I’m “HOT” for you Pt. 2

So, ya’ll voted for the clip the you wanted to see from Tae Yang’s “HOT” Concert DVD and I’ve kept my promise.  There was a tie between “My Girl” and “Make Love.”  I had a  hard time deciding which one to upload,  so I finally came up with the brilliant idea of uploading one onto Dailymotion for ya’ll to stream and one to download.   Since “My Girl” was leading the entire time, that performance will be for download.  But before we start downloading, here are certain things to keep in mind:

+Like sweetsorrow, I’m making this a Always Tae Yang Exclusive. Please do not redistribute.  Link here.
+This is for personal watching.  Please do not re-upload. If you must, since I can’t really do anything to you, please at least credit. (tofu&alwaystaeyang.wordpress)
+My only intention is to promote Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.  I hope the clip will encourage you to buy it.  Yesasia. DVDHeaven.

Make Love ft. Kush

My Girl at “HOT” Concert [.wmv file, 119 MB, HQ]
Credits: YG Entertainment & tofu@alwaystaeyang.wordpress

*Download has been also added to the Goodies section*

12 thoughts on “I’m “HOT” for you Pt. 2”

  1. hehe thanks a lot Tofu.

    dont hate me but i though Kush kinda sounded bad here :X

    haha i like the brotherly handshake tae give him XD

    i love 2:23 😛

  2. dman that boy!!! gosh when I think I can’t love him more…I swear he makes me fall in love with him every time I see him.

    XD I want to touch his abs too!! I love the way he willingly pulls his t-shirt up so the dancer can feel on his body…*dies* LET ME TOUCH LET ME TOUCH!

    And his interaction with Kush is simply adorable!!! The way they smile at each other and all…. awwwww I want the dvd *stomps foot*

    oh and of course, thanks for uploading.

    PS: tche…Is YB really that shy? I mean seriously…How can a sexy beast like this on stage can be so quiet and dorky off stage? I heart him <3333


    I HEARD YB SAY ‘KOOSH’ LMAO. I’m pretty much jealous of everything that ever had to do with that concert and the vicinity of Tae Yang’s bodeh right now. =_=; He and Kush are so close, even their dogs are brothas LOL.


    Oh god, THANK YOU for the Ma Girl download. I was gunna make my own rip but I guess I don’t have to now. 8D

  4. ~WOOT!
    thank you tofu….love ❤
    this clip is awesome =)

    ps. is anyone still placing an order..please contact me on soompi if u are!

  5. haha. You’re welcome. I was happy to do it. And I trust ya’ll to love YB enough to not redistribute.

    I actually really love Kush’s part (yes he didn’t sound great) but he brought so much energy to the performance. and aww the brotherly love!!! macho and boss. keke.

    hmmm i’ve always wonder how close GDYB really are. They’re not very outwardly close although both really respect each other. GD is always feeling up on S-Ri and stuff and Youngbae is really close to Kush obviously so I wonder how close GDYB are….I wonder if they are ever jealous of each other….hahahahah.

  6. ^Yeah I was thinking they’d be real competitive with each other. I’ve seen this one vid where GD almost started to cry because he was talking about YB and their friendship. I have a feeling GD’s feeling up SR cuz of like, fans and for their own fan service. Considering YB, I’d say they’re really good friends, just not as flashy and on the media much. Maybe they think of each other as changed? Different from what they knew each other as before…. I feel like YB hasn’t changed but GD? Maybe the feel like they can’t relate to each other on the same level. I remember reading an interview saying YB is dissatisfied with the music they’re making these days.

    I wanna read that fanfic Sweetsorrow pointed out now. >_>

  7. ^ethrapt…are u talking about the oneshot on soompi? i posted a link to it on taeyang’s thread.

    As for the whole GDYB thing…i really really want to believe they’re super close in real life…only cause it fulfills my guilt pleasure LOL….GDYB are my guilty pleasure. But honestly, I wonder if things haven changed between them and then sometimes i see thing always going off doing their own things in fancams and stuff and I think they’re just as tight as they used to be. Yeh the whole GRI thing, i think, is totally fanservice…inreality, I think GD and SR barely even talk….honestly speaking and its kind of sad but I think both GD and SR are too headstrong. I feel like GD might have the tendency to be too blunt and SR is very sensitive because he has so much self-confidence..I can see them going at loggerheads with each other. YB is quite, but I don’t he puts up with crap either….but between GD and YB i think there is a certain sense of understanding that GD and SR can’t achieve….I dont know what im talking about anymore lol

  8. ^ Yeah I got it. I’ll have to read later, I HAVE TO LEAVE LIKE RIGHT NOW. But my ride isn’t here just yet…. w/e.

    Yeah I’d like to believe GDYB are TIGHT. I can’t really tell how they’re doing these days, though. G-RI seems like a lie and GD&YB deff have something deeper between them. Prolly something a little difference in music taste and fashion can’t change.

  9. Yeah~ GDYB are TIGHT even though they don’t show it outwardly. GDYB is a guilty pleasure although I find GD very annoying sometimes, but how they grew up together is adorable. I have friends who’ve been my friends who are still my really good friends.

    Even YB looks like he’s really nice and forgiving, but I don’t he puts up with crap either. The fact that he has high expectations and standards for himself means he has high expectations for other people as well. There’s no fooling around YB.

  10. Ahhh! This is a MUST BUY FOR YOU YB FANS!

    I can’t stress enough, don’t you wanna his bumping and grinding up close and in HQ?

    HAHAHAHHAHAH Your super nice to share these! 🙂

  11. I finally bought the DVD…Did you notice that his fly was open during the prayer perfomance too?
    I think it’s just his style or those white pants got some serious dysfunction.

    That DVD is …OMO! lol I was so happy. definitely worth to watch!

  12. ^Yeah we did. It was sorta embarrassing, esp the fact that they didn’t edit it out and just use the other opening perf. D;

    So did you notice the “eff u” on his shirt, too? Same op. xD

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