And Tae Yang to the rescue…

In the midst of all these recent disappointments (referring to Tae Yang’s feature in GD’s album and Brave Brothers), Tae Yang comes and saves the day with “Stay” from Big Bang’s 1st Japanese album.  I was a afraid Big Bang would screw up this song too, but it’s a beautiful song, but it really speaks for itself.


Reasons why I love this song:

  • Tae Yang:  Goodness, his voice in this song is perfection.
  • Daesung:  Always appreciated him, and now even more so.
  • Piano! Piano!
  • Seungri wasn’t too bad either.
  • Very little G-Dragon and TOP.

Now I want a Daesung and Tae Yang collaboration soooo bad.

FYI: If you’re unhappy with Big Bang’s recent music and the overdose on the autotune, this album is not gonna help.  And as you guessed it “Love Club” is pretty funny, but their English isn’t half bad.  “Stay” is really the only one that deems it worth downloading.

Commence with the spazzing.

40 thoughts on “And Tae Yang to the rescue…”

  1. Aww, I feel like GD and TOP’s parts took up too much of the song. xD The song wasn’t long enough but it was good and I was RIGHT! I remix with Stay Gold would be awesome cuz of the piano… :3 Yep.

  2. @Billy Goat
    I agree the song ended really abruptly. I wished they held it out a little longer. The song doesn’t have cohesion…iono.

  3. I could listen to this song all day long 🙂 It has a very sweet melody. Their Japanese is improving.

    @ Tofumon- The way you express yourself in this post is funny! 🙂 but is the truth. The overuse of Autotune is slowly killing what little hope left I had for BB. Korean Dream and the rest of GD’s solo now that’s another story. Still looking forward to TY(overload with sexiness) 2nd solo album.

  4. i freaken love this song! i love their voices! OMO
    *cry* its such a good song someone eng sub it quick..haha
    i have no idea whats it about but i love the piano and tae yang’s and dae dae’s voice!
    Love Club i like it its super cute and fun

  5. the album isn’t half bad, though daesung and seungri come off as the weaker english speakers.

    the intro wasn’t wat i was expecting it to be though, usually in all of big bang’s albums they stay true to their yg hip hop roots, but they didn’t do it in this one, it was just some crappy gd adlibs, voice over, narrating … basically it was just gd … ugh …

    as for stay, i can confidently say it’s one of their better works.

  6. Omo, fell for Taeyang once again! Seungri was the most surprising for me! Wow.
    Taeyang stole the song, it’s all him baby. The chorus is sooooooooooo <3.

  7. YES!
    No more alien autotune voices……I like the song, it’s great, really calm except for the “eh ey eh ey” part that reminds me of a Lady Gaga song (can’t remember the name)……Taeyang really saves the day….sigh. Still mildly depressed ~lol.

  8. TY! AAAAAHHHH….:) ❤ ❤ ❤
    at least he owns the chorus!!

    yes, i want a TY and DS collabo too! 🙂

    we'll stay TY. we'll stay. i'll stay! 🙂

  9. WOW…I CNAT WAIT FOR HIS SOLO ALBUM!!!!!! and seungri sounds like…something ffrom bolllywood… mehh….
    tae yang totally owned the songg

  10. @Francis.
    Thanks! I’m happy u enjoy my opinions. ❤

    Omg! I think this song would be a perfect solo song for taeyang. It's the type I can imagine him singing.

    Yes it's one of big bangs better song for a while. The intro was pretty gross and pointless.

  11. wahhh i love this song! tae yang does have an awesome and beautiful voice. and it would be cool to hear a duet with tae yang and dae sung.

  12. omg i love stay.. my fav from all of their songs!! can someone post the lyrics for stay and please post whom sang which part.. i am a new fan of them and not very familiar with their voices yet.. i love taeyang.. bigbang ftw!

  13. @yb is the bestt: LMAOOOOO…i laughed so freakin hard when you said seungri sounded like something from bollywood. ahahhahaha….sry i find that really funny. i can see the similiarities, but i always thought seungri sounds nasally..nonetheless he did a fair job in the song. but i have to agree with the majority that yb’s vocals were fan-freakin-tastic 😀
    and i agree with Ny Ny that “follow me” is not a bad song either..taeyang’s vocals shine in that song as well.
    honestly, i just cant wait for taeyang’s solo album…..i’ve never been this excited for an artist in a looong time. I can’t wait for him to show everyone his true potential as a singer, dancer and overall musician and entertainer 🙂

  14. i love this site, it like reads my mind.

    Stay is just amazing i’ve been listening to it on repeat all day today! Hearing the previews i was guessing this was just gonna be another auto-tone jpop album thank god for Stay though. Taeyangs vocals just owns it and loving the piano.

    And i was dissapointed with the GD ft Taeyang, i was thinking good rapper, great singer and the result….might aswell get a robot to do the singing.

    Anyways i hope Stay is like a preview to what Taeyang’s album. I wish GD success and i admit heartbreaker is starting to grow onto me, but we all know whos album we’re really waiting for

    Taeyang hwaiting!! Always Taeyang FTW

  15. @ Billy Goat

    yeah i think it was too short too, such a great song and it ends soo quick. They should have added another taeyang chorus. That chorus taeyang just sings it with soo much heart and passion, mann its just something else. I always thought when taeyang sings like in sinners he does it with so much passion and soul and his facial expressions like hes really telling the story. I havent really seen any other artist who sings like that, it really moves you

  16. @hoichu
    OMG! I agree so much. The chorus of “Stay” is such a treat for us because Youngbae’s voice is absolutely gorgeous in it. It’s texture/quality is so different than what we’ve heard from him before. It was nice. And “Sinners” is such a winning song. Everything about it is perfect.

    BTW. For those who really miss Tae Yang’s voice, there’s a lot of it in this album….his real organic voice..little of the digitalized crap.

  17. Young-Bae should do something with Hikaru Utada. They both seem to be able to convey their emotions through their singing.

  18. I finally got a chance to listen to the whole album and i gotta say, it’s been on repeat all day…..i really like this album, sure its got some autotuned songs but still, its not an overload of it….Stay is my absolute fav though!

    @Billy – you keep mentioning her, I’ve gotta check out some of her music…..

  19. yeah Tae Yang you’re so great in this song : )

    anyway where i can download all of this album? because i can’t find it in 4 shared/mediafire/mp3raid

    i want free mp3 download website ^ ^

  20. ^ I would visit, they usually have every single korean, japanese or chinese album available for download, only you have to make an account..i would suggest it if you like downloading albums…

    nevertheless, cause I love you all so much, here’s the full album uploaded on mediafire =)

  21. I can totally tell which is daesung… but i can’t tell which is taeyang and which is segunri … but i loveee the song LOL

  22. wait. i read someone saying segunri sounds bollywood. haha. nevermind, i know which is taeyang.. the chorus right? but isn’t he singing with daesung at the same time? ahhh. i needa listen to more bigbang songs.

  23. Oh my days i play this song like over and over, love GD’s ‘can u feel me now….’bit, hes so smooth, Ty, smashed it, killed it, owned it! He should remix it for his next solo concerts, like he did with ‘always’, loved his version!

  24. I love this site…it gives you more Taeyang news but doesn’t fail to throw BB stuff once in a while…thanks for the tip guys…I’m officially downloading this song now…

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