Another blast from the past…

There’s  not much to update so here are my personal favorite videos of Tae Yang.  It’s always so interesting to watch all these old videos to see how far he has gotten.  As much as I loved his mini-album, I secretly wish he would go back to singing like this.  Especially with all of Big Bang’s techno/electronic music forcing him to do falsettos and straining his vocals to sing things it wasn’t meant to, I really hope his 2nd solo album will be straight up R&B/hip-hop.

Beware, post is youtube heavy!  Enjoy & share your favorite videos!

You are so beautiful:

How he sang this song is just perfect.

You are the only one for me:

Loove this!  A short clip,  but it just proves that Youngbae’s voice is just meant to do R&B.  Lovely song.


His English is so horrible, but so adorable.  Tae Yang really owned this song.

Ma Girl @ The REAL Concert

I love the ghetto-fab, pretending-to-be-a-bad-boy Tae Yang in cornrows.  I still have a big crush on this Tae Yang.

A Fool’s Only Tears MV:

Not really a Tae Yang video, but its the song that started it all…

25 thoughts on “Another blast from the past…”

  1. ^ aw cute…walking down memory lane…
    i agree, i still have a crush on corn-row taeyang…he was such a cutie, i remember watching the making of the REAL concert a couple of days ago where he was getting his hair done and he was all like “i love it, but i think its making me go bald” ~lol hoping he changes his hair-do soon but i can’t imagine him in anything else but a fohawk….

  2. 😦 this gives me such beautiful memories lol

    i love his engrish in the first and third video lol. the soulstar one is ♥ 🙂

    did anyone spot tae flashing his abs in ma girl? lol

    and of course A Fool’s Only Tears.

    i’m with Kay , i want him to change his hair do but anything but the fohawk is going to be different. i dont think its long enough to do cornrows again but i think its worth it lol.

    -.- i wrote a long comment.

  3. LOL. I remember when he first go rid of the cornrows and shaved his head he kept hiding it with his cap. So adorable. I curious of how he’s gonna change his hair again…I loved the fohawk at the beginning, but I’m kind of tired of it, but can’t really imagine Tae Yang in anything else. Hopefully he won’t do anything crazy like GD…(we all know what I’m talking about right?)

    I really enjoyed putting together this post too. I think watching all these live performances was what made me initially fall in love with him. His voice and his ability to channel and express emotions through his singing was amazing.

  4. Can’t agree with you more, Kay. I miss him/his music in his cornrow days(I like what you said about the “Incomplete” video lol). BTW, thanks entirely to your inspiration, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a YB blog of my own. I managed to add two more posts with translations. Please kindly check them out here:

  5. ^awesome georgie…i posted this question on your blog, but i wanted to know if i could sub the UP email thing from the japanese show Bb was on…

  6. that “incomplete” video was funny and his English was horrible lol but you can tell he loved that song. I like these old videos of him and his cornrows weren’t that bad. I hope he stays away from techno too or whatever bb is doing and do r&b/hiphop.

    Pgeorgie: awesome blog! Your translations was perfect and I really appreciate it.

    Now I have two places where I can follow and understand what’s going on with YB!

  7. anyone feeling the GD overload lately? lol sorry, i feel like i can’t go on any fansite/soompi without facing massive GD spammage about his solo, his clothes, his collabs, his articles…his overall awesomeness *rolls eyes*….its like lee min ho, i’ve reached my saturation point right now..

    GD is awesome, but so are the other members *grr*….
    ~sigh….rough day..sorry gals

  8. its ok Kay. 😦 i feel like there is so much GD going on too and i feel like he is having a midlife crisis with that crazy hairdo and crazy taste of fashion.

    i guess we have to bear with it for about two months or so. 😦

    >.< i like it better when BB were a group. everyone got equal spotlight but with them doing solo stuff everything seems be about one person.

  9. ^ yeh exactly…i feel like everything and everyone is going crazy over everything he does….it doesnt help he’s pretty eccentric in his fashion….

    i miss BB as a group…solo activities just seems to segregate members and their fans more and more….where’s the the old BB i loved and cherished…

  10. first it was seungri overload and now G-Dragon overload.
    i’ve reached my G-Dragon saturation point a long time ago.

    but can i laugh at his hair?!?!?!? LMAO! dies!

  11. First, thanks tofumon for those vids, it’s like bringing the time back ^^.

    I have to say that I love Bae’ plain voice more than anything. You know, when HOT released, I was kinda shock when I saw they add many technique and electric music into his song which makes his true voice harder to recognized (but I still love HOT,haha ^^). So watching those vids reminds me of the reason why I love him that much. Thanks again ^^

    About solo activities, if you ask me, I think the boys love doing it. We all can see how happy Bae and SR was when they did their solo activities. And to me, I love everything which makes they feel happy. But, yup, it’s better when they are a group.

