Oh Ma Baby, I Should’ve Loved You Less

This post is a shout out to Jquest, who’s been bothering (j/k!) me about the english translation of Tae Yang’s duet with Kim Johan “I Should’ve Loved You Less.”  And alas!  I have found it:

CREDIT: AIShinLove2@youtube

I loved this song and now I love it even more.  The lyrics are beautiful!  It reminds me of Tae Yang’s “Sinner” and “Look Only at Me.”  The lyrics at first come off as very selfish and kind of horrible (” Should have loved you just a little…”), but it stems from deep and honest love.

And on the same channel:

Why?  Because it’s one of my favorite songs from Big Bang and I love Youngbae’s parts, down to the ad-libs.  Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Oh Ma Baby, I Should’ve Loved You Less”

  1. nice, i like that song by Kim Jo Han….which reminds me, download link to the song can be found under Goodies > Music

  2. @Billy Goat – the video is linked from youtube. If you can’t see the video here, try clickin on the video itself and it will take u directly to youtube….

  3. Thanks tofumon for this nice post.

    I’ve never heard of the song ” I should’ve loved you less” and I have to say WOW. That song made me cried a few tears. Its so nice and the feelings this song pours out is so powerful. I loved the way TY voice sounded as well as Kim Johan. Their voices were very soft and gentle. Again thanks for this post. 🙂

  4. LOl by the time I was done watching both videos I forgot what I wanted to type lol oh well…I love that song (top one) it has a lovely melody, the lyrics makes sense, and TY’s vocal was just perfect especially Kim Johan’s. And the second video to be honest, I skipped to TY’s parts especially towards the ending…I replayed that part over and over lol. I like the song but TY’s parts was just awesome…

  5. @Aims
    ohhhh I yes agree! I do love this song, but it’s one of those songs I’d rather watch live because Tae Yang’s part at the bridge always blows my mind. I think Tae yang live is always so much more interesting.

    Kind of annoyed that S-Ri started to talk during YB’s solo part. -_-

  6. Wow, both are my favorites – I think I heard Oh My Baby more times than any other Big Bang songs – my favorite is the Big Show version.

    SR never fails to annoy me – one of the most annoying comments I read about Big Bang was, “I can’t tell Taeyang’s voice from SR’s. How are they different?”

  7. ^OMG… whoa… just whoa.

    How are they even remotely the same? Actually they’re probably just not used to the members’ voices yet, I might’ve thought the same when I first got into BB *shot*. Not like, “how are they different?” more like “I can’t tell them apart yet.” =_=;

    I looooove YB’s part in Oh Ma Baby, he like made the whole performance for me.

    On a side note I randomly saw The Dream wearing that same Bulajsdlkdw/e jacket.

  8. Thank you thank you for videos! TY’s duet with KJH has been a favourite of mine since the very first time I heard the song.

  9. @tofu I actually was too focus on TY’s parts so when S-ri’s vocals came I blocked it out automatically lol..Not saying sri can’t sing it’s just that with TY’s vocals it’s more r&b and soul which is what I prefer….

    @Georgie To me S-ri doesn’t have the same vocals as YB nor will he ever in his lifetime sound like YB. And he doesn’t have the same passion that YB exudes when it comes to dancing and singing. It’s almost like Sr is trying so hard to say each verse but forgets to show any emotion lol.

  10. hey thnks for updating on all the latest news on TY. Providing us with all the link. I really love the video. I was just wondering do u have the link to download the song “Oh my baby”? I’ve tried searching it from my usual source but it not available. Please I’m now addicted to the song..

    This is the sites which log to everyday to get an update on what’s new with TY and thank you for your constant updating.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! (:

  11. @Aims
    Ohh I agree! I think the biggest difference between Tae Yang and S-Ri is that it looks like S-Ri is trying to remember/figure out the words/dance steps, but for Tae Yang it just comes out naturally… like it wasn’t planned. Yes, TY is a freestyler at heart. There’s this rawness to everything he does.

    This reminds me of quote pgeorgie translated said by the an editor of GQ Korea:
    “How can I put it – there must have been meticulous calculations or well-thought-out strategy of some sorts but the moment TaeYang started the performance, everything seemed to be pure instinct. “

    ohhh i agree the Big Show performance is great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6fOBCFjcmU&feature=related I always love live versions more!

    Thank you for the love! “Oh Ma Baby” is one of my faves too. Here’s a download link: http://www.4shared.com/file/22769154/10d544d8/05_Oh_Ma_Baby.html?dirPwdVerified=ded4e26b

  12. The “oh my baby” performance during Big Show concert is definitely my most watched Big Bang’s live performance. I liked how Daesang started walking towards the audience, followed by Taeyang and the others. It was different for a change. And also how the the song ended with Taeyang.

  13. yeah,I think each member of BB have their own distinctive voice, you can realize easily..First,it took me a little time to realize YB-oppa’s voice in those song have fast & strong beat.but only when i started taking to BB..Then,every time i listen to their song,i can tell his voice right away.Not like S.R (no offence x] ),who try hard to be cute & be loved,he just sings with all his passion.the voice comes from his heart & soul.his songs sometimes even make me burst into tear :)…and,of coure, so does his dance move & ambition x]

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