28 thoughts on “Taeyang vs. Seungri Dance Battle”

  1. OK MAJOR SPOILER! don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet.

    The smile, girl??? Did you see that naughty smile he had when they changed the song??????

    And when he flashed his abs???

    HOT DAYUM!! and how come he did that move on the floor on TV?????? OMO!! I was like “GO YB GO YB!!!”

    and yoona was totally digging it. XD XD

    ok now I have a serious question…How can I fangirl over the way he puts on his cap??? I swear he looks so freaking cool when he puts it on….*sigh*


  2. ^ omg yes the smile….im going to make some gifs later lol i need to capture that incredible smile….and wholy cow he had some amazing moves in there…the splits! geeze and then the “dirty on the floor” move and then the “pelvic thrusting the air” and the shirt lift…lol yoona’s face at the moment was so funny…i think people were just so awe-struck at his performance…

  3. lmao patra :p

    i havent watch it yet but i’m going to soon 🙂

    anyways i found someone from V.O.S dancing to tae’s song here

    around :28 – :56

    lmao at tae’s face XD

  4. omg.. didi, i know taeyang’s all yours, but daaaamn
    hahaahha i was going to freak out about the smile, too.. aaaaah!!!!
    magnae had to rely on his “sexy” image (with the girls and all that), but taeyang just relied on his mad dancing skillz.

  5. it was 50 50 so no winner but it seems like everybody agrees(for once) that Bae owned that perf.
    did you see my video? I’m such a perv LMAO

  6. ^ i know…finally…Bae is just wayyy too talented

    ~ wheres tofu!? she needs to join the spazz session

    @tiki: ~woot ur here =) welcome!

    @ethrapt: tell me about it…i have so much studying to do and all i want to do is keep watching YB’s perf….*sigh*….

    Lame that it was 50/50.
    Tae Yang DESTROYED!
    The “judges” or whoever just didn’t want to put bandmates against each other.

    Kay, here I am…I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

    “Take You Down” should’ve been Tae Yang’s song (S-Ri did not do that song any justice)..but whatever. TY’s performance was O..MY GEE. I had such an adrenaline rush….eek. S-Ri was just too awkward trying to be sexy. Tae Yang is just naturally sexy…like in the .gif how he grabbed his cap was just…..AIGOOOO!

    I think the I difference btwn Tae Yang any other dancer/performer/singer is that he REALLY feels the music. He really enjoys doing and you can tell.

  8. did u guys watch this?

    XD tae totally kick ri’s butt again haha

    tae’s parody @ 2:25 – 3:02. lol @ tae’s face. i think the boy is blind or need glasses :X lol

  9. did u guys watch this?

    XD tae totally kick ri’s butt again haha

    tae’s parody @ 2:25 – 3:02. lol @ tae’s face. i think the boy is blind or need glasses :X lol

    *stupid wp didnt post my comment before*

  10. I have arrived…I finally found a site dedicated to tae yang…especially one that I can read lol…After watching that video, it’s clear who the winner was : Tae Yang! I love every minute of it, and I am glad everyone could finally see it clearly (well we all knew he had talent ). Not to start a war or cause any drama…in case there are any fans for s-ri and YB…but be honest…he killed it!

    I was annoyed with a certain comment i saw at this certain site..won’t say where lol you will have to guess. Anyway, one comment left a sour taste, this person was trying to explain the reason s-ri wasn’t at his best (honestly he he did better then some of the people in that show but not as great as TY)…she? said that he had to deal with his solo and their upcoming concert O-o…okay? so what! TY had to deal with his SOLO Album debut and his concert then on top of that practice for the album they just released…If sri was overwhelmed then i am sorry hope things get easier for him…

    Moving on..,I don’t often let my claws out because i like peace but when i come across comments like that *breathe*…. Oh and i love shaun’s choreograph he is the BOMB and super talented…

