I’m “HOT” for you.

So I have this gut feeling that my “HOT” Concert DVD will be arriving tomorrow or at least very soon.  It’s always been my intention to upload one of the performances for ya’ll since I understand some of us aren’t willing to or just can’t spend $50 for the package.  I didn’t watch the clips uploaded on youtube (apparently they’re deleted anyways) so I just wanted to know which part of the concert ya’ll wanted to see.  I’m not making any promises right now because I don’t know how I’ll do it.  And in light of exams all next week, I don’t know when I’ll be able to upload either.  But for now, vote for your choice, and I’ll try to deliver.

20 thoughts on “I’m “HOT” for you.”

  1. Sorry, I sort of voted for like EVERYTHING. Mine isn’t here yet either. Geh. Is there any chance I can post on this site? Like, I don’t know how it’s done and stuff but I’m willing to give it a try.

  2. I promise I’ll try….but I’m still researching how to rip a DVD (lol soo illegal) I don’t want to upload the whole concert because I respect Youngbae enough not to breech copyright laws. keke.

    Kay, girl! I stopped reading that soompi thread (unless you talk about it.) Its too crazy. lol. And BBfansite because it’s too spazztic although I appreciate the info they provide.

    going….to soompi right now.

  3. ^ lol this chick called YB a terrible dancer and singer…i spazzed on her LOL…..one day soompi is going to kick me off the site..i just know it lol

    oh, i think windows media player should let u rip dvd’s..did u check that?

  4. oooo really? i only see audio ripping….lemme check.

    ahaha I read the post and my first reaction was ‘OHNOSHEDIDNT!” Did I…just read….that? He’s the last person the group to be called a terrible singer. He’s the only one in the group that sings in pitch. W….T……F

    But on closer inspection, her English is a little iffy. I forgive her.
    I love how you just pop out say…”HOLD ON A MINUTE…” every time someone says something bad about Youngbae. I get REALLY annoyed when some is “just wondering” what YB’s real height its. DOES IT MATTER?!?!?!

  5. ^ lol sometimes i think i overdo it…damn i need to get off soompi and AT..i have a frikken midterm tomorrow morning at 9:30…argh LOL this whole thing got me riled up…

  6. NVM, it’s been dealt with. Yeah her English was a bit odd. ;c; Good thing I read the rest of the posts before I totally attacked her. *bad VIP* I really wanna know how to post on this site, do I have to become a mod?

  7. ^ hey Ethrapt….its actually me who can authorize people to create a post here – msg me on soompi please…=)

    oh and me and keina are buddies now lol…she is so funny with her message to me…argh im such a meanie-butt…..smacks self

  8. lol. Kay…its super understandable though because it was so blunt you can help but go “WTF?!?!?” i was quite distracted last night as well. ack i have a whole week of exams.

    i dunno why it’s taking so long to get my DVD. i’m saddened.

  9. ^ aw good luck tofu
    aja fighting!

    despite being acutely destracted last night….my midterm went well…..

    onto another 3… -_-

  10. Um… I was trying to figure out how to leave comments for the longest time shoot. Lol…

    Omg! My boyfriend bought me the Dvd’s and I can’t watch it! I’m so freaken mad! URG!!!! CURSE YOU STUPID AMERICAN DVD PLAYERS! URG!!!! I should have checked the thing out before. Sigh… That’s what I get for having a boyfriend surprise me with The Global tour. Sigh… I can’t see my sexy Tae yang dance around all sweaty! Sniff sniff… Sadness!

  11. Yea, i tried but my stupid laptops froze on me. Then i went to my computer and that froze on me too… Maybe i wasn’t meant to see it. Sniff sniff…

    I’m like really going to cry now!

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