09.08.14 KBS Ent. News – Taeyang & Daesung have ‘Strongest Idol Vocals’

KBS Entertainment news held a very important meeting regarding idol vocals (~lol) where they discussed…you guessed it….Idol vocals! Taeyang & Daesung were ranked among others as ‘idols possessing strong vocals’. Glad to see both Taeyang & Daesung up there. I think both have different voice qualities that make them strong singers. While Daesung has a great range and depth, Taeyang’s got a unique quality not to mention he can hit those high octave notes. While Daesung has always trained as a singer, it’s Taeyang’s singing ability that always surprised me, considering he was a rapper to begin with…..check it out. Also, ATY wishes Daesung a quick recovery!!

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10 thoughts on “09.08.14 KBS Ent. News – Taeyang & Daesung have ‘Strongest Idol Vocals’”

  1. yay!
    they’re two of the few idols that actually have vocal talent ❤
    seems like everything is just for a pretty face these days.

  2. Yeah, I’ve always thought DaeSung had better range but I’ve felt that Tae-Yang had the nicer voice.

  3. bout time they receive recognition for having strong vocals! 🙂 yb and his falsetto. and to think he started out as a rapper. its special when i see him rap. 🙂 yiiieee. daesung has very strong vocals. these two are my faves in BB.

    i agree with saranghaeheenim.

  4. I first heard TY on Lexy’s Get Up but had no idea who TY was. ‘Look At Me’ came out and i fell in love with the singer and the dance but the voice really blew me away. Still, i didn’t know the singer (the name of the singer were in korean, so…). Then I caught BB performing Last Farewell and i was like who the heck is that guy in the cap?. Freaking nice voice!. So, I Googled BB and the rest is history. (but heck! i only found out about TY featuring in Lexy’s song when Haru Haru came out.) heheh

    I’m kinda slow.. I know.. (-_-)

    but see?!. i have always been a fan of his voice without even knowing who TY was last time…
    So I’m really happy when others like his voice the way i do too!!

    daesung’s voice is nice but i don’t fall for it. There were times when i thought Daesung had the better vocals but in the end it’s TY’s voice that i’m looking forward to everytime.

    your story is really similar to mine. My first YG artist was Se7en. I listened to “Give me Permission” and was pretty impressed with the rapper. I thought “this guy’s voice is quite nice and his precision is incredible.”
    this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kmXdtAE0RU
    it wasn’t until i fell in love with his voice that I realized the rapper was Tae yang! I was pretty blown away at that moment. LOL.

    HMMM I don’t think Dae Sung has a wider range than Tae Yang..DS cracks when he goes too high. But he does have great control of his voice…it’s very warm and filling (??). I don’t think they’re the best technical singers out there, but pretty satisfactory. Tae Yang’s main charm is the quality of his voice…it’s very unique to Korean music. There’s some sort of thickness…agh can’t explain it…but he does R&B/Soul so well. His voice is probably the main reason I love him so much. aiiigooo. *fangirls & flips out*

    AHAAHAHAH. This looked like such a serious and important meeting. ROFL. These people crack me up.

  6. @tofumon
    agree with the “I don’t think they’re the best technical singers out there, but pretty satisfactory.”

    hmm, i always wonder when did TY really started his vocal lessons. like at what age…
    I mean, he got into YG, trained to be a rapper, then got into vocal lessons when GD and him plan to make a hip hop group? didn’t he want to be a rapper then?

  7. I’m glad they acknowledged both TY and DS for their vocal talents.

    TY – guess there’s no need to elaborate anymore how soulful and addictive his voice is. Everytime I listen to a BB song, it’s his voice I always pay more attention to.

    DS – I agree with tofumon how warm and filling his voice can be. But many times I still find something lacking in it. It’s like…he’s singing without much emotions or feelings? There’s just something missing in his singing that I can’t really explain. In fact, he doesn’t even appear to me to be really passionate about music. LOL!

  8. even though i love love love TY, i’ve heard both of em crack when singing. but it doesn’t matter, these two have a hard job, they always sing the very high notes! sometimes they hit it, sometimes they dont. but it doesn’t matter. though TY can hit it more than DAE. but TY has been training longer than DAE.

    BUT STILL LOVE EM both. they’re voice are so mmmm 🙂

    im always spazzing when i hear them rap, too. LOL

  9. @neenah: Lol. When you mention rapping, I remember when I used to listen to Baby I’m Sorry and not realize that it was Tae-Yang rapping, not KUSH. I kept thinking it was him because I would get Make Love and Baby I’m Sorry mixed up. When I watched the live performance of Baby I’m Sorry I would think “Wait… that was him?” xD

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