Blast from the Past – Featuring Tae Yang

For old-time sake, here’s a blast from the past with all the songs and performances Tae Yang was featured in.  Be prepared; this is a super long post!  Enjoy!

Featured music: imeem playlist

1.  RUN by Se7en ft. G-Dragon and YB Taekwon (Tae Yang)

2.  Give Me Permission by Se7en ft. YB Taekwon

3.  Get Up (Intro) by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

4.  RUSH by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

5.  Super Fly by Lexy ft. Tae Yang, G-Dragon, and TOP

6.  I Should’ve Loved You Less by Kim Johan ft. Tae Yang

7.  Real Talk by YMGA ft. Tae Yang

Featured MV:

A-Yo by JinuSean

The MV that started it all.  It’s such a fun MV to watch.  I just noticed how the Lil’Sean (played by Youngbae) in the MV is very much like the real Youngbae.  Loved music, loved hip-hop and then randomly picked up my Mr. YG.

Hot (뜨거) by 1TYM

^^Tae Yang being very dorky.

Featured performances:

I’ll Be There & Everybody Get Down by SWI.T ft. YB Taekwon

Baby I Like You Like That by Se7en ft. GDYB

Passion by Se7en ft. GDYB

Run by Se7en ft. GDYB

Get Up on Music Core by Lexy ft. Tae Yang

Get-up & Rush at Mnet Super Concert ft. Tae Yang

Did I forget any?

8 thoughts on “Blast from the Past – Featuring Tae Yang”

  1. i love the HOT MV
    he is so cute lol

    u miss the phone number MV

    buts only in it for a tiny part

    anyways i miss all these groups 😦 YG its time to bring them back

  2. Daisy, I feel ya girl. I miss the old-school YG…
    I loved how 1tym and JinuSean had so much personality in their music and MVs. YG doesn’t promote his artists very evenly. Right now it’s all Big Bang. Artists like Ji Eun need to comeback.

    LOL I wonder if once the “Female Big Bang” come out if he’ll forget about Big Bang..
    whatever…all I care is that he better not forget about Youngbae.

  3. IM BACK!
    ooo interesting post!
    i feel ya girlies…..i actually miss old school BB….like the LALALA days…but i guess with time comes changes and we must accept them right….
    i would love to see a 1tym comeback though….seriously, i dont know why Teddy and Taebin weren’t promoted in the states..se7en is good, but i feel like they have a better chance…hmm

  4. welcome back kay!

    rewatching some of the videos i posted…
    couldn’t help but wonder where the heck this dorky YB went.
    can’t believe he used to be so crazy but now so calm…
    maybe he’s just a good actor.


    I remember seeing these videos like a year or two ago. Speaking of acting, he needs to star in a BB drama like NOW.

  6. I really enjoyed those videos and I’m glad I got to see YB when he was younger and cute priceless! And I am so glad he dresses better now (this is my own opinion lol don’t kill me)
    question! well don’t i always have one lol does anybody know if our YB has won anything from those 2 award shows?

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