HappYBurstday Taeyang!

Happy Birthday Taeyang!
Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of friends and family
Eat lots of cake, drink lots of soju and remember, we love ya!

Check out AT’s Tribute Video for YB’s Birthday, as well as pictures from AT’s first birthday event!
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AT’s Birthday Present for Tae!!!
~ The present has already been mailed out to Bae and we’re hoping it gets to him fast. Thank you to everyone who participated, despite having such short notice I was so happy for all the messages we got and all the love we could send to Bae’s way~ let’s hope he likes it!

Here are the pictures:


The card says ” A Touch of the Sun, A Song in the breeze, a Smile in your heart”
The note explains the center image and how AT is an international fan blog

AT’s Tribute Video
made by Patra!



Happy Birthday Taeyang!
From everyone at Always Taeyang!


*thanks to latiana for the awesome banner =)

31 thoughts on “HappYBurstday Taeyang!”

  1. Aww first to comment<33.

    I hope you get lots of presents and stay healthy<3!
    Please keep making music for us<3!

  2. WOW! You guys are amazing! Geez, I’m more excited with the fact you guys are making things happen for us YB international fans than it being YB’s bday lol. Oh, I am super excited that it’s his b-day and really hope he enjoys it with his family and friends. Happy 21/22 Birthday to our one and only Taeyang/YB/ BEBE!!!

  3. wow the page seem to just page seem to brighten up with the new banner and everything :]

    happYBirthday Taeyang. I hope him the best . I look forward to the next step he is going to take in his career 🙂


    The T-Shirt looks fabulous! Look at all the comments. It makes me so happy that so many people participated. Thanks for all your hard work Kay!

    Great video Patra!

  5. OMIGOSH! I just finished watching the entire video. Awww so touching! It makes me want to go watch his solo concert and cry all over again…gosh.

    I want me some Youngbae. I don’t think I can wait any longer for his comeback…aigoo.

  6. ^ i know, i wanted to cry after watching the video, it made me miss his solo so much more….sigh…

  7. Gosh, the banner and this whole post are so lovely! And the shirt and the card – thank you so much, Kay! I knew you would do an awesome job but it actually looks better than I expected! FYI, I have posted patra’s tribute video and some happYBirthday messages from international fans on YBEffect.

  8. Oah, you guys’re great. I’m so sorry for have been being so busy so I couldn’t contribute anything (even though I’d promised. Blame on me .__. )

    Anyway, I made this one. In considered with patra’s clip, it’s just too small LOL. But I still hope you will like it…

    Happy B-day, my SUN! Hope you will always shining…

  9. A fan wrote on YBEffect: YB was spotted by a frined of hers (meaning her friend is NOT a YB fan lol) attending a church service with Se7en yesterday (17th). Obviously the friend reported to her that YB looked way hotter than Se7en. Nothing important but made me grin ^^

  10. ^ thanks georgie!! so se7en is back in Korea…aww cute….ahah YB looked hotter…=)

    @Nhi Rie: the clip is great..thank you and no worries you can always participate next time around!

  11. wow, you guys did such a great job with the banner, and the t-shirt looks great. thank you so much for putting together this project. i feel so proud to be a part of it, and it allows yb to know that there are many international fans that adore and respect him. btw, i love the youtube vids too

  12. Happy B-day Taeyang. The banner and the shirt looks good. I thought seven was going to Korea for a quick visit. I guess hes taking a little vacation. Its good to know se7en and YB are hanging out.

  13. @luvmusiq–if you all going to church hangin out, lol jk

    YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNGBAE!!! the banner and teeshirt looks amaaaazing. although i have to admit im kinda nosy–i wanna read wha everyone wrote, haha.

    thank you so much Kay for making this happen…this is the first thing ever i have participated in and im glad it is for youngbae and tha i got to be apart of an amazing project with amazing people. thanks homies.

    patra beautiful video–as always!

  14. Wow..that vid that patra made almost made me tear, that was just amazing patra!! Reminiscing that summer when i first fell in love with Bae (no homo) the amount of success he gained with just his first mini album, the parodies etc. even i learnt the whole dance lool. Man i would of given anything to have been at that concert, it was truly immense, just watching it from the vids sends shivers down my spine.

    Happy Birthday Young Bae hope you have a great one. I wish you more success in the future and we’re all waiting for your next album 😉

    Btw Kay do you have a closer up image of the shirt messages, i wanna read them all

  15. Arghh TaeYang baby i love you and i hope you have a bloody good birthday!!!…Love you loadss!
    UK Fan

  16. The t-shirt looks so cool! Yay! and I’m glad you guys liked the video.^^ thank you 😀

  17. Would you zoom in, please, so that we can see the messages!? I want to see mine on the shirt. xD

  18. hey guys…unfortunately I didnt have enough time to take individual pictures of the messages themselves….there were too many and I can’t anymore since the shirt is on its way to Korea, if not already there….sry!

    what I can do though is post up all the messages, that is if people don’t mind =S

  19. @hoichu are you a male fan? OMG. i love fanboys! (hope you don’t mind being called a fanboy)

    if everyone doesn’t mind, I would love to read what all of us wrote to youngbae.

  20. OMG I’m late. You guys sent b-day messages to TY. and…I… missed it. For shame, for shame. Not that I forgot about TY’s birthday though–it’s hard to forget b/c he’s 6 days younger than me.

    But nevertheless: Happy Belated Taeyang!

    Continue to shine brighter and may your music be able to touch many ppl’s hearts, as well as rock the music industry. You’ve come so far, and I admire the passion and determination that I see in you. ❤

  21. Noo! I didn’t know about this site till recently so I didn’t know you guys had done a project. TT______TT
    I’ll make sure to participate in the next one (if there is one).
    Btw, my bro and best friends have become fanboys after watching Taeyang’s Where u @. xD

  22. sorry i should have helped but it was late since i only knew this fan site of his recently ..

    aww.. sorry guys T.T
    i really wanted to helped for his big day ..

  23. When will you start for this year project?
    I’m looking forward to it.
    Please think a project that all of his fans can participate.
    Thanks you, friend.

  24. Hi Oppa ! I’m Tae from Thailand !
    ya i think i have named like u Taeyang ^^
    this year wish u Happy more n more n forever ❤
    I really sure ,,,,cuz ur smile make us smile
    and When we smile together ,,,Happiness will come around ^___Happy_Birthday____^ -YBsmile
    ps.last month I saw u in Bangkok that is the geatest happiness

    I LOVE U ^3^

  26. are they celebrating his bday?? its morning already in US 6 AM wednesday and 8 PM in korea..well lets all hope they all had a great time! esp. mr young bae.
    gtg to school.

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