    Don’t be too harsh on GD and his fans. GD has dedicated many things for BB and YG, now it’s time for him to do at least something for himself ^^. He has been always in the center of spotlight, it’s just gone

  12. ^[N]hi_[R]ie…i agree with ur comment and no one is repremending GD for going solo, i’m interested in his solo activities as well – just like i was for YB and SR…i even tried to watch all of SR’s perf even though i’m not his fan and thats because I am a fan of Big Bang foremost…and i think that’s what bothers me the most..the fact that i’d like to see fans just as excited for the other member’s solo instead of GD and that’s where the whole thing of fan segregation comes in…..also the fact that GD is ALWAYS in the spotlight…like always….i know its not his fault all the time but still, it makes me wonder how the other members feel about this….

    ~weird but i had a dream last night BB broke up….scary~

  13. I actually love solo activities! Maybe it’s because I’ve lost all interest in Big Bang? Cannot wait for Tae Yang’s 2nd album!

    But TaeYang has been very neglected lately! No one announced that he won 2 awards at KMA!!! Now that really bothers me.

  14. ^
    Yup, I agree with you. My friend, she said it’s that Big Bang was not nominated for some stupid reasons which makes TY’s winning 2 awards become… Haiz, I don’t know and don’t care either… just feel a little bit unfair for him. 2 big awards at KMA, and it was not even officially announced by YG…

  15. @Kay: Of course i understand, dear. And when I said “Don’t be too harsh on GD” doesn’t mean that i was not bothered by his overload.

    Your dream makes me feel like crying Kay =((. I’ve never dreamed about it, even thought can make me scared to dead :((

    what makes me wonder is what Bae’s doing now… I mean his album will not be released until November (rite?)… other members, they have their own stuffs to do. GD has his solo album this April, TOP has 1 movie and 1 drama, so does SR. What’s about Bae?

    What reaches my saturation point is YG… Remember DS? YG said that there will be Big Hit MV, and promotion…blah blah, and what we have now???) I hope they will not postpone Bae’s 2nd album til next year… 8-}

  16. @Nhi
    i heard that his album is almost done. .o.

    and i feel that Dae has no respect from YG what so ever. -.- like when he calls him, hes like whos this or something and i hate that they ask him oh which family do u prefer.

    and about the Bit Hit promotion, i dont see why he couldnt do it last month when Ri’s solo stuff ended. ri always seems to get YG’s attention while dae always seem to try to get YG’s attention but he doesnt want to give it to him.

    lol i keep hating on YG these days.

    dont mind me, i’m just a crazy fangirl 🙂 lol

  17. hey guys..i feel so bad for kinda neglecting Big Bang (and YB to an extent TT^TT). Hate to admit it, but I’ve been on a tvxq high lately lol. But I’m kinda with Tofu right about now… I’m sorta losing interest in Big Bang.. like I check out the wordpress sites and whatnot every once in a while to see if they have new photos or cfs.. but that’s about it. Maybe until they come back out with something together.. or until TY comes out with his next solo album ^_^ I know for sure I’ll be all up in their business again lol.

    But anyway… I really appreciate those video clips tofu posted ^_^ I miss his cornrows man. And the “Only One For Me” clip was perfection =D

  18. seriously everything i hear him sing in english…no no no not engricsh no more lol english i just get tears of joy running down my face its too beautiful to me!!!!

    ok oh my god you have to make a post on YB in the new cf!!

  19. @Daisy: Hah, I thought I read it somewhere that his 2nd album will be released in November… but I guess I’ve mistaked it by something else lol

    Anyway, they just said that his album will come out after GD’s, no particular date…

    About DS, I really hate when people ask him to take YGFamily/BB and FO into comparison. He loves both Family… that’s too harsh on him. And from my personal view, Big Hit’s a great song and deserves to be promoted. But it just came out quietly… I don’t know what DS’s fans would think… but even me feel neglected for him

  20. ^ i completely agree….Dae deserved his solo to be promoted….YG really plays us fans, i don’t even believe him about Bae’s second solo ~i mean…seriously, i dont see it coming out till next year…if GD is promoting his solo album right now. then the girls are coming out….Bae’s album really will get pushed to november, unless YG decides to bring the boys back together to grab some awards at the end of the year…….argh!

  21. Hmm seriously don’t get me started with Daesung! I used to feel that Youngbae didn’t get any love (he still doesn’t get enough) and now I feel the same way about Daesung. He’s real natural singer. I finally watched Global Warning concert and Daesung’s solo Gwiswoon performance was probably the best. He has a really captivating stage pressence. He’s got strong and powerful vocals. Of anyone he needs to come out with a solo. Ballads or trot! He’s great.

  22. ^Daesung’s actually getting a lot of love now from Family Outing and stuff. ._. More than I thought. ;x

  23. i think its unfair asking dae to compare big bang and family too. i also think dae has this image of funny with his trot songs which is good. But his vocals are really good and maybe for his solo he should of done a ballad or something instead of trot. But maybe he wanted to do trot who knows. Love him either way xD

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