[Blast from Past] GD “Run It” Cover, YB freestyling

Whoa, its been a while since we’ve had a “Blast from Past!” post….
Since news about YB & BB is a little slowww these days, I figured I’d post one of my old favs…hopefully its yours too.

I love this video because:
a. YB is in cornrow (man I miss those days)
b. YB is totally into his dancing
c. Another excuse for me to stare at YB ~lol


5 thoughts on “[Blast from Past] GD “Run It” Cover, YB freestyling”

  1. I love the last part when Baby Ri ran his hands over Baebae’s body….not in a pervy way. hehehe.

    Gad I miss these old days when they just dance around…no wait, I just saw them sing and goof around yesterday at the Super Star K promo vid. Love how they accompanied Baebae in his “audition”.

  2. I remember I saw this when I first got into BB, I was like, whoooaa this guy is good at dancing.

  3. Love it. First Itime I saw this I was like, “Out of the way, SeungRi!!!” YB is really one of a kind. Poor DS – he looks so out of place.

  4. this video is a perfect example of Youngbae’s natural, intuitive feel for music. turn on the music and Yb goes crazy.

    this is one of those classic YB videos. definitely made me fall for him. nice choice!

  5. Aimee lee said that she chat with Youngbae on aim during big bang shoot ok her twitter! She such a lucky girl

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