Tae Yang vs. Seung-Ri? [Update] Goodbye Meebo, Hello Talkinator

So I sniffed a bit of news in the air that Tae Yang and Seung-Ri will be having a dance battle on some MBC show in the next week.  I’m think the 25th, but I’m not 100% sure.  Actually, I’m not even 50% sure.  I used Google to translate the article, but I can still get the gist of it all.

For those interested, here’s the link: Tae Yang vs Seung-Ri via BBVIPZ
Mind helping us out a bit?

[UPDATE] Here’s the translated article:

Big Bang TaeYang and SeungRi will be having a dance battle on one of MBC’s lunar new year special programs ‘Star Dance Battle’ on 25th January.

On the same show Oh Jung Tae, Jeon Hwan Kyu, Shin Dong Soo and Kim Kyung Jin will team up as one team battling against another team consisting of Kim Jung Geun, Jeon Jong Hwan, Heo Il Hoo, Kim Na ParkJin and Seo In Ye.

Also the parody done by announced Oh Sang Jin on TaeYang’s ‘Look Only At Me’ will be revealed on ‘2009 Singer King’ on 27th January.


Aiiigoo.  Another “Look Only At Me” parody.  All of a sudden I’m bitter that Tae Yang and this song didn’t win any awards.
My favorite parody up-to-date:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOhmGToWio0

It wasn’t long ago that we were discussing and comparing Seung-Ri to Tae Yang.

it’s goodbye to meebo…and hello to talkinator…
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19 thoughts on “Tae Yang vs. Seung-Ri? [Update] Goodbye Meebo, Hello Talkinator”

  1. lol tofu i love ya for bringing such discussable (is that even a word?) topics here…..

    wow a dance battle…hmmm what do i say? so i was sitting the other day thinking of big bang (as usual) and reading some stuff on seungri (ie. his mating call to Junsu over the radio…gag) when it struck me how much i actually didnt care about him. Okay, so i will go over the usual “big bang wouldn’t be the same without Seungri” but other than that…he doesnt quite hold a spot for me…he’s done nothing in my eyes that proves he’s added something more to Big Bang besides the cutesy factor – which i sometimes translate into cockiness but we won’t go there. I don’t know why im ranting, but i was rather annoyed by his whole radio show, along with just being so arrogant sometimes, like he’d be fine without BB. Even his live performances have become a task to watch (im sorry to all Seungri fans) but honestly, why is he there? okay im going to stop and focus on the topic at hand….DANCE BATTLE. woot. i’ve said this before and ill say it again….Seungri is a choreographed dancer, honestly speaking, the boy who copies videos off youtube and performs them has no talent in my eyes but nevertheless seungri has proved he’s a very good choreographed dancer…YB (and i will be a bit biased) is a freestyler…100% freestyler. he can be choreographed, but he always adds his own little touch – be it a pelvic thrust, twist of the cap, a little wave or even something in his facial expressions…the signiture YB move is somewhere there..and no questions asked about his freestyling..give him music and theres no stopping him…..therefore YB..in my eyes, is a winner already…there isnt a point of the battle….groan, im going to have to listen to all the seungri fans squealing over SR’s so called dance moves…

    im bitter today, don’t ask why im hating on Seungri…other days im fine with him but today im venting…forgive me seungri fans….

  2. ok I think Kay needs a hug. *hugs Kay* I’ll come back tomorrow to answer though…And yesterday was my b-day^^ lol
    I turned 23….I know that changes nothing to your life haha but I just felt like saying it.^^

  3. my friend tells me that they are doing a parody of the dance or something like that. oh sang jin (an announcer) is going to dance tae’s song and something like that. i dont want to bug her for the full translation.

    lately i been super biopolar with bb. <.< some days i love bb some days i dont. so i cant really say that i love ri or not.

  4. Sighs…Kay, your comment brought out the fangirl in me….

    To be honest, I’ve always wondered why Seung-Ri was part of Big Bang. He doesn’t add that much to Big Bang as a group. His vocals are very, very, very weak. You can love him as much as you want, but can’t deny that he’s a very weak singer. Big Bang can live without Seung-Ri. I don’t really care for his solo activities. Sometimes I feel that his “solo activities’ are out of pity and temporarily buying time for G-Dragon’s solo debut. Who does solo activities with one song, and no intentions to release a solo album or EP?

    What bothers me the most is that he has more fans than Tae Yang and Daesung. (Yes, I’m biased and jealous….lol) Taeyang is the no doubt the vocal powerhouse of Big Bang. Seriously, without Tae Yang, Big Bang will cease to exist because Daesung and Seungri can’t do certain things Tae Yang can as a vocalist. And Daesung, he can solo if he wanted. Actually, it was Daesung’s voice that drew me into Big Bang initially.

    Daisy, I feel ya girl. I have this dragging love-hate relationship with Big Bang. Ever since “Stand Up,” I can’t say its the same. As a group, it seems as though they’ve stopped focusing on the music. What annoys me the most is their clothes…haha I know it should just be about the music, it is, but their skinny jeans, headbands, and eyeliners are so distracting. lol.

    Happy Birthday Patra! Every year brings changes. I’m sure you’re not the same person you were a year ago. With age comes wisdom. You should celebrate that!

