some pictures and fancams of Big Bang’s recent performance at SangSangMaDang Live Hall in Seoul just recently. This was a mini concert held in conjunction with Caffe Latte, of which the boys previously did a CF with. Poor Daesung couldn’t be present due to his injuries (update: he has been discharged from the hospital). Still, the boys look great, Taeyang looks great.

Seungri one – i’ll try and find a Taeyang one…
Found one of them performing the “Caffe Latte” song –

Other fancams under the cut:

^this one mainly focuses on GDYB
I caught a couple words in there…..2nd album, America, friends and we missed you. Taeyang says something at the very end which makes GD laugh out loud and the fans go crazy, but I have no clue… anyone?

27 thoughts on “Big Bang, Music & some Caffe Lattes”

  1. he looks good as usual :3 i keep thinking his hat should say TY instead of TH.. cos its like Tae..Hot? which makes sense but TY would be cooler lol

  2. Now that I’m done doing my mod’s duty, can I have a proper spazz like the good fangirl that I am???



  3. i found more fancams of this event but the sound is kinda bad lol.

    Catte Laffe Song

    *Closer Fancam*

    and Last Farewell.

  4. ^ AH thanks alot Daisy!!!
    omo, these are super close….i thought it was cute in the 2nd fancam how GDYB were following each other and GD kept looking at YB….

  5. God I love you guys. I wanted fancams from the miniconcert and there you go, posting the vids! ^^ love it!

    I think at the GDYB fancam they wanted to do a fast advertisement of the Caffe Lattes that they are holding. hehehe. I guess Taeyang said something…cheesy? hahah. But I don’t care. I just love it that they performed on stage. =)

    Baebae looks so hot. weeee. =)

  6. Hey guys (waves), wow, so many new posts. ATY looks great. Love all the new additions.

    About what YB says near the end of the “talk” video: The MC (Defcon, I think) asks the members to say a five-letter comment each about their favorite flavors. YB’s is “caramel macchiato” and after a moment of hesitation he says “jin-zza-ca-ra-mel” – real caramel. It’s far from funny or cute but the audience/GD went wild I guess because he was so cute when he said that. Well, just my opinion…

  7. to Daisy : thanks for the fancams…and I don’t know how to change my icon * clears throat *

    to pgeogie : HI!!! Lol I think your guess is right. The crowd went wild b/c it wasn’t funny at all yet it took him so much time to come up with this plain answer…It’s like “why did you even think so hard?” XD XD XD

    I want to pinch YB’s cheeks so hard! Don’t ask why. I just do

  8. hey all!
    it’s so nice to have internet again!
    so nice to see youngbae again….~ aiiigooo missed him and his hot little self.

    welcome back! missed you!

  9. @georgie – your back!!!!~ thanks for the translation…aha that wasn’t funny at all but I guess that’s what made it so funny…..

    @patra – ~lol i don’t know why its doing that to you….if you’re logged into your wordpress account and have a display pic setup then that should be displayed, either you’re not logged in, you haven’t picked an avatar or something else is going on…’re getting an automatically generated one…weird, i’ll try n see what’s going on

  10. AAAH I said weird as in, I think it’s a tad ugly. XD XD But I don’t have a wordpress account so I guess I can’t choose the avatar then 😀

  11. @patra: you don’t need a wordpress account to get an avatar.

    Sign up in and then the avatar you’re gonna use will be for all blogs and sites. you should sign up the email you’re using when you made a comment. it would be your “username” there. =)

    that’s what i did. ^^

  12. Well, I tried get myself a little icon but it didn’t work. I am(was) zoruru but I’m not going to us that name. ~_~

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