    ****HELLO everyone nice to meet you guys!!!!!

  11. ^ hey there Amy! *waves* nice to meet ya =)
    Ohhhh i know which comment your talking about because I remember getting annoyed with it as well. I wanted to comment on it, but decided against it…too many SR fans right now lol….hence I’ll vent here…yeah that whole comment about Seungri being too “busy” seemed like an excuse fans are coming up with because they don’t want to admit Tae Yang won fair and square…its not like Seungri was forced into the dance battle..he could have easily declined and they could have brought in GD – maybe – would that have been more fair or something? Honestly, ever since Seungri copied Shaun’s video off youtube for that dance battle (forgot the award show)…hes been off my list as “best dancer”…its one thing to take a couple of moves here and there but he practically copied the whole routine. Now tell me, how the heck does he get the title of “best dancer in Big Bang” – it baffles me after seeing how amazing YB is, people are still defending his so called title.

    and the whole thing about being busy? i don’t get it – all he’s doing right now is promoting ONE SONG with the SAME DANCE over and over again…nothing new…YB was promoting two songs during his solo, also preparing for BB’s new album. He was exhausted and I thank god for keeping him healthy and well….his lifestyle of working out daily and eating healthy makes me so proud of him – he’s been the only one out of the whole group to never been rushed to the hospital….

    pfft — people just don’t want to admit seungri isnt as great of a dancer as people make him out to be…

    sorry seungri fans – im going through an anti-seungri phase right now…..

  12. Hello Amy! Welcome to the blog. I’m so glad you found us.

    I think I know what comment you’re talking about as well. (either Soompi or BBfansite lol.) Excuses excuses! Fans always do this…just ignore it I guess?

    I think the only reason, most people consider S-Ri the best dancer in BB is because he danced for some audition on TV and mrYG claims that S-Ri choreographs for BB, thus making him the best…..lol.

    Tae Yang wins hands downs. I thought he digested the songs better and really felt it. I wanted to move a long with him in the second half of his perf….THATS AN AMAZING PERFOMER.

    I’ve been reading the comments at some of the blogs/forums/sites and everyone is agreeing that Tae Yang won, despite the “draw.” I’m glad he’s getting a lot of love, even though ppl are always adding “I wish he was taller.” arghhh. X_x

  13. lol i just want to mention about that game taeyang and seungri played…

    taeyang won….AGAIN =)

    lol im mean…poor SR though, it looked painful, i felt bad….

  14. don’t feel sorry because I am pretty sure they are venting too so you’re entitled…I’m just fed up on how delusional some of these fans are and how many times i let it slide! Not anymore, if I hear one more comment about how s-ri is a better dancer or today wasn’t his day…I don’t know what I am going to do… I might come back here and vent! lol

    And I know that sri channels his dances from jt and YB channels his from various artistes (is that right?) and that’s okay in book because everyone does all the time….Chris brown/omarion/usher/justin timberlake wouldn’t be that famous if 1) there was no one to learn/inspire from ex: michael jackson, james brown the list goes on and 2) if they didn’t have great choreographers they wouldn’t be that great. or if they couldn’t deliver it properly then they would be in trouble lol.

    And it really is how you do it or how my sis would say it “OWN IT” lol..if it’s half a$$ and doesn’t do the artist justice then don’t ever attempt it again. Now if you can and it turns out fantastic then he or she should go from there and make it their own.

    even though sri copied it, imo i don’t think he delivered. I never saw him as a great dancer…passable maybe…but never the greatest in big bang. I am so glad you knew which comment and site i was referring to…there are some days when that site becomes a fansite for sri and that’s when i run away haha….ugh i know i repeated myself but i never get to vent freely (insert sad face)…

  15. oh sorry! Hi sweetsorrow18 and tofu! where are my manners these days? lol

    @ tofu i agree with you… i should let it go it’s the same ole story and same ole excuse. And he is an amazing performer lol there was one point when i had to pause to catch my breath and calm myself down. oh and i’ve seen your name before from the NYCSEOUL site are you the same tofu? 🙂

    @sweetsorrow18 yea i saw it! haha! but i wonder if that thing actually hurts??

