Tofu is really “HOT!”

Happiness in a box!

As I predicted, my “HOT” concert DVD came today.  Never was happiness packaged in box like this! I was so excited I skipped out on my nap and studying that I was planning to do.  The packaging isn’t as creative as I expected, but what’s inside is most important.

My laptop didn’t play Region 3 DVD, not a surprise, but there were ways to get by this.  (Yes!  I’ll save this for another post.) It took me about an hour get everything situated.  I wasn’t planning to watch the entire concert, but of course, it was impossible to put down.

The main concert was a little more than an hour long, but it was jammed-pack with performances.  It started off with “Prayer,” a song that carried with it so much energy.  I’ve seen other performances of it, it wasn’t mind blowing, but very exciting nonetheless.  Following that was “Ma Girl,” and as you can guess, it was HOT! My only problem with it was the editing.  I don’t know how normal concert DVDs work, but the scenes kept switching between the two showings. (5pm and 8pm)  One second, Amy Lucus was wearing black and then the next, white.  All in all an amazing performance.  Then he stopped to greet the audience.  Even though people are saying Tae Yang is all grown and matured now, I still find him very shy and adorable. His smile is still very innocent.

Next was “Look Only At Me” and followed by “Prisoner.”  As much as the song blew me a way, the performance also did.  The choreography and story that came with it was intense, even more so than “Ma Girl.”  The song was interpreted well and chemistry between Tae Yang and Amy sent chills down my spine.  Probably my favorite performance from the concert, although I like mrYG’s version better.

“My Story,” the film clip was very touching.  Seeing Tae Yang’s music journey made me very nostalgic because I felt like I was part of it too, because if you know me, I’ve been waiting for the day Tae Yang goes solo since forever, just like he did.  And once the piano verses from “Don’t Wanna Try” came on afterward, I started to tear up.  I loved this performance was much as I did the first time seeing on fancams last summer.  The dam broke and tears started gushing out once he started to sing “Cracks of My Broken Heart.”   It was a beautiful performance.  I think this is something ya’ll have to experience for yourself.

“Baby, I’m Sorry,” came after.  They added nice and slow dancing.  Just a great performance.  His vocals were amazing as usual and you can tell Tae Yang really felt the music.   There were lots of energy in “With U.”  He really enjoyed performing it and consequently, I really enjoyed watching.  “Always” was another great performance.  He gave flowers to the audience and brought one of the audience members on stage and performed with her.  It was incredibly cute because you could tell Tae Yang was very “uncomfortable” being so close to a girl (aigooo his smile gives it all away), but he was very professional.  “Make Love” is one of my other favorites too.  Nice choreography as Tae Yang “makes love” to the microphone. And finally one of my favorite songs of all time, “A Fool’s Only Tears” was also very nostalgic.  Tae Yang really “owns” this song.  I absolutely loved it.  The remix of “Look Only At Me” was sweet, but so sad because the concert ended with it.

All in all an absolutely amazing concert from what I’ve seen.  The first half was so intense it left you and your brain numb.  Hot choreography and tight performances.  However I loved the second half more.  I thought Tae Yang owned the stage a little more.  He was very comfortable singing to a live band, in fact, he was much more comfortable than singing to the backtrack, which just shows his genuine musicality.  A lot of his personality shone through in the second half because without the intense choreography, he was more relaxed and took in the whole experience.  The concert focused mainly on music which is not surprising because Tae Yang is very music driven.

Nostalgic is the best word to describe it for me.  Oh how I miss his solo activities.  I can’t wait the day “the Sun rises again.”

25 thoughts on “Tofu is really “HOT!””

  1. LOL. I don’t expect you to read it, but I just HAD to get it out.
    It was short, but very sweet. You’ll enjoy. I’ll be back to tell you all how to watch it even with the Region 3 restriction.

    I haven’t watched Global Warning or had the intention to, but so far Tae Yang’s DVD is really worth the 50 effing dollars…keke.

