“I love you, man!”: GDYB Thanking Each Other on a Radio Program

This is when Big Bang was on a radio program called “Chin Chin (Close Friends).” The DJ’s are Jung-Rin Cho and Kang In (of Super Junior). Patra’s working on the subbing of this video and you will be able to see the subbed version on youtube soon I believe. In the mean time, you can read what they say to each other below (so touching…):

Click Read more for translations.

[Translations by pgeorgie]

GD: Good things?

DJ (Man): Yes.

DJ (Woman): Your thank-you’s.

GD: Taeyang-a, kok! I pick you. Uh – I feel more comfortable calling you “Youngbae.” Youngbae-ya, uh – during the 7 years we spent together, we’ve had some hard times, and frankly, you more than I have. Thank you for your endurance through it all, and thank you for taking care of our two younger members so well, and as always, I’m really nothing without you, uh – thank you. Rather than a friend, uh – more like a brother … (swallowing back tears)

DJ (Woman): Aww…don’t cry. Such a sweetheart.

DJ (Man): Now, why don’t you…Taeyang?

YB: Yes. I’d like to return the favor.

DJ (Woman): Let’s do that because Jiyong is crying now.

YB: Jiyong, kok! Uh – it’s been 7 years since we first met. Now we just look at each other and know what the other is thinking. While we were practicing together, spending time together, I really learned so much from Jiyong. For things that I couldn’t do by myself, couldn’t do alone, Jiyong was there for me. In fact, in some sense, I believe I am here today because Jiyong has helped me along the way. Whenever I felt down and lonely, he was the one who stood by me, encouraged me as the greatest source of my strength. He’s more than just a friend. In a sense he’s more than a brother to me.

GD: I love you, man.

YB: I do too.

DJ (Woman): Wow…

DJ (Man): Oh, very touching friendship…

Subbed version
Credit: bigbanglove86 @yt

8 thoughts on ““I love you, man!”: GDYB Thanking Each Other on a Radio Program”

  1. i swear, i think i watch this video like everyday….okay not everyday lol but like once in a while i will because its SO CUTE…..GDYB is pure love…..this is the best…as much as GD bugs me *coughajhummahaircough* i really admire their friendship….

  2. video posted ;-D I didn’t have the time to make the last changes…*blush* I was so excited to post it. XD

  3. ^ hey patra, hope u dont mind, i’ve updated the video on the post with ur subbed verson…thank you so much!!

  4. hey all! I am looking for subbed videos of when bae was on chin chin radio promoting the first mini album. I know i saw it on yt but can’t find it now. pls help ^_^

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