Tae Yang nominated for Korean Music Award

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Once again, Tae Yang has been nominated for several music awards.  This time its the Korean Music Award and for “Best R&B/Soul Song” and “Best R&B/Soul Album.”  Hopefully he will have better luck this time.  The awards are based on netizen votes, music critics, producers, etc. etc.  The award show will be held on February 26th.

Article Translation:

Tae Yang, who released his first solo album last year, was removed from the group Big Bang, and nominated for the Korean Music Awards.

On February 4 at the Seoul Press Center, Korean Music Awards selection committee held the “2009 Korean Music Awards Ceremony Press Conference” and announced a general outline for the upcoming ceremony and a list of nominees by category.

Big Bang was unable to earn nominations in any of the categories, but member Tae Yang received nominations in two categories including the Best R&B/Soul Album (’HOT’) and Best R&B/Soul Song.

The selection committee said that “Tae Yang and Big Bang are musicians who have different kinds of music” and explained that “Tae Yang’s album was rated higher than Big Bang’s album.”

The Korean Music Awards will take place at 7 P.M on February 26 at KonKuk University’s New Millennium Hall. Yoon Do Hyun will host to the ceremony.

A very special thanks to CrystalVIP for the splendid translation. Edited and grammar checked by Tofumon/Tofu.

Nominations List:

Best R&B/Soul Album:

Tae Yang (태양) [Hot]
Serengeti (세렝게티) [Afro Afro]
Wheesung (휘성) [With All My Heart And Soul]
Park Jin Young  or JYP (박진영) [Back To Stage]
MY-Q (마이큐) [This Is For You]

Best R&B/Soul Song:

G-Fla (지플라) – 음악하는 여자
Tae Yang
(태양)- 나만 바라봐 [Look Only At Me]
Serengeti (세렝게티) – Wimbo
Brown Eyes (
브라운아이즈) – 가지마 가지마 [Don’t go , don’t go] (winner at MKMF)

Credits: DCYB

The nominations included mainstream and indie/underground artists, so I guess this award is truly based on music not just popularity and album sales.

*Disclaimer: As you know I have no knowledge of the Korean language so all this ^^ is based on my interpretations of Google’s translation of the articles.  Here’s the original articles : [one] [two] .  It’ll be awesome if someone gets it translated. And thanks to elavip@soompi for the tip.  I’m sure we’ll hear more things by tomorrow.

YBaeby, I’m so proud of you.

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“You & Me…”

^ and this is why we love him so much lol

44 thoughts on “Tae Yang nominated for Korean Music Award”

  1. OHHHH awesome!!!! man i’m going to pray for YB day and night lol…..if anyone can translate these articles, please let me know! there has to be one person here who can read korean…..right? @.@

  2. From what I understand is that Big Bang did not get nominated at all and Tae Yang got nominated for his album and song under R&B. And that his album was more highly appraised???(something like that) than Big Bang’s album.

  3. oh! he’s almost ‘nominated’ for netizen’s choice best male artist of the year!

    for best r&b album, he’s up against JYP, Serengeti, Brown Eyes, & Wheesung.

    same for best r&b song.
    wow sounds more like an honour to be nominated with those artist.

    (^ based on my interpretations of google’s translation too =P)

  4. OMG!!! I’m so excited ’bout this news!!!
    I cross my fingers for our YB…I hope he get the awards > < It’s true that not get the award doesn’t make us love YB less but, sometimes I think it can be will power for him 😉

    I tried reading the article in Korean but, it’s too difficult for me to translate it without dictionary ^^; If I arrive home and no one hasn’t translate it yet, I’ll try again 😉

    To sweetsorrow18, yep, I’m the same with Crystal from soompi ^^ Nice to meet u and the others here ^O^

  5. GOOGLE FTW. lol. my life=google. lol.

    It is a REALLY BIG honor for Tae Yang to be on the same list as these artists. When I was doing research, I got to listen to some of these artists and they’re very very good. Real R&B and Soul music. I’m real proud of YB. All these artists are seniors and have been in the industry for a long time. To be honest, I would be surprised if YB wins, but I wanna be surprised!!!

    Interesting how we were talking about how Tae Yang is an “idol.” As a Big Bang member, yes, but not as Tae Yang the solo artist. He and his album was taken very seriously for its MUSICAL ELEMENTS to make on this list.

    welcome SAMMY and CRYSTAL! we’re so happy you left a message. it would be awesome if you could translate these articles.

  6. gosh I’m so freaking happy for him!!!! I’m so happy his talent is being recognized…. And what makes me truly happy is that he’s being recognized for the type of music he truly enjoys.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that BB win awards and all that…but Big Bang is very fam from YB’s musical taste now. Gosh, now all I want is my DVD. I’m going to buy it tomorrow. *backflips out of the blog*


    I hope he wins becuase he deserves this more and hes worked so hard for it too <3;
    I can’t believe he didnt win the other awards during
    the MKMF or whatever awards 😦

    I hope baby wins<3. I think hes probably just happy hes nominated anyways <33.

