“Taeyang is the Mommy” – GD

Big Bang was recently on Countdown Japan Radio promoting their new single and were asked by a fan who played the roles in their apartment. Apparently, GD plays the “Daddy” and Taeyang the “Mommy” – Awwww how cute. Taeyang also speaks about Micheal Jackson and his influence.
Check it out (its with English subs)


10 thoughts on ““Taeyang is the Mommy” – GD”

  1. Hahaha, thanks Kay. This is great. The DJs are so lively, especially the man, although the guys look a bit woonden – tired? Nervous?

    In case anyone’s wondering the three phrases the DJ said in Korean were: 1. Delicious! 2. May I have some beer, please. 3. Can you give me a discount? lol

  2. ^ thanks georgie
    yeah the guys do look a bit wooden, especially TOP, he just looks plain uncomfortable…

  3. GDYB!!!
    this interview is so awkward because their sentences are so short…but A+ for effort!

    ahah taeyang nags…lol.

  4. Yeah that was an awkward ass interview!!! LMAO I usually love tae yangie’s hats but i hate that hat he has on.Thanks for all the posts today!!!

  5. @MIKA: i disagree. i like his cap. LOL! i’d love everything he wears. haha!

    and yeah thanks for all the posts today! arigato gozaimashu! salamat! thanks you! 😀


  6. YB you always make my day! i’d be the daddy to your mommy! haha! 😀

    i agree that YB is the best in Japanese among them. and in English too. LOVE HIM

  7. That’s so cute, since TOP and Jiyong are not that fluent in Japanese unlike the three infront, they are the ones who waves out to the fans watching. hehehe.

    Yeah it’s awkward coz they say so many short sentences, but I know in time they’ll be fluent with Nihonggo too. Just like DBSK.

    Baebae ah~ he’s the nagger huh? But at the same time he’s the one who takes care of them, just like a mom.
    LOL I can imagine them at the apartment, Jiyong being the dad and Baebae being the mom in the apron, while TOP will be the cute childish eldest hyung and Dae as the nice sweet follower. Then Baby Ri as the spoiled maknae. hehehe.

  8. Lol I couldn’t stopped smiling.

    Taeyang- how do you say nag?? lol I thought it was funny how he asked this.

    Overall, I liked this video. Thanks for keeping us international fans updated!

  9. haha funny…no surprise when SeungRi was picked lol
    awww poor YB..MJ seemed 2 really influence him…i’m still in shock of him dying too =[
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

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