Best R&B/Soul Album & Song!

This title is self-explanatory, right?

Congratulations to Tae Yang, winner of Korean Music Award’s Best R&B/Soul Album and Song.

Dubbed the “Grammys” of Korea, and up against major and well-established artists, this is such an honor and a proud moment for him.  Tae Yang was scheduled to attend and perform at the ceremony tonight, but due to some budgeting problems, the award show is postponed to March 12th.  Unfortunately, due to prior plans, he won’t be attending.  I’m guessing he’ll be in the US with G-Dragon during this time.

It’s a little sad that the one time Tae Yang gets to celebrate something phenomenal, he can’t.  Well, we’re celebrating for you.

Disclaimer: This again is my google-translate-journalism.

16 thoughts on “Best R&B/Soul Album & Song!”

  1. YAY!!!!!!
    ~lol i attempted to do some of my own google-translate-journalism but couldn’t figure out whether he actually won…
    ~woot!!! im so happy for him =) too bad he can’t pick them up himself…..

  2. yay!!!! *jumping for joy* i am so proud of taeyang!!! makes me speechless just want to scream on the top of my long for him kekeke i wonder if he feels the same way!?

    anyway that google translation thing tsk tsk tsk you are not alone i do that too..but at the end i tend to get confuse…..

  3. this is so confusing. theres an another article post on DCYB i think the one that Tofu read talking about him,younha and kim chang wan are going to perform? then again this is google translations.

    i’m going to see if i can find more news.

  4. Kay, where in soompi?

    Well, I was pretty doubtful too. The ones I translated were actual news articles so I’m assuming they’re are reliable.

    But here’s what’s fishy:
    -why announce results before the show?
    -DCYBers aren’t spazzzing out enough, but YBeffect/BBvipz were.

    Hmmm. We really need to get a translator here dedicated to Tae Yang stuff. LOL. google-translate is so crude! haha

    Srsly, Does no one like Tae Yang or something because his nomination has been so low key elsewhere. BBfansite gave him no love whatsoever. X_X Other blogs too…i was hoping someone would translate the articles by now…hmm

  5. @Tofu

    i think they announce the results probably because the voting is done for the show..ihdk i do think the awards are low key is because there are not a lot of big idol groups in the awards. most ppl wont care about it cuz their favorite artists isnt on the list.

    and about a translator, i’m thinking about asking my friend about it but i’m not really sure if she can do it but if u want i can ask around and try to see who can help out.

  6. ^ yeah i’ve been a bit peeved at the BB thread on soompi for the recent GD spammage going on…GD is awesome, i get it but show some love to other members for crying outloud….geeeeezeeeeee…..and the fact that no one cares for YB’s AWESOME awards…..argh…..

    i’m searching for a translators…but no luck so far!

  7. hmmmmmmm. I find it interesting that the fact that an award like this doesn’t get much media coverage or “fan-coverage.” The fan-culture in Korea have such a profound effect on the actual entertainment/music culture.

    I looked at the past winners of these awards, and they’re pretty legit. Epik High won sometime ago, and Big Bang was nominated too. It’s not like it’s completely underground. Ohhh well, good things are usually underrated anyways.

    ^^If only I have the brain capacity to learn Korean in day…or even five….

    Soompi threads are forum threads on crack! Especially Big Bang’s thread. Its so hard for someone who doesn’t live there to follow…haha.

    In further news: mr.YG confirmed that Tae Yang will be releasing his second solo album in May, again like last year. I’m starting to really like May now. Love that Tae Yang activities in the summer. Very appropriate huh? Lots and lots of sun!

  8. but taeyang has his own thread on soompi so if anything, we should be seeing spazzes in his thread. anyways, this is amazing news ❤ i’m so happy for him. it rly sucks he can’t attend. i hope there’ll be more news on this.

  9. ^ i agree…but the YB thread there is so dead sometimes lol…..maybe i’ll go spazz there for the sake of spazzing

  10. Yay wooho our YB won! ! haha I am so so happy! And about the lack of coverage…I can understand why certain sites aren’t covering it (esp some bb sites) . And I feel like its a disservice for others who would LOVE to hear about the other members especially when one of them wins a major award…

    lol at tofu’s comment on threads being on crack– it’s so true…
    Well ladies! I am truly grateful for THIS fan site and especially other sites dedicated to YB…but really you guys rock! lol b/c I know there aren’t enough resources on YB in English and the fact you guys have no translators…so yeah I’m really grateful for whatever I get 🙂 .

  11. hum I’m confused…so did he win or not? :-/ He did win, right?^^
    And I can’t wait for the new album. This summer gonna be YBanging ^^

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