  8. …What a legit list, compared to the one yesterday LOL. Daaamn at the competition. If YB wins this I dunno how but I’ll probably gunna love him even more. ;c;

  9. lol i think we need translators here xd

    i’m going to try to bug my friend to see if she is going to help translate it.

    but i do hope that tae wins XD XD

  10. I tried to translate the article 1 last night but my Korean isn’t strong enough so, I can translate some part only;

    Tae Yang, who sent his first solo album last year, was removed from the group Big Bang and, nominated for Korean music awards.

    On Febuary 4 at the Seoul Press Center, Korean music awards selection committee hold ‘2009 Korean music awards ceremony press conference’ and announced a general outline for the upcoming ceremony and a list of nominees by category.

    Big Bang was unable to earn nominations in any of the categories but the member Tae Yang recived nominations in two categories including the Best R&B/Soul Album (‘HOT'[) and Best R&B/Soul Song categories.

    Selection committee said that “Tae Yang and Big Bang are musicians who have different kind of music” and explained that “Tae Yang album was rate higher than Big Bang album.

    The Korean Music Awards will take place at 7 P.M on Febuary 26 at KonKuk University’s New Millenium Hall. Yoon Do Hyun will host to the ceremony.

    I think paragraph 3 talkd about the award categories but I can’t understand it well….*sigh* my Korean’s still weak T^T Maybe my translation isn’t good enough ^^; I hope someone can find better translation. Anyway, I also hope that it can give you guys more detail about the award ^^

  11. Thanks CrystaVIP for the translation. I hope you don’t mind that I edited it a little. ^_^

    This music award is creating quite a lot of off-the-radar drama. If you check out the soompi thread, CrystalVIP posted another article about the awards. The same article was posted as Asianfanatics.net as well: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/WG-Nominated-for-3-Korean-Music-Awards-talk624228.html

    Some people are pissed off because DBSK and Big Bang aren’t nominated. I quote: “‘m wondering if this is a valid award list if DBSK isn’t on it.” uhhhhh. X_x.

    The article was a little upfront…..this is gonna be interesting.

  12. hehe i’m so happy for tae 🙂

    dude if dbsk and bb was on it, then theres really no point of the award cuz then there will be a fanwar and its going to be like blah won but its not fair. <.< do i have to remind everyone about the GDA? <.<

  13. ^ LOL I went to asianfanatics and i ranted…..seriously..this is probably the most credible award (lol….im being somewhat biased cause Bae is nominated) but seriously…they put it so bluntly that this award isnt about idols…its about music…not about entertainers but ARTISTS……i think im happy enough Bae is just nominated among ARTISTS….but if he wins…im going to go into party mode LOL

  14. OMG I love you ladies, not because you defended Tae Yang necessarily, but because you defended music.

    I for one find this award thing very legit, not because Tae Yang is nominated, but listening to the other nominees, I was blown away by the music. G-Fla is fricken amazing. No joke.

    This is an utmost honor for our Youngbae. I’m proud.

    I’m so surprised this award show is so under the radar…no one has mentioned it but us, and a few other sites. Not even Big Bang Fansite. Can’t accept that their idol isn’t nominated? haha.

    LOL. ^^YB fans are some humble like he is….<3

  15. so i went to the asianfanatics site and it’s just ridiculous…sighs….don’t they get tired? I mean some of them act like their idols never won an award and they need understand that they can’t win EVERYTHING…graciously accept it and move on! In my opinion, I think every music award should be done this way because sometimes an idol would come out with a song that is clearly wack and in the end would still get awards for it b/c of fan votes. And if Bae wins or loses, i hope he takes this as motivation to produce more quality music.

  16. hey tofu..who is G-Fla? is it on youtube?

    anyway just read your comment…hmmm so it’s not on any of the sites? oh well you can’t win them all haha…

  17. ^ i’m surprised its not on the BB soompi thread….gosh the uproar over there….*shudders* lol….naw BB soompier’s aint as bad as some others *COUGH*DBSK*COUGH* lol…..they seem more upset….most BB fans dont even know about this..i dont think =S

    oh…and i absolutely LOVE G-fla’s voice….she’s so awesomeee, i didn’t know korean music had this side to it =)

    for those interested:

  18. ^ whoa that Brown Eyes MV is creepy…i just realized that the kid in it is starring in the new movie with Seungri…71.

  19. lol. i see. yea that one person really cracked me up.
    the award isn’t legit because DBSK isn’t nominated.
    pretentious a little.

    yea most people are really oblivious to this….

  20. So i checked her out (thanks a lot) and I really liked the song that she’s nominated for…u know me Tofu OLD-SCHOOL lol…I like her attitude and she kinda remind me of Macy Gray (not a lot lol)…I also loved brown eyes …beautiful voice! Man Bae! I am sooooo proud of him for just being nominated!

    and about the bb soompi thread ..thank goodness! i don’t think i have enough energy to go against hundreds let alone thousands of angry fans haha…but if it does…i’ll let it slide it’s just too childish..
    thanks again you guys for the links!

  21. wah dude congrats to TAEYANG!!
    darn them how could they not let big bang…
    but its all good our boy TAEYANG atleast made it in!!
    gosh im so proud of him!!!

  22. Thanks Tofu to edited my translation…..I should have been a good student in English class ^_^; By the way, I’m so surprise too that there’s nothing about Korean Music Awards on the BB soompi thread…maybe because only YB nominated to these awards? Whatever….like you guys, I’m so proud of YB ^_^ Anyway, I reviewed nomination list again and, found that YB has very hot rival. It would be awesome if I he can get the awards…I pray for this >_<

  23. “Its something about they asked Haeum who did the best or beautiful throughout the whole big show and Ha Eum replied

    ” My brother Taeyang’s brilliant ^___^””

    From Bigbangloverr @ Soompi.


  24. ^^LOL! Ha Eum is the girl or boy? CUTE!

    Now that I think of it, I’m a little bothered that no one knows about this award show. Is Tae Yang really under the radar or the just this award? I would expect the article to be brought up because the statements were kind of controversial. hmmm I wonder.

  25. ^Yeah I was like… maybe I should go leak this LOL. *trouble maker* No JK. >_> I’m half waiting/hoping someone finds this and posts it on BB Fansite or wherever. I wanna see what happens. =_=; It helps Tae’s music get recognized even more, even if it’s negative. ;c; It sorta makes people grudgingly admit that maybe BB’s music isn’t as top notch as they may think and that YB’s music is a lot more about THE MUSIC and deserves to be nominated for an award like this.

  26. ^ on the one hand the people nominated in YB’s category are great..very diverse and unique but on the other hand, i have to agree with some….why are WG on there?

  27. Interesting….

    To honest, judging from the nominations list, Big Bang/DBSK’s music really pales in comparison. I dunno maybe because I’m in this old-school phase, but I think their music means more.

    In my opinion, anything that survives the test of time, is great. Music that is timeless has a lot of value. That’s why artists like Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles or Mozart or Chopin or Emieniem (rapper) are regarded as geniuses in their genre. I wouldn’t consider BB/DBSK music as timeless.

    In regards to wondergirls, hmmmm Iono. I liked Nobody…probably the only song like from them. I’m confused as well. Maybe they’re good in that genre? lol. Techno and dance music…i don’t get….lol.

  28. ^ i agree..i was a bit annoyed by that…u can see in my comment lol….i quit going to BB fansite nowadays…mostly cause its SR-centric and his solo was getting on my nerves….

  29. yeah I checked that site and the comments were…like tofu said but to be honest I could care less….I’ve realized that kpop music awards in general is fake (like MTV awards lol)…I can’t take it seriously as I would say the Grammys/Oscar…However, with THIS award show I like how it’s being done…even if yb didn’t get nominated it’s nice to know that some awards shows are judging the music and the artist seriously…(not by how many fan service they provide or crazy dedicated fans they have)…

    and sweetsorrow…what can ya do? lol. I give them credit for trying but when I see descriptions for the same performance I cringe (did they do that for the rest of the members??). I am going to vent somewhere else…tofu look out for me haha..

  30. man i love that everyone thinks the award sucks cuz bb and dbsk isnt on the list. xd

    man really come on cant bb and dbsk NOT win one award?

    <.< ppl should look at this award for a chance for tae to win a big award.

  31. Yeah~ I’m pretty apathetic to the fan-culture that comes along with Korean music. I love Korean music, but all the fanwars and rivalry between fans-groups are ridiculous.

    BB fansite is a good source I have to admit. They’re always on top of things, but its too spazzstic for me. Yeah, I definately see the S-Ri/GD bias and the redundant descriptions. I really appreciate the site though, but I avoid reading anything written. lol.

    The title of this article is a little misleading: “excluded” makes it seems like BB/DBSK wasn’t considered for the award. I’m sure they were considered. People are complaining how the groups weren’t nominated merely because they’re “idol” groups and albums weren’t released inbetween the dates. I wonder if this thought ever crossed their mind: maybe their music doesn’t really deserve an nomination. I’m pretty sure my comment is gonna offend a lot of people, but I still want to get it out.

  32. I am very proud of the ac so I hope he will win in all 2 nominated
    I am very sad to know BB is not in the list of nomination, hope next year will be BB

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