  5. PATRA! WAS IT UR BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY? as in JAN 18TH? omg mine toooo!!!!!!

    i turned 21 =)

    happy belated birthday girl~!

  6. heres some more translation

    “Taeyang and Seungri to participate on a New Year special program.

    ‘Star Dance Battle’ will air on MBC January 25th.

    One article I read stated Taeyang and Seungri would compete against each other. However, another article just said they would participate on the show competing against others.”

    Credits to gypsy_sonata @ YG Big Bang LJ


    er yay? lol i think it will be intresting to watch.

  7. should i be happy or sad there’s another look at me parody…i was offended by one and rofl with another…hmmmmm

  8. i think u should be both lol. happy cuz its ppl are give tae song more attention by parody from it. sad cuz its been a while since we see tae alone :X

    i agree with Tofu. I believe that the song should have won some awards <.< the awards last year were so retard and unfair. the boys would of won if they had a full album before DBSK’s came out.

  9. lol Kay.
    some of the parodies felt like they were making fun of the song…but some of them were super cute.

    we’ll just see….i’m excited for the “dance battle.” i hope it isn’t like the lame “piano battle” as last time…ok it wasn’t LAME (i loved it)…it wasn’t a battle that’s all. i wanna see some Tae Yang/Seungri headbutts. LMAO.

    hmmmm. awards….do they mean much??? besides giving us something to celebrate about? they’re all based on popularity…whatever…would’ve loved to see Taeyang win something…maybe that’ll convince mrYG to allow Tae Yang to release a FULL album and be a solo artist permanently. (ahhhhh committing VIP-heresy!!!)

    ::crosses fingers for a full album::::

  10. lol okay fine i’ll be happy for the parody..but if it pokes fun of taeyang in anyway, theres going to be no stopping my venting!

    yeah i want a serious dance battle….gosh seungri’s dancing is a whole bunch fo head turning and hand flailing….its NOT DANCING! i’ve seen drunk guys at clubs dance better than him (we’re not going there LOL) but back to my point….battle battle battle!!! im still on an anti-seungri rant..sorryyyyy

    another thing, i want to see YB on more variety shows!!! I heard TOP’s going to be on FO! I wish there was a way for us to see more of YB….sigh.

    DS fans get him on FO
    TOP fans get him on variety shows (and soon IRIS)
    SR fans get him on music core (and solo)
    GD fans…erm..well GD is just always in the news
    what about YB??

    im experiencing major withdrawal….

  11. lol my b-day was on january 19th. I’m officially 23 now. about changes…I’ll say that I’m definitely more in love with YB.^^ that’s a nice change right?

    O-kay! Y’all pretty much said what I wanted to say.

    I’m still very neutral toward SeungRi. I do admire his determination and his desire to make it…and I think he needs to learn that’s not all there is to be a successful artist. Yes, it is very important but you also need that…lil something that would make people look up to you. I mean if I were to be an artist, I’d look up to YoungBae or GD and not to SeungRi…I don’t know exactly how to explain it but he should learn to show another side of him. It’s not all about him.

    And Yes YB better comes out with a full album…I’m sick and tired of mini albums…at least every 6 songs were original ones :x…despite the fact that GD didn’t write an original rap for Baby I’m sorry.

  12. wow kay….you sound very bitter 😡 :x…I really don’t know about the reason why YB wouldn’t go on variety shows…Maybe his image is too serious so they’re scared he won’t be funny. 😡 😡

    even though we all know now he is a dork. I really hoped to see him on FO :-/ :-/

  13. ^ lol hey im not THAT bitter….*re-reads post* okay maybe im just a tad bit *blushes*…sigh lol…its a bunch of things put together thats bringing out the hate…i apologize, i swear i’ll post happy things now =)

    i love seungri – good start?

    anyway, yea YB always get stuck with the serious image…but after watching him on Sang Sang Plus, he’s definately gotten more goofier and he talks ALOT…also his random moments are just naturally funny…he doesnt try hard to be cute or funny.

    you know what would be interesting – to see him on We Got Married. The show is dying but i think it would be really fun to watch how he handles being in a “fake” relationship. Actually I know the answer – he’d treat the girl like a queen…….SIGH.


    he’s naturally cute. Lol and his dorky side makes him so funny… I got one word for you; “Waaa…….~~~~”

  15. I’m actually glad that Tae Yang doesn’t do any variety shows because I take him as a serious artist. I don’t think he just wants to be known, but known specifically as an artist…a serious musician, singer, dancer, performer.

    I think some of the shows are ridiculous anyways…like GOLD MISS….(okay i admit i enjoyed watching it) I don’t get that show….lol. plus those shows always ask the same questions anyways…”woman of interest” “being famous” “first kiss” (gawd i hate this question the most) blah blah blah.

    has anyone ever noticed how SMART youngbae is? on those quiz shows, he always answers the questions right. he doesn’t talk and then BAM he gets the right answers. who could be more perfect…lol.

  16. ^ i know!!! or the fact that he always wins in everything lol….like sang sang plus, he won both rounds then brain battle – he answered most of the questions and he won then km idol world – they had to play all those games and he ended up winning the lead role in the KM idol world drama lolz

    hot, talented, humble and intelligent – there isn’t anyone more perfect than him.

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