  16. Seung Ri had a really sour face after he knew he totally got owned by Tae Yang. There was another excuse that he just shows his ‘tiredness and emotions’ on his face, but srsly?; That was just him being a poor sport. He definitely doesn’t deserve the “Big Bang’s dancer” or whatever title.

    Like the things he does and the stuff i read about him (interviews, radio shows), he just doesn’t flow with me. He seems really arrogant, etc. I was like, well that’s just him joking around being cute, but now I’m starting to believe he’s actually that… deceitful ;c;

    Srsly, sorry SR fans. T^T He’s still pwnsome, I think I’m comparing him to YB too much.

  17. Amy: I am the same tofu. Yes yes there are a lot of tofus out there, but I’m probably the only tofu that’s also a Tae Yang fangirl (although i keep it very minimal unless he starts doing stuff like that ^^^) DELUSIONAL is somewhat of an appropriate word…but lets not go to far. I just kind of laugh when fans go “We should support them no matter what! VIPZ for life…” lol Even if they make crappy music??? I’ll probably stop loving Tae Yang once I grow out of his music or him..or when he stops making music i like. But for now…

    Etrapt: LMAO. I thought I was the only one that thought Seungri looked a little pissed off. keke. Guess he knew he got owned? Youngbae is just so happy all the time…its adorable.

  18. Hi ^^ i’ve been a silent reader for a while but i don’t think i can be silent no more especially after that TY pelvic thrusting gif. 😡 Whoever made that gif. is evil…… but awesome all the same coz i CANNOT STOP STARING. Its making me feel quite perverted actually >_<" but that doesn’t stop me from staring 😡

    TaeYang OWNED that stage… Although i do understand why they might have gave 50/50 i think we all (and even S-Ri) knows that TY performed better. Maybe 49/51 then? hehe

    Did anyone else notice how lonely TY looked watching the other performances? He was sitting so far away from everyone else… i was like aaaaaww~

    This site is awesome. TY ❤

  19. so you are the same ! nice…yeah I completely agree and as far as some vipz, lol they would probably support them even if they make crappy music..hmmm, which album/mini album was a hit or miss for you guys? I can’t tell anymore because a lot of the songs have been recycled…

    chipmunkvoice: i kinda saw that too…i wonder….and that gif. totally got me too…

    Ethrapt: LOL “sour face” i saw it too…

  20. chipmunkvoice, Welcome welcome to our humble little blog. I’m so glad you left a comment. I hope you continue to come back, and yes, lol TY is always doing his own thing…sitting by himself.

    Amy: I personally loved everything before “Stand-Up.” I’m absolutely love RnB/jazz/soul and anything related. Everything after “Stand Up” was too techno/electronica. A little bit is okay, but the whole album was to much. And I do get what you mean by “recycled.” Haru Haru was Lies Pt 2.

  21. @chipmunkvoice – AH u make me so happy…silent readers means theres more people who visit this blog than I think (~lol)….thanks so much for posting =) its great to meet you and i agree..whoever made the gif is EVIL *grins*

    btw weclome to AT!!

  22. yayyayayayay a blog dedicated to taeyang only….seriously i dont know where i have been ….dont know how i can miss this site!!

    back on track so i finally saw the whole episode of this with seungri and taeyang and gah i so squeal everytime i saw taeyang…even that small glimpse of him was enough to make me go crazy and burst out a smile from ear to ear…but yeah he when he was not in the spotlight he so so lonely i just wanted to go hug him…seriously jump to his side and make him laugh!!!! ekekke i was super happy taeyang and seungri tied…but i must admit i wanted taeyang to win…atleast by 1 point is fine lol X) but yeah i was glad to see seungri jumped to his side for a bit and like always big bang together!!! but yeah taeyang was so quiet i still cant get over that and i know this is off to the side but i was so annoyed when they keep on showing that one girl from snsd gosh they need to show more of the other group or TAEYANG even better!!!!

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