Blast from the Past – 2007 Interview

I was looking at some older posts and found this rather amusing…actually the question about the cap was what really got me (~lol)…anywayz this is an older interview (in 2007) that made me all nostalgic since Bae has come a longggg way from then…he answers questions about his solo that are kind of interesting now that the solo is actually out and done with (the first album atleast)…..

Q1. How did you feel when you heard about your solo album? what type of genre do you want to put in your solo album?

= The solo album was actually suppose to come out past september. when it was first brought up i was really worried. i believed in myself a lot. bigbang’s minialbum became a huge hit so i think my solo will coming out beg. of next year. I promise not to cause trouble for bigbang because of my solo album. I want mostly R&B and hip hop in my solo album.

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Q2. Where do you think you stand within bigbang? Tell us in detail not just “lead vocal”?

=Jiyong and i both trained for a long time. We trained for 7 years, jiyong’s the leader so whatever he can’t do, I do it. jiyong produces and puts everything together, and I spend more one on one time with the dongsengs. I also instruct the members with what i’ve learned so far. If you’ve watched our documentary jiyong yells at the memebers a lot of improve, i’m at the background comforting them mostly.

^ lol…Papa Bae at his best, he’s always comforting all the members.

Q3. You recently featured in Kim Jo Han’s album how do you feel and what do other people say about it?

= Kim Jo Han is the core of korean R&B singers. I was so happy to work with him. I learned a lot working with him too. I received lessons from him. Others say that the song is good thankfully. I like it too.

Q4.How you do manage to keep your hat at an angle and not have it fall.

=actually, it falls a lot. These kind of hats, if you put it on “right” it justlooks like a baseball cap. There s a angle you weat then. When I dance, I touch my hat a lot. it’s to make sure my hat doesn’t fall and to rearrange the angle.

^ i thought this was the funniest…so he knows of his habit.

Q5. You actually started off as a rapper but when bigbang came out, you became a vocalist. Did you ever want to become a rapper again?

= my dream was to become a rapper when i was little but it wasn’t like “For sure, i’m going to be a rapper”. I’d like to rap and sing. I want to rap in my solo album. When I get the chance, I want to rap again but I like being a vocalist.

Q6. We often see you with a backpack. What do you put in the backpack when you have schedules?

=i always have my ipod, Bible, vocab cards to study English, i take energize drinks sometimes.

Q7. Other sunbaes seem to say good things about you…you must feel good when sunbaes from other entertainments speak greatly of you. i heard Sung Si Kyung visited you and applauded you. How did you feel?

= Of course I felt good. I felt happy to have them just know me but applauding me, it felt really good. Sung Si Kyung is a celebrity I really love. My ringtone was “breakup once more” (sungsikyung’s song). He came in and asked “who’s taeyang”. He said “I listened to Kim Jo Han and I really loved Taeyang”. I bought Sung Si Kung Sunbaeneem’s CD so he signed it for me. I thought he was going to scold me at first because he said it very monotoned.

Oh and here’s a funny picture I found, have a laugh….Bae has the most funniest expressions sometimes!

8 thoughts on “Blast from the Past – 2007 Interview”

  1. OMO, thanx fer posting this up!
    i never seen this translated interview before, but now i’ve seen it haha; thanxxx 🙂
    i was entertained by reading his answers to all those questions. Aww, he is such a great hyung to his dongsengs. Also, his hat habit, i was wondering about that, like how does he make it so great in a certain angle.

    and gotta love the picturee 🙂
    is he muggin or sumthing? haha.
    it reminds me of the baskinrobbins shooting;;
    DJ SUN, “imma make you dance~” 😀

  2. i remember reading this article before lol.

    i love the question about his hat lol. i remember someone asking that question and i was wondering about it too.

  3. cracks me up still that he carries English vocab cards in his backpack. so studious. sexy, amazingly talented, smart, and hardworking? we are not worth taeyang!

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