YB TaeYang UFO Radio Message No. 17: Hair Trouble


“In my 20-year life, I think I’ve done my hair in pretty much every unusual style – except for the ones I haven’t tried. Long hair, extremely short hair, perms, braids…so many different styles. This has resulted in a great deal of damage to my scalp and my hair too. So I’m thinking, maybe it’s about time to stop changing my hair. But then I usually have so much fun trying different hair styles and can’t say for sure that I will. I like exploring different sides of me trying different hair styles. A nice change of pace of sorts. I guess I enjoy those small thrills very much. But it’s not like I have always liked new hair cuts. Long time ago, when I was very little, my mother used to take me to the beauty parlor, and I remember I never liked my hair because my opinions didn’t count and my hair was always done in the way she wanted it done. So sometimes my hair made me look like a village idiot and I cried over it a bit. You know, bad hair can make you feel really depressed. Maybe that’s why I make decisions very carefully when it comes to choosing a new hair style. Maybe because of my sad childhood memories, I‘m very passionate about trying new hair styles but my poor, poor hair doesn’t get any breaks. So now I’m trying to give it a rest. Now I wear my hair very short. The thing is, I used to wear my hair in cornrows for a while, putting so much stress on my poor scalp. Then when my hair was short, I tried very hard to find a way to make my hair grow fast. And I tried all kinds of remedies. I even tried toothpaste on my hair – well, probably not a good idea. Anyways, I did an extensive research to find a way to make my hair grow fast but nothing really worked. Do any of you know a secret method that works? If you do, do share it with me, will you?” [Translated by pgeorgie] [Picture credit: Daero/YBEffect]

9 thoughts on “YB TaeYang UFO Radio Message No. 17: Hair Trouble”

  1. thanks georgie…this was kinda funny lol….i guess GD isn’t the only one who antagonizes ovr his hair….Bae has thoughts about his too….don’t blame him for keeping the fauxhawk….i remember watching the making for one of their concerts (the REAL, maybe?)…and he was going on about how he thinks he’s going bald cause of his cornrolls lol…

  2. You’re welcome, Kay. I was curious why he was sticking to the same hair and now I know…sort of makes me try to picture him as a village idiot – kinda hard though =)

  3. i love this. youngbae is dorky much?!?!?

    i LOVED LOVED LOVED his cornrows! but if it’s gonna kill his hair, it’s all good.

    i wonder what he’s gonna do next…

  4. I still wish he do a different hair style now he’s had this one for over a year now its time for change YB.

  5. ^ i agree, i want something different too but i always image what he could do and no other style seem better suited for him than this one…..

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