Mnet 100 Idols – Tae Yang #15!

[UPDATE] Awesome Fancam of “Look Only At Me” at Big Show has been added to the Fancam post..check it out!

we all know that Tae Yang is NUMBER ONE in our hearts but #15 ain’t so bad either šŸ™‚Ā  he got into the top 20…

the other rankings
GD – #1 (~yay)
TOP – #4
DS – #11
SR – #31

credit: chauCNN @ youtube

Question of the Day:
What do you like Tae Yang the best in?
a. Jeans and White Shirt
b. Sweat pants and a sweat shirt
c. A wife beater and jeans
d. His outfit from his Look Only at Me perfs (the milary style jackets)
e. Him in his Balgucia jackets (Sunset Glow performances)
f. None ( = with nothing on) lol…

Click More for some more Big Show pics of Bae

Credit: blog.daum /CHOITOPTHAILAND

17 thoughts on “Mnet 100 Idols – Tae Yang #15!”

  1. ok ok i would choose F. none lol..but since that dont work ahha cause we have not seen it so im going with my other choice…..ok this is really hard…..ummm…..he looks really good in d and e but to choose a style that he can wear often and go anywhere and anytime and be comfy yet still appropriate i say (T.T which one) ok ok i say c.jean and wife beater…..dang he can just pull it off so well that even in public for a celeb is appropriate….


    I’m going to be so shallow on that one…WIFE BEATER AND JEANS!!!! anything to show off those guns…And he got such nice shoulders. I remember the Lies/Always days…damn it. Babyboy got me staring during the itws!!!

  3. lol i feel paranoid that tae is 15 maybe cuz last yr he was third :X xD

    and to answer the question of the day it would probably c or all of them XD XD.

  4. What do you like Tae Yang the best in?
    He looks good in EVERYTHING BUTTTTT–
    (d. His outfit from his Look Only at Me perfs (the milary style jackets)) – Dayyyyuuummm.. those jackets are SUPER
    hot and hard to resist. &
    (f. None ( = with nothing on)) XD; OHHHHH BABY<3.

  5. ^lol daisy….yeh i was a bit annoyed at Bae being #15 but then i saw Seungri’s #33 and felt bad for all the SR fan’s out there lol……all of BB shud be #1

  6. ^But Tae should deff be higher. ;cccc;

    AND THE QUESTION. I CAN’T CHOOSE. THE END. I didn’t like the Balgucia jackets much though. I rarely see him with sweat pants on, I’ve been finding then ABSOLUTELY HAWT on him. Esp with like, a wife beater or just a shirt.

  7. i like how he looks in sweatpants in the big show rehersal pictures..he looks so adorable and laid back in them….also during the wonderbang special stage rehersal….cuteness…

  8. ehhhh only 15?!?!?
    well, i’m not surprised, because Tae Yang isn’t the one to attract attention to himself and to perform any fan services. lol.

    “idol” to me has a negative connotation….so I guess I’m kinda glad? lol. I hope Tae Yang can earn respect as an artist with his MUSIC….not how many girls scream their heads off…(lol i would be one of them….but that’s besides the point LOL)

    anywhoo….hmmmm….I probably go with a or b. I think he’s super hot when he’s relaxed in comfortable in his infamous white t-shirt, jeans, air forces, and fitted cap. sweat pants kind of “eat” him up because he’s so small so it’s adorable. but definitely a FITTED CAP. i think i love them as much as he does.

    Kay: NICE! these questions are a smart way of generating conversation…

  9. LMAO!!! buwahahaha. see what I mean by the word “idol?”
    but yeah~~~~Soheee? LMAO that’s why I don’t take this word “idol” very seriously. it would be nice for taeyang to have popularity, but its okay with me…as long as he makes music that’s good and true to him.

    i actually blogged about this recently…i refuse to listen to singers who can’t sing…..AHAHAH sounds pretty REASONABLE huh? i’m not easily bought looking cute and hot onstage is not enough…..sorry if i offend anyone (kay i know u like wondergirls…) but yea groups like that are taking over the music scene….most of them can’t sing or have very very little knowledge of music. (Sun Ye is probably the best singer out of WG, but she’s still very weak) they rely heavily on looks and an awesome marketing plan. your really talented musicians like Gummy, Sg Wannabe, Ji Eun, etc etc, don’t have nearly the same amount of recognition.

    I find Big Bang and maybe Tae Yang a little idol-ish. when he came out with his solo album, i was hoping Tae Yang would break away from Big Bang, but of course that’s impossible. But as an solo artist, Tae Yang has gained a lot of respect in terms of his MUSICAL talents…but they got buried in Big Bang’s overwhelming popularity……

    okay…i’m done. all these ramblings makes me even more anxious for YBaeby’s second solo album (FULL ALBUM!!!)

  10. Congrats to him but he will always be number one! Tofu is right about an artist earning respect/recognition through music…especially seeing that sohee got second place LOL @ethrapt. one word ridiculous…

    Now i love it when he has a fitted hat on or any hat for that matter but i loved seeing him with just his hat and jeans (prayer vid) but let’s not go there lol…I chose a,b,c, and f…heck as long as he looks comfortable and sexy at the same time…

  11. Hi there, I’m new ^^

    For M-net Mnet 100 Idols ranking, I a bit disappiont that YB got # 15. I think he should be at least in top 5…
    By da way, I agree that YB isn’t attract attention to himself. I must confess that the first time I was into Big Bang,I like SR the most because he’s so cute XD but, after I looked YB closely and saw how talent he is and the way he act (like girl-phobia etc lol), I slowly fall for him XD so, #15 isn’t bad because he’s # 1 for YB’s fans, right?

    For the question, I choose a. Jeans and White Shirt because it’s my type ^^ (Actually, I don’t like a guy wearing wife beater and jeans but, for YB, I think he’s sexy when he wear cloths like this XD)

  12. ^ daisy – none taken girl…haha im not going to defend WG because im not crazy about them…I’m actually just a big fan of Sun Ye because i love SunTae (she’s the only girl im willing to pair YB with..i know…) lol…

    but yeah i agree…the credibility of the list is “shattered” (As Ethrapt put it) because of So Hee’s number #2…so considering YB attracts no attention to himself whatsoever….doesnt do as many shows or programs…doesnt have any scandals or doesnt do gags….i’d say #15 is pretty darn good if we’re just looking at idol service…..i’ll be mad if YB isn’t on the top 20 singers list though….

    hey! are u the same crystal from soompi?! nice to meet ya =)

    ooh im glad people liked this question thing, i randomly thought of it while looking at old YB pics….mayb we’ll do more of these =)

  13. YB wear is beautiful, I love everything he wear when singing solo or group^^

    YB stands ranked 15th but I still proud of him, I’m quite sad because ri is ranked 31 so I hope the BB group are located in top 20

  14. I liked YB for a long time like way before Big Bang it was some movie and he was a bad kid anyways I was like mom that boys is hot he’s going to make it sure enough that 1 tym Hot MV and GDYB then wow now he in Big Bang went solo for a second YB is doing everything I always knew he’d do so I think he should be #1 cause no one compares in my book but that’s okay #15 acceptable I guess maybe I suppose… Who vote him as #15 again?? LOL just kidding!!!

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