  2. awww it really sounds like an awesome concert.

    i’m so jealous i didnt buy the dvd yet but i will soon hopeful :X

    all my friends been spazzing about tae’s concert calling him sexy and sweet :p, making me jealous lol


    HOLY GUYS. I HAVEN’T SEEN A PERFORMANCE WITH SUCH INTENSITY IN A LOOONG TIME. YB was just, ON FIRE. He lost his hat, and just HAD to fix his hair and everything. The camera man LOVED him. Everyone was just definitely lost in the music, I haven’t seen this much emotion from them since like, i dunno thasg, too tired to think right now. i’m trying to stay up again. I’m too used to my school sleeping routine. ;c;

  4. Damn you make it sound so good …. *o* SO JEALOUS!!! I searched it on yesasia and omg T-T $100+ ….. and i’ve already used up my New Year red pocket money DOH!

  5. ^That’s only for if you live in Canada or the US. I think you need to go to the international Yesasia one if you live somewhere else. Is that what was like $100+? ;c;

    Sorry for spamming, guys. =_=

  6. ^ two questions
    1) how can u watch a region 3 dvd?
    2) is anyone from the U.S going to order it still (because I’m interested in ordering via. third party)

  7. Hey, looking at the Yesasia DVD options again, did they secretly take away the FOLDED POSTER in the folded poster version? THAT’S SO STUPID. The thing’s price should drop $10 now. =_=; I don’t remember if it was there when I ordered but the poster better be there.

  8. wow your so darn lucky!!! gah i wish mine was here but i have no clue i think its suppose to be here this week im so lost…gah i want my taeyang!!! im so with you there i miss his solo activities too….time to time i would watch his solo stuff that i have…

    thanks so much for sharing yours with us……mentally shall i say ahahhah but lol when i saw that knife next to the photo lol…

  9. RAWR

    i got the dvd today 😛 went to K Town and brought the dvd and poster 🙂

    hehehhe i love the dvd to death 😛

  10. I got minneeeeee. IT HAD NO POSTER DSFkdfjls. I’m willing to buy it from somewhere if I ever find it ;c; Every little thing he did was so sweet and genuine, especially during the later performances. He was so charming. ;c; The beginning parts were just HAWT and intense.

  11. ^Yeah, it just, worked. & i’m glad. I definitely didn’t want to delve into the world of super computer science.


    I ended up WALKING to the post office cos I couldn’t wait a few days to pick it up, I missed it in the morning. I agree, never so excited about receiving a package in my life! LOL.

    I lovedddd his slow and english performances ❤ . Ma Girl had me screaming, and so did Always omg lucky girl T_T (who I have to mention was taller than him!?) haha

    And I actually cried during his “my story” doco, am I crazy? lol

    I agree with you, I felt the concert was musically driven, like you see how much he wants to show the fans how important music is to him, and the live band was good ^^

  13. Ethrapt >
    You didnt get a poster? DId you buy it off Yesasia or DVDheaven?
    thats really odd; i got my folded poster with it from Yesasia.
    hahah it was a hard decision to make for the colors XD
    but Blue was the REAL, Orange is for GREAT so I chose Green so is GWT/HOT dvd so I dont get them
    mixed up 🙂 HAHAH

  14. Tofu
    did you buy just the Taeyang concert DVD or did it come with the big bang global warning concert too?
    Is there any way to buy only the Taeyang concert DVD

  15. hoichu,
    unfortunately there is no way to buy just Tae Yang’s concert DVD; you have to buy it with Big Bang’s Global Warning DVD. It’s a lot of money, but if you’re a huge Tae Yang fan, it’s definitely worth it. It comes with subtitles and you’re getting Big Bang’s concert too (although I didn’t enjoy it as much).

    A more cheesy reason: It’s Youngbae’s first concert. There’s lots of sentimental value if you support him.

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