TaeYang 1st Hot Concert – Making with Shaun and Aimee

For those who have the DVD, this isn’t new….but I thought I’d post for those who don’t and also becuase I love Shaun and Aimee…..lol Bae’s so cute in this clip while Shaun’s trying to explain (who I might add, is such a cutie himself)…..even Mr.YG himself makes an apperance =)

credit: rothy16 @ youtube

12 thoughts on “TaeYang 1st Hot Concert – Making with Shaun and Aimee”

  1. i wonder if they had to rehearse the stroking of abs part.don’t wanna think about it but i can’t help it.
    *thinks about the girls repeatedly stroking YB’s abs*

    ohh YB traslated what shaun said to everyone.
    really getting better in english.

    poor Bae he had trouble sleeping.all those responsibilities on his shoulder.

  2. I remember in the ending of the DVD there was the tinest part where they rehearsed the choreo for ‘Ma Girl’. Like, the floorhumping and pelvisthrusting.

  3. Hey, on allKpop, Tae Yang got 23rd on the ‘Top 25 Best Male Voices in Korea’ list. I dunno if the list itself is credible though. =_=;

  4. Last thing I heard about Shaun was that he’s choreographing for Se7en for his American debut. I know his entire team is working on it. YG took a lot from Tae Yang’s debut…Shaun was one of them lol.

    I saw that list too. Totally not credible at all. DBSK and Super Junior? Wonder Girls? SNDS Kara? Heck no. I don’ think I’ll even place Tae Yang on that list. Obviously they haven’t heard of Sg Wannabe, VIBE, Big Mama, Gummy, Wheesung, Kim Shin Ill, Ji Eun, just to name a few. DBSK are actually quite good vocalists, but compared to Sg Wannabe? 1 person from Sg Wannabe can out sing all of them. LMAO. Daesung>Taeyang??? I LOVE Daesung, but no no. That list is such a joke…credibility killer on allkpop’s behalf.

  5. ^ oh wow….Shaun working with Se7en, that’s great. I gotta say i’ve become a fan of Shaun…definately a hardworker and determined, he’s like Tae – very passionate about what he does….

    as for the list lol..yeah….im not a fan of DBSK but i know they are vocally skilled….also Big Mama beats out every single girl group on that list…

  6. I love HOT concert… best concert ever (at least for me…).

    The SUN always emits such distance heat while it’s warm and full of love from Bae… That’s how I feel about him…

    Just love him like this… This DVD is so must-to-buy ^^ (of course i bought it already ^^)

    @sweetsorrow18:Hi ^^. I’m [N]hi_[R]ie on soompi, do you even know me? 😛 (i guess “no”) lol

  7. ^ hey [N]hi_[R]ie…..ofcourse i know you! lol i recognized your id from soompi! thanks for visiting and posting!

  8. i found out the list is from a thai poll .o.

    i love watching the making of the concert b.c i could totally feel how much time he actually put into the concert 🙂

  9. Wheres Mr. YG LOL; I dont see him? LOL…..?
    HAHAHAHAHH Or are you guys talking about when he went to YBs concert? LOL.

    ahahaha but yeah, thats cool how Shauns working with Se7en!
    DANNGGG– They should of shown more of the “My girl”
    practice *winks* HAHAH XD

  10. ^ he comes into the dressing room near the end and i think he pat’s Daesung’s head or YB’s head….i think its DS since he’s sitting there